Owned By A Sinner by Michelle Heard

⚠ This review contains a minor teaser!

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All I want to do is look after my dad, so when I land the job of a lifetime that will take care of our expenses, I grab at the chance with both hands. Little do I know, the impossible will be expected of me.

Slowly my smile fades, and my laughter dies until all that’s left is the broken puppet my personal hell created.

Liam Byrne, the head of the Irish mafia, returns from a business trip, and I expect my hellish nightmare to increase ten-fold.

Brutal, merciless, and dangerous, Liam is feared by all – even the monster intent on killing my soul.

Turns out I was wrong.

The instant Liam notices what’s happening, he takes me under his wing, and even though he’s all sharp edges and threatening growls, I feel safe with him.

Little by little, my sunshine creeps through the cracks, and my laughter returns.

But can one monster really defeat another, or am I just a girl dreaming about the impossible?



“Everything is different with you.”


Yowza! Book two in the Sinners series was a siiiiizzling, butterflies-inducing romance! Beautifully written with an intriguing storyline and engaging characters. Whilst Taken By A Sinner (book one) was an explosive hate-to-love romance story, Owned By A Sinner was a mouth-watering instant attraction.

I am OBSESSED with Heard’s Mafiosos since The Saints series, and have been loving each and every one of the heroes within. Liam Byrne is rightfully amongst these group of men, but you immediately discover his unusual characteristics is what sets him apart from the rest. That, and the fact that he seems to have a well-managed balance of his two worlds— the seedy underworld and the world’s more civilized society.

Although a relatively quick full-length novel, I thought the world-building was rich and left open for possible expansion. There was a nice constant build-up throughout which paired well with the unpredictability of it all. An Irish Mafia romance with a kick! The romance can be considered insta-love but it doesn’t come off that way with how Liam’s and Kiara’s relationship developed. If you enjoy reading workplace romances, and/or age-gap romances in your mafia books, then I recommend you try this one on for size! 😉 It’s the second book in a series of standalones, so you can technically read this one without having read Taken By A Sinner first (although I highly recommend you read in publishing order for maximum experience).

Kiara didn’t stand out as much as Liam as I would’ve liked or was hoping for. She came off as a stereotypical damsel-in-distress. I would’ve loved to have seen her be a little bit wiser in her decisions and actions. Whilst she had a lot of naiveness to her, overall, she’s still a likable character. As the story progressed and certain situations became more intense, I ended up getting just as emotionally invested in Kiara as I did Liam. There’s a sweet innocence to their relationship that I found both endearing and refreshing in comparison to Heard’s previous mafia couples.

It’s told from dual points of view, along with relatable and hilariously realistic inner monologues that honestly couldn’t stop me from smiling. There are equal measures of romance and dark mafia elements, which I loved, and which Heard has delivered time and time again. She pushes the boundaries of the level of darkness she’s willing to put her characters through and their journey ends up becoming more in-depth and genuine because of it. Owned By A Sinner does contain sensitive subject matter that may be triggering for some readers such as, strong sexual assault, blackmail, and graphic violence. Intended for readers 18+ only.

I was amazed by the excellent contrast of light and dark Heard has executed with this story. It switches back and forth from a light-hearted atmosphere to one of danger and suspense without it feeling stilted. From my past experiences I’ve always found her writing to be consistently gripping from the characters she introduces, to the solid plotlines, to the overall execution of the storytelling. Always effortless to follow and this was no different.

Other than Liam’s and Kiara’s budding romance, I was gripped by the cast of secondary characters who made quite grin-inducing impressions themselves. They were the perfect addition that not only added some of the entertainment value, but also supporting storylines that added dimension to the overall book.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and had a hard time putting it down until I finished it. I thought it was an amazingly swoon-worthy second book to the series. It not only had me hooked from beginning to end but had me anticipating the next books to come. Despite the gritty world Kiara has been thrust into, Liam provided warmth, affection, and all-around safe haven that will ultimately melt your heart.

Gut-wrenching at times. Not going to lie, it’s a bit of tearjerker (at least for me). But by the end it will leave you with happy contentment! Also, an Irish Mafioso who’s described as looking like Charlie Hunnam?! Umm… yes please! 😍

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you Michelle Heard and Candi Kane PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 🧡

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Start The Sinner Series!

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Book One: Taken By A Sinner by Michelle Heard


Where it all began — The Saints Series!

Books 1-4: The Saints Series by Michelle Heard
Book 5: Tears Of Salvation by Michelle Heard


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His Rule by Natasha Knight & A. Zavarelli

⚠ This review contains a minor teaser!

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I live in a world where secrecy reigns.
A Society rooted in power, wealth, and long-held dynasties.
Where men are Kings, and women are pawns.
For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamt of escaping the shackles of my expectations.
But it can only ever be a dream.
I made a fatal mistake, and those shackles became a cage.
Now I’m trapped in a war with a man who controls my every move.
He’s my brother’s best friend.
My enemy, my tormentor, and my solace.
His words have the power to wound me.
His touch just might break me.
But this is his kingdom, and as long as I’m here I only have one choice.
I’ll play by his rules.



“When Mercedes and I come together, it’s like fire and ice. A battle of wills. Two beasts with our jaws on each other’s jugulars. For one to win, the other must lose, but what will the cost be?”


Give this book ALL the stars! It may be a little premature since this is only the first book in the trilogy, but I’m calling it anyways… this is the BEST, most intense story I’ve read within The Society! I have enjoyed all the previous books set in this world but I just emotionally connected with Mercedes’ and Judge’s unbelievably in-depth story on a whole deeper level!

It’s ironic how much of a non-fan I was of Mercedes in The Society Trilogy (where she was first introduced) only to come back around after reading His Rule to become my favourite heroine! 😅 A true testament of Knight’s and Zavarelli’s high quality storytelling to have who was once considered a devious antagonist become a complex, misunderstood protagonist you can’t helped but be emotionally invested in… and lowkey wanting to kick ass!

Whilst I had instantaneously adored Judge in The Society Trilogy, Mercedes however was a tough character to support. But seeing how much her character has evolved and finally knowing her backstory made me realize how quickly I may have prejudged her and assumed she was just another trouble-making side character. 🤦‍♀️

Other than his sense of dominance and power within The Society, very little is known of Judge as a character before this book, and when you finally learn about his story, you will swoon over him more so. He blows hot and cold, yet I found myself mirroring Mercedes as she navigates through her feelings.

A fast-paced, super action-packed storytelling that has so many twists and turns that had me on the edge of my seat for the entirety of the book. It has an overall sense of mystery, danger, and thrill that only heightened the reading experience. I found the world-building so vivid and alluring that I wished I could transport to their world.

Knight and Zavarelli know how to write weighty, in-depth stories and this is another prime example of their honed skills. The secrecy lurking at what seems like every corner, the handful of seedy secondary characters that you can’t help but need to keep constant attention on, and the rollercoaster ride that Judge and Mercedes takes you on as they battle out the effects of their push-pull relationship is what makes His Rule a must read!

The chemistry between these two fierce characters was off the charts FIRE! The heated banter was entertaining and only increased my love for them as a couple. There’s such an appeal in the forbidden aspect of their relationship and as the story develops, the more you want to see their bond.

Just the dark, romantic suspense story I needed for the perfect escape. It has an amazing combination of elements I look for (and expect) in my dark romance reads. Yes, it’s ultimately a work of fiction, but a lot of the parts included are fairly realistic and relatable— from the complex family dynamics, to the bonds and friendships formed, to dealing with one’s own social standing. I love the many layers this story consisted of, with multiple subplots both in the foreground and background, it’s what made it such a gripping read. There’s an equal balance of romance, personal journey, and all-around suspense to keep the intensifying build-up that culminates to an epic cliffhanger. It’s safe to say this book left me in such a desperate state of needing book two!

Please note, this book does contain sensitive subject matter that may be triggering for some readers such as, child abuse, domestic abuse, and graphic violence. It also contains strong sexual content. Intended for readers 18+ only.

However, if you have no triggers, and love any of the following romance tropes and genres, I highly recommend you add this one to your TBR.

  • Hate-to-Love
  • Forbidden Romance
  • Dark Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Brother’s Best Friend
  • Age Gap Romance

It’s not necessary to read The Society Trilogy first, but I still recommend you do so, or at least go back to it after reading this one as it introduces you to Judge and Mercedes, and how their intricate relationship began.

Knight and Zavarelli are THE dream romance writing team and in my honest opinion His Rule was beautifully executed. Mercedes’ and Judge’s story not only expanded the existing world-building but IVI have another striking couple added to their already impressive list.

All in all, it’s an unbelievably impressive start to The Rite Trilogy. I couldn’t fault it. It’ll definitely be a story I’ll go back and visit time and time again!

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you Natasha, Ashleigh, and Give Me Books PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 💛

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(Santiago De La Rosa and Ivy Moreno)
Book One: Requiem Of The Soul by Natasha Knight & A. Zavarelli
Book Two: Reparation Of Sin by Natasha Knight & A. Zavarelli
Book Three: Resurrection Of The Heart by Natasha Knight & A. Zavarelli


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👑 Kingdom Fall by A. Zavarelli

(Alessio Scarcello and Natalia Cabrera)
Standalone Book: Kingdom Fall by A. Zavarelli


Devil’s Pawn Duet by Natasha Knight

(Jericho St. James and Isabelle Bishop)
Book One: Devil’s Pawn by Natasha Knight
Book Two: Devil’s Redemption by Natasha Knight


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Taken By A Sinner by Michelle Heard

⚠ This review contains a minor teaser!

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Drowning in the murky waters of the mafia, I’m determined to find a way out. I have my sights set on becoming a film producer and won’t let anything or anyone stand in my way.

Then my mother marries a retired Godfather, and I get the head of the Greek mafia as a stepbrother.

Nikolas Stathoulis is set on ruining my well-laid plans. His ruthless reputation has me running for the safety of my apartment.

But he’s always there. On campus. In my apartment. Expecting me to play by his rules.

If only I can ignore his godlike features and stop my heart from doing cartwheels at the sight of him.

Greek God? Pretty much.

But he’s rude, demanding, and hell-bent on making my life a misery.

Two can play this game… Right?

STANDALONE: A Greek Mafia Romance full-length novel.




💣 Aaaaaaand… the Sinners Series is officially off with a bang! I haven’t fangirled so hard for one of Heard’s Mafiosos since Alexei Koslov from The Saints Series! 🤤😍

This was one book I was anticipating and the second it hit my kindle I couldn’t start it fast enough! Finishing this book in one sitting is just one testament of how much the characters, storyline, and writing style sucked me into their world. It was that effing good!


First off— Heard’s writing is so effortless to love. Each of the books I’ve read in the past all had a natural flow to them with constant developments in their storyline. Taken By A Sinner is no different. The protagonists are introduced in a way that leaves you hanging for more. There’s an immediate curiousity to them and how their story will unfold. One of the things I enjoyed about how this story was written-out was as the reader, I am simultaneously getting Tess’ and Nikolas’ backstories right alongside them, mirroring their thoughts and emotions, transporting me to their world. It made for a more heightened reading experience.

Two likable and very entertaining characters, yet what I loved most about Tess and Nikolas is their opposites built intensity in their relationship long before it turned romantic. They might have repeatedly clashed but at the same time they were inadvertently discovering more about each other that questioned their initial impressions. The constant challenges and mental stare-downs between the two were enough to keep me salivating for their interactions, but I must admit Nikolas’ unsuspecting, sometimes gasp-inducing actions alone had me completely absorbed by this book.

“What will this man do if I fall in love with him? Will he use it to control me? Will he break my heart?”

You have two multi-layered characters who have their own independence; separate lives, yet somehow when they’re together there’s an instantaneous feeling of wholeness—like they were truly meant for one another despite any difficulties or differences. Tess and Nikolas felt like a genuine valid pairing. That alone is a great indication to the quality of storytelling you can expect.

I applaud anyone who deliberately looks for slow-burn romance reads. Here’s another one to add to your TBR! (Although not as torturous as some others I’ve read in the past). 😜

It’s well-paced with continuous progression of not just their relationship but of the world they’re in. This new series is somewhat of a spin-off of The Saints Series— the same underworld (just expanded) and you’ll see crossovers of characters. You don’t necessarily need to have read The Saints Series before starting this one, but I highly recommend you do so as the world-building was introduced within those books.

I think Heard expanded the criminal organisation brilliantly by introducing new crime families/ territories, and added fresh faces to current ones that ultimately had me anticipating reading their upcoming stories. Not only are you getting an engaging hate-to-love romance story between Tess and Nikolas, there’s also a strong mafia element included throughout that not only cements Nikolas’ position as an alpha hero, but displays the dark side of their lives that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The cast of secondary characters undoubtedly had me perking up with just as much interest. They brought upon brotherhood, another set of dynamics, and light-hearted banter. Just knowing with a little patience that their own stories will be next has me excited for what’s to come with the rest of this series!

A balance of light and shade. Some readers may find the hardships and heartbreaking events these characters go through relatable. The first person, dual points of view will show you just how complex they are. But some may also find certain subject matters in this book triggering. Please note it contains severe case of bullying, shaming, and harassment causing mental, physical and emotional trauma. It also includes graphic violence and drug use. Mature themes within that are intended for readers 18+ only.

If you don’t mind a step-sibling pairing and an age-gap trope, those are included too. Nikolas and Tess are Greek and you’ll find time and again little Greek endearments and lines (translated of course for non-Greek speaking readers) that just added an extra layer of believability to these characters backgrounds and their interactions with one another. *Chef’s kiss*

Perfect elements of romance, action and suspense, and character growth that was topped off by a well-rounded storyline. Whilst you could easily see where the overall story would eventually lead to, there’s still some unpredictable plot points to ensure you won’t lose interest.

Overall, I found it a beautiful, uplifting, swoon-worthy love story! One that I would definitely recommend to fellow fans of mafia and dark romance books. It’s one of those love-conquers-all type of romances that left me truly happy sighing and shamelessly replaying certain parts of the book over and over in my mind, even days later. An eye-catching start to Heard’s new mafia series! Bring-on book two!

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

Thank you Michelle Heard and Candi Kane PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 🧡

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🏛 Start with The Saints Series!

Books 1–4: The Saints Series by Michelle Heard
Book 5: Tears Of Salvation by Michelle Heard


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Kiss To Belong by Anna B. Doe

⚠ This review contains a minor teaser!

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𝐇𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐝 𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐰𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐞.

New Year has kicked off on a rough start for Alyssa Martinez. Pregnant, homeless, and alone, she has to figure out how to start over before her baby arrives.

Maddox Anderson has always been a brainiac. If only confessing to his best friend he has been in love with her his whole life would be as easy as coding.

𝐁𝐮𝐭 𝐬𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐥𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐬𝐚𝐰 𝐡𝐢𝐦 𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐚𝐬 𝐚 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝.

When Maddox finds out what’s going on with Alyssa, he demands that she move in with him. When sharing a bed turns into late-night snuggles, and movie nights end up with Alyssa straddling his lap, something will have to give.

But can Maddox prove to her they belong together when Alyssa is convinced that he deserves somebody better than her?



  1. Don’t judge a book by its cover!
  2. Who says nerds can’t be hot!?
  3. Find and and secure oneself a Maddox Anderson!

Doe has done it again with Kiss To Belong! The consistent perfection of books in the Blairwood University series is driving me nuts! This was amazing, in-depth storytelling with genuine characters and broaches on relatable real-life issues.

Like all the pairings who’ve come before them, Maddox and Alyssa are quite a couple.

  • Childhood friends ✔
  • One-sided secret crush ✔
  • Complete opposites ✔
  • Heroine pregnant with another guy’s baby ✔

A best-friends-to-lovers romance trope that had me utterly intrigued to see play out. If you love the cruel angst of a slow-burn romance, Kiss To Belong might be for you. With a contemporary college setting, the drama that these characters find themselves in will kick you right in the feels and have you emotionally invested in seeing them simply catch a break.

A lot of the time their journey was an uphill battle, with Maddox a pillar of strength, love, and support. Although I couldn’t help but find Alyssa frustrating at times, I could also sympathize with her vulnerability and indecisiveness. With all the things that she goes through in this book, I can only imagine how I would’ve handled things if I was in her shoes.

Despite Maddox and Alyssa going through some rough unchartered territory, there was still a beautiful lightness to balance out the gloomy atmosphere. The friendships included brought about a strong support system, light-heartedness, and at times comic relief. If you’re up-to-date with the series, then this eclectic group of characters will not only supply you with their usual band of witty banter, but their appearances will give you insight into their lives since their own books. 🤗

I thought it was a solid story, that’s very well-paced. Doe has a way of creating engaging characters that parallels friends and family we all seem to have in our lives, in one form or another. It was these characters that immediately caught my attention and made this book all the more authentic. The unpredictably and the gradual transformation of Maddox’s and Alyssa’s relationship is what kept me glued to the pages. And just when I thought I was going to reach the end unscathed, there was one last momentous event that had me bawling my eyes out! Yeah… I didn’t stand a chance! 🙈😅

“Things might be changing, but there’s always going to be one constant in my life. Maddox.”


What makes this hero a little different from those in the previous books of Blairwood University, is Maddox is no athlete. Preferring video games and being a homebody to playing sports and partying. Whilst all the books in the series, including this one is told from dual points of view, this is the first in the series where it felt like the majority of the storytelling was from the hero’s perspective as opposed to the heroine’s. You get a lot more of Maddox’s side of the story because he’s the one who’s been keeping his feelings a secret for so long.

Aly’s and Maddox’s story was one emotional rollercoaster that had me anxiously gripping the edge of my seat. A lifetime’s worth of memories, constant companionship and bonding— their friendship is full of layers that can only have been developed from spending years together, and as the story progresses, you see how it genuinely shows.

With how mature these protagonists are and the responsibilities they take on, you tend to forget at times that they’re just in the beginnings of their adulthood, with Alyssa being twenty-one and Maddox nineteen. Friendship and romance go hand in hand beautifully in this story and it honest-to-goodness left me happy sighing.

This is one of the most touching, heartfelt, and all-around soul-stirring book series’ I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Kiss To Belong is the fifth book, and I’m honestly hoping there’s plenty more to follow. Doe’s writing is insightful and always seems to touch on subjects that a lot of readers can effortlessly connect with. I highly recommend this book and the entire series. There isn’t a single one I haven’t enjoyed reading. It’s a series of standalones but it’s best to read in publishing order to get the full experience as all the characters make appearances in each other’s books.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

Thank you Anna B. Doe for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 💙

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Devil’s Pawn by Natasha Knight

⚠ This review contains minor teasers!

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Jericho St. James hates my family.

Powerful, wealthy beyond belief, he is the most dangerous man I know.

And I belong to him.

He’s taken me from my home.

He plans to make me his wife.

And he’s made it very clear I’ll be sleeping in his bed.

But my beast has a secret.

His one weakness. One that makes hating him impossible.

He has a daughter.

And he’ll do anything to keep her safe.


The Bishops stole what money cannot replace.

A life for a life. Now I’ll take one of theirs.

Isabelle is my pawn.

I will make her my wife.

I will bed her.

She will be mine in every way.

And once I take what I need from her, I will erase the Bishop family as if they never existed at all.



If you ever find yourself in the middle of a tough reading slump that you can’t seem to beat… read a Natasha Knight book. It never fails! Devil’s Pawn is not only going into my list of books that can kill a hangover, it’s also going into my list of books that “killed it” and WILL give you a savage hangover! 😜

“Beauty and her devil.”


The more the IVI world expands, the more I get addicted. First with Santiago De La Rosa’s story in The Society Trilogy, now we have Jericho St. James’ in this first book from the Devil’s Pawn duet. Ooo-wee! The antiheroes from this exclusive society… they almost make you forget with all the swooniness, charm, and sweetness they can easily dish up, that there’s darkness and vengeance looming.

The characters’ backstories are what will immediately grab your attention. The classic enemies-to-lovers romance trope that Isabelle’s and Jericho’s tumultuous, yet developing relationship is wrapped in honestly had me salivating to see their interactions. Knight had a beautiful and compelling way of taking the tale of Beauty and the Beast (that has been retold many a times before) and reworked it into an intricately vivid and devious love story. I love the scheming, the secrecy, and the second-guessing of emotions between Jericho and Isabelle. What was suppose to be a simple plan of revenge— an eye for an eye, becomes a complicated and entangled mess of feelings. Add in a cast of secondary characters putting their two cents in, a contrast of dynamics, more complexity… and the plot thickens. *waggles brows*

I thought it was well-paced storytelling, never a dull moment with constant developments not just with Jericho’s and Isabelle’s relationship, but also with Jericho’s initial plans of revenge. The world of the IVI is dark, gritty, and will keep you in suspense. With how the world building has been created, it feels like the possibilities are endless, especially with the amount of secondary characters introduced that’ll have you just as intrigued by as the protagonists.

Whilst I’m familiar (and know what to expect) with Knight’s dark romance stories, and couldn’t get enough of Devil’s Pawn… I should mention that if Knight is a new-to-you author, there’s a chance this story may not be for you, even if you enjoy reading dark romances. There’s sensitive subject matters that may be triggering for some readers. Along with adult themes, it contains violence and attempted sexual assault. Please note, the storyline also involves degrading, humiliation, and debatable non-consensual acts. Intended for readers 18+ only.

I was hooked from the very first page to the very last. This is the first part of the duet, and I am honestly itching for the second book. Devil’s Pawn concludes on a massive (and cruel) cliffhanger that I am still reeling from. I have loved all the books I’ve read so far from Knight, and this was no exception. It had the perfect number of twists and turns, unpredictability, and jaw-dropping moments. Jericho St. James is an antihero with a delicious balance of devious behaviour and gentlemanly charm that draws you to him. Isabelle Bishop may be young but she’s a tough nut and has fighting spirit. Although there’s an age gap between the two, it’s hardly noticeable during their day to day interactions, unless it was specifically pointed out. There’s a genuineness in their chemistry and it’s honest-to-goodness smoking hot! 😜 I can only hope that this first book is just the beginning of Jericho’s and Isabelle’s character growth.

“Some things aren’t choices at all. Some are destiny. And my destiny is to ruin hers.”

I highly recommend this book to fellow dark romance readers who enjoy a devilish beauty and the beast inspired tale. It’s definitely a must read if you’ve already read and fallen in lust with The Society Trilogy and the exclusive world of the IVI set with its own rules and traditions that these characters live by.

I’ve always been a fan of books with an enemies-to-lovers trope, and Knight has written some of my all time favourites. Devil’s Pawn had a well-thought-out storyline, with a nice flow that was effortless to follow. The dual POVs not only provided each of the protagonists’ backstories in detail, but it also provided us readers a front row seat to the emotional rollercoaster Jericho and Isabelle experience whilst in each other’s company. Complete guilty pleasure read! I loved it and will undoubtedly read it over and over again until I can get my grabby hands on Devil’s Redemption!

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

Thank you Natasha Knight and Give Me Book PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy!

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💀🌹 More from the exclusive society— IVI! 

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The Society Trilogy by Natasha Knight & A. Zavarelli

Book One: Requiem Of The Soul by Natasha Knight & A. Zavarelli
Book Two: Reparation Of Sin by Natasha Knight & A. Zavarelli
Book Three: Resurrection Of The Heart by Natasha Knight & A. Zavarelli


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The Words by A. Jade

⚠ This review contains minor teasers!

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He was the talented bad boy everyone wanted.

I was the irrelevant geek everyone hated.

He was the sun…drawing all of us in.

I was a black hole…taking up space.

He was destined to be a star.

I was destined to remain an insignificant no one.

Until he made me believe I was special…

And then he destroyed me.

I never thought I’d see Phoenix Walker again after he broke my heart, but fate had other plans.

One tour. Eight weeks. Forty shows.

Countless opportunities to make him pay.

The world thought he was a God…

But I knew the truth.



“There’s no one in the world like Phoenix Walker.”


It’s official… I am a groupie! 😍🤭 I loved the hell of out of this book. Love, love, love! And for that reason alone, The Words has been added to my list of all-time favourite romance reads!

Lennon and Phoenix had their hooks in me and was never going to let me walk away from their intense rollercoaster of a relationship (not that I wanted to, anyways). The ups and downs, the swooniness and suspense. I knew the minute I started their story that I was in for one mammoth of a reading experience, and I was right! Ashley Jade did not disappoint in delivering such a multi-dimensional, emotionally investing storyline alongside a winning cast of characters!

My gosh. I’m still reeling.

I’m going to say it now, if you enjoy rock star romance books, you have got to add this one to your TBR. If you’re new to the romance sub-genre, this is the book to get you hooked! Besides the strong musical backdrop, it had an amazing balance of romance, friendship, and family written-in that made Lennon’s and Phoenix’s stories immensely in-depth and full of heart.

It has a handful of elements, some of which I don’t necessarily openly look for in my books, but when they’re unexpectedly included, it certainly has me perking up. If you like any of the elements below in your romance reads, it’s a good reason to give this one a try:

  • Rock star romance
  • Second-chance romance
  • Opposite sides of the tracks
  • Friends-to-Lovers
  • Hate-to-Love
  • A bad boy hero
  • A curvy, nerdy heroine
  • New Adult

Fair warning, I found this to be one emotional read that constantly had me either in near tears or downright already bawling my eyes out. And what got me with these snot-inducing moments was the unpredictability of certain scenes that totally causes your heart to skip a couple beats.

Ashley Jade certainly knows how to write! Both Lennon’s and Phoenix’s individual life stories will just about give you chest pains with how realistic and relatable their situations are. They’re two opposites that somehow have plenty in common— which they gradually discover the more time they spend together. I thought the pacing was *chef’s kiss* perfect as it felt like you’re getting to know these two intriguing protagonists right along with them in real time. Having dual POVs made their story all the more fleshed-out as we experience events through both their eyes, and see reasonings behind their actions.

The Words is more than a simple love story. It’s heart-wrenching and thought-provoking. It touches on so many real-life topics, some of which I must say are sensitive subject matters. Please note this book may be triggering for some readers. It contains domestic abuse, child abuse, substance abuse, and violence. It also broaches on bullying and the psychological effects it has on one’s own health. It also contains mature sexual content intended for readers 18+ only.

Ashley Jade as put a lot of detail in her characters and their world that it was effortless to get invested in them. I found myself so wrapped up in their lives that the majority of the time I was mirroring their emotions. Whether they were giddy with excitement, dying from embarrassment, or seething with rage.

This book was unputdownable! The world-building was unbelievably vivid, and I adored the character development. Lennon’s and Phoenix’s story spans four years starting from their final year of high school. It’s within their final weeks of school where their lives alter and ends up catapulting Lennon and Phoenix in an angsty and complex second chance of a lifetime.

“Lennon Michael is my biggest craving and my biggest regret.”

Their story could easily have been overly heavy and depressing, but Ashley Jade has brilliantly added some much needed comic relief throughout to break up some of the tension and distress these characters go through. The supporting characters are quite a cast, all with huge personalities of their own. You’re bound to fall for at least one of them… if not more. 😉

I’m not going to lie, there were a few minor things that played out within the storyline that I wasn’t a big fan of. I won’t go into detail as this is one story I highly recommend you to experience for yourself, but when it came time to rate this book I realized in the grand scheme of things, it didn’t change the fact that as a whole I enjoyed reading it and legit did not want it to end.

(P.S. That sneaky peek was all too cruel, Ashley. It was barely a teaser. I needs more!) 🤤😭

I should also mention, whilst this is a standalone novel, the ending of this book is not your conventional HEA where everything is wrapped-up and there’s no need for second-guessing. In my opinion, it was more of an open-ended HEA. This book was only the beginning of Lennon’s and Phoenix’s story; an introduction of sorts to their new life. It’s not the type of ending I’m normally accustomed to with standalone novels, but their story is unlike anything I’ve read before, and the ending of this book was fitting, especially after everything that happened between them.

These characters are flawed, slightly broken, with insecurities that you may or may not relate to, but nevertheless sympathize with. You get to witness such growth, maturity, and over time, acceptance. It’s an utterly soul-stealing journey, one that I am so happy to have not missed out on. It’s a must read!

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you Ashley Jade and Candi Kane PR for the opportunity to read an advance copy! 💙

🔔 Interested in reading The Words? Grab your copy here: Amazon  |  Apple Books  |  Kobo


Want more Rock Star Romance reads?

I recommend…

Original post from my IG @booksofthemuggleborn

🎙🎸 The Hate/ Love Duet

Book One: Falling Out Of Hate With You by Lauren Rowe
Book Two: Falling Into Love With You by Lauren Rowe


Want more books by Ashley Jade?

I recommend…

Original post from my IG @booksofthemuggleborn

Standalone NA/ Highschool Romance

📖 Hate Me by A. Jade


Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! Xo


Triple Threat by K. Webster

⚠ This review contains minor teasers!

Original post from my IG @booksofthemuggleborn



I’m a prisoner in a prestigious world.
A perfect princess locked in a tower.
My father will never let me go.

Not that I could leave. I would never abandon my little sister. Hope comes in the form of a devilishly handsome man with dark eyes and darker secrets.

With each encounter, I’m lured deeper into the labyrinth. The danger lurking beneath his surface calls to me, even as it warns me away.

Except there’s a new side of him every time we meet. A different danger each time we touch. It’s as if three different men want to devour me.

He’s not just one villain. He’s three.



“There’s just something about him that makes me want to tell him everything. He draws me to him. Even his secrets call to me. I want to know him. And that scares the hell out of me.”


Dammit! I knew there was a probability that I could end up liking this book. But guess what? I ended up loving the hell out of it! 🖤 Webster has beautifully and masterfully made me feel for the terror triplets! The sickeningly cruel evil-stepbrothers from the Cinderella Trilogy went from your two-dimensional villains in “Cinderella’s fairy tale”, to complex three-dimensional anti-heroes who finally have their turn at sharing their POVs.

I, like many other readers who read the initial Cinderella Trilogy that introduced these brothers, felt the story pretty much cemented them as unredeemable characters and that was the end of that. Oh man… Triple Threat says otherwise.

🤔 Not going to lie, I went into this book with uncertainty. Firstly, wondering how Webster could possibly turn the triplets’ character arcs around so they weren’t complete assholes in our eyes, and secondly, questioning what my first ever reverse harem romance story experience would be like?

After having finished the book, I can happily (and safely) say it was a bangin’ start to my 2022 reads! The story is told through multiple POVs, each brother taking in turn to not only keep up the story development, but in sharing their own individual opinions and perspectives on certain matters. You quickly discover that although they’re identical in appearance (for the most part, anyways), they each have distinct differences in personality. And I can admit I do have a favourite triplet! *waggles brows* 🙈😅

It’s relatively fast-paced storytelling, that keeps you in suspense from beginning to end. Not only was I fascinated with getting to know more about each sibling, I was just as quick to get invested in their heroine; Landry, who has quite an unsettling story of her own to share.

I didn’t agree with a lot of Landry’s (or her sister’s) actions, but I am intrigued with how their story will play out, and they do provide contrast to the storyline and cast.

A big part of what had kept my attention was seeing how in-depth the story ended up becoming. It had layer upon layer of intense build-up, continuous character evolvement, and with each brother gradually developing their own relationship with Landry, the storyline became more intricate.

I was honestly stunned speechless with how fast I found Sparrow, Sully, and Scout to be such likable characters. After having read the Cinderella Trilogy, I went into this story with an idea of what these guys are capable of. They’re villainous, brutal, and tend to fly off the handle, but Webster has now given them a lot more dimension to their characters, and things from their perspective places them in a whole new light.

The brothers have a complex and what seems like an unbreakable bond with one another that I found understandable (as they are triplets), yet oddly a little… screwy? There’s a ton of game-playing and a sense of psychological warfare amongst them that has me wanting the full extent of their history to see how they’ve become so competitive.

The unpredictable elements showed both vulnerable moments and also resulted in some pretty saucy scenes, so you’re getting a nice balance of features and constantly keeps things interesting.

“The thing with angels, though, is they’re easy to drag to the dark side.”


The terror triplets have officially joined the ranks in the Midnight Dynasty and this book surprisingly ended up becoming one of my favourites from the ever-expanding world.

I would absolutely recommend it to fellow romance readers who love them a little darkish, a little cheeky, and a whole lot dramatic! For a reverse harem romance newbie, I personally think this is a great story to dip your toes into the trope because Webster has written these characters and their story in a way that gives you time to get know them and to get used to the idea that they’re all making a connection with the same woman, without it being too in-your-face and/or overly-filled with heavy sexual content.

If you haven’t read the Cinderella Trilogy, I do recommend reading those books first before starting this one to give you a better understanding of how the brothers came to be in their current situation.

Triple Threat is book one of the Deception Duet, and it concludes on a cliffhanger. It contains sensitive subject matters that may be triggering for some readers such as, child abuse, sexual assault, and violence. It is intended for readers 18+ only. 

I’m anticipating the next book to see if the brothers come full circle. Will these villains have redemption? Will they all have a happily ever after? Will they find their niche in a world full of Constantines and Morellis? And what about Landry? There’s so much to look forward to, and I can only hope Death Wish won’t be too far along. 🤞

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

Thank you K. Webster and Valentine PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy!

🔔 Interested in reading Triple Threat? Grab your copy here: Amazon  |  Apple Books  |  Nook  |  Kobo


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Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! Xo


2021 Favourite Reads

Guess who’s back with another favourite reads post!?

Yep. Last year I posted a round-up of my favourite reads, and this year I decided to do it again! Could it be the start of a new tradition… Who knows? 😊

Ha! I thought 2020 was a tough year to get through. Sheesh. If I knew how sucky 2021 ended up being, I wouldn’t welcomed it with open arms. Lol.

But like I said last year and every year I’ve been reading… it’s always been my form of sanctuary and escapism. I’m your stereotypical introvert who prefers books to company. Who prefers a cozy night in with a swoon-worthy book and comfort food over late-night partying with outfits that’s all-too binding, uncomfortable shoes, and the stench of sweat in the air. 😅


This year, I’ve compiled my top 12 favourite reads of the year. Ideally, I wanted one favourite book from every month but… some months had doubly amazing reads, whilst others had mediocre ones not completely worthy of this list.

Even though I had a few reading slumps along the way (nothing new), after compiling my top reads, I realized that the majority of the books were from new-to-me-authors, so despite a few hiccups along the road, this year introduced me to some incredible authors who’ve quickly become auto-buy authors!

So here we go!


Original post from my IG @booksofthemuggleborn


• Contemporary Romance •


📖 Kiss Me First by Anna B. Doe

(Small Town, Coming of Age, Sweet New Adult Romance)

📖 Kiss To Remember by Anna B. Doe

(Second-Chance, Sports Romance, Love Triangle, New Adult Romance)

📖 The Hate Love Duet by Lauren Rowe

(Hate-to-Love, Rockstar, New Adult Romance)

— ♥ —
*Not Pictured* (Honorable Mention):
📚 The Reed Rivers Trilogy by Lauren Rowe

(Age-Gap Romance, Friends-with-Benefits, Workplace Romance)

— ♥ —
📖 Brutal Blueblood by Becker Gray

(New Adult, Enemies-to-Lovers, Bully Romance, Academia Setting)

📖 Sweet Devil by Becker Gray

(New Adult, Hate-to-Love, Secret Crush, Academia Setting)

📖 Till It Hurts by Cora Brent

(Second-Chance Romance, First Love, Fake Relationship Trope)

📖 Lessons In Sin by Pam Godwin

(Taboo Romance, Forbidden, Secret Romance, Age-Gap, Academia Setting)


• MC Romance •


— ♥ —
*Not Pictured* (Honorable Mentions):
📖 Saint by Nicole James

(MC Romance, Suspense, Marriage of Convenience, Age-Gap Romance)

📖 Climbing The Ranks by Nicole James

(MC Romance, Suspense, Whirlwind Romance) *Trigger Warnings*

— ♥ —


• Mafia Romance •


📖 With This Ring by Natasha Knight

(Dark Mafia, Suspense, Arranged Marriage, Enemies-to-Lovers)

📖 Kiss Of Death Duet by L.P. Lovell

(Suspense, Enemies-to-Lovers, Forbidden Romance, Russian Assassins/ Italian Mob)

📖 Tears of Salvation by Michelle Heard

(Enemies-to-Lovers, Suspense, Dark Romance) *Trigger Warnings*

— ♥ —
*Not Pictured* (Honorable Mention):
📚 The Saints Series by Michelle Heart

(Suspense, Marriage of Convenience, Arranged Marriage, Opposites Attract, Assassins, Dark Romance) *Trigger Warnings*

— ♥ —
📖 A Vow Of Lust & Fury by L.P. Lovell

(Dark Romance, Arranged Marriage, Age-Gap Romance, Enemies-to-Lovers) *Trigger Warnings*


• Dark Romance •


📖 Secret Beast by Amelia Wilde

(Beauty & The Beast Retelling, Suspense, Enemies-to-Lovers, Forbidden Romance, Captor/Captive Romance)


Annnnnd… there you have it! Yes, I snuck in a few books that technically did not make it to my top 12 list but came a very close (hence the mentions)!

Like last year, if you want to see all my reads for the year, check out my Monthly Wrap-Ups. I posted my December one earlier and I wanna say I have reviews up for all the books I read this year… but sadly there’s some still waiting to be written. Sigh. But links are up for those available.

I hope you all had a relaxing Christmas (if you celebrate), and now enjoying the holidays (hopefully you have holidays)! I sincerely wish everyone a safe yet happy New Year’s Eve/ Day! 🎉

Thank you for the support you’ve all given me for my reviews and my book blog in general! I’m in awe of the amazing people I’ve met through this bookish community and the copious amounts of books I’ve discovered over time. I’m truly thankful for the friendships I’ve made. As well as the opportunities I’m fortunate enough to be a part of.

I truly hope 2021 will be a year of nothing but happiness, love, good health, and good fortune for us all!

Happy reading, and as always catch you in my next one! Xo


Sweet Devil by Becker Gray

⚠ This review contains minor teasers!

Original post from my IG @booksofthemuggleborn



People like to say the devil made them do it. And they would be right. I can bend anyone to my will. After all, I am the devil of Pembroke Prep. Only one person dares defy me. The one person I’ve ever wanted to be an angel for. But she despises me almost as much as I crave her. Serafina van Doren is the one temptation I can’t indulge, not with the secrets that I keep. But with the clock running out maybe it’s time to tempt her to the dark side.



Oh sweet baby devil, this was one hell of a smoking hot, yet torturous love story! When it came to Serafina and Rhys I didn’t know whether to fan my face from all the blush-inducing scenes, or cry frustrated tears from all their taunting moments. 🙈 Either way I thoroughly enjoyed every little bit of their story!

“I smiled a little at the opportunity to have Sera all to myself. No friends, no underlings. Just us. The devil and the queen.”

Their romance was a long time coming since they were first introduced in Wicked Idol. Their intriguing dynamic only build-up suspense as more books in the series followed and it quickly became evident that they had quite an interesting history.


Like all the books prior, this had a zingy atmosphere that crackled whenever its protagonists were in near vicinity of one another. The banter was exhilarating and the constant one-upmanship between Sera and Rhys was as entertaining as it was jaw-dropping to see. 😈🤭

What I hadn’t expected from this story was the emotional rollercoaster ride that Rhys would take us on with his backstory and how much of his past is influencing his present day life. Have tissues nearby, because I have no doubt you will be as emotionally invested in Rhys and his story as much as I was.

The story progression was well-paced, perhaps a little brisk at times. But there’s never a dull moment as it continuously went from one development to the next, gradually turning Sera’s and Rhys’ fiery teasing into something more in-depth and heartfelt.

“Falling in love is not for the weak or the faint-hearted, because you cannot command your heart to do what you need it to do.”

They’re both outstanding individuals, and what I like about each of them is although this is ultimately a romance story, there’s complexity to these characters and they navigate through very real, very relatable life issues. I connected with Serafina’s struggles as a POC no matter her family’s high social standing. I found Rhys’ past and the impact it has had on his mentality understandable but nevertheless hard to swallow.

It was a relatively short read but it was punchy, multi-layered, and by the end left me feeling a sense of all is right with their world— as it should be. Told from dual POV, not only do we see character growth with these protagonists as they come to grips with their emotions, but it also provided insight to each of their lives outside of Pembroke Prep and into their contrasting family dynamics.

The suspense doesn’t disappoint. The band of supporting characters— the rest of the Hellfire boys and the girls who’ve all stolen their hearts have added extra oomph with their strong friendships and at times light-hearted and witty commentary. I ate up the unpredictability that came with Serafina and Rhys.

Overall, I thought it was a truly beautiful, bittersweet ending to the Hellfire Club. The much-anticipated wait for Serafina’s and Rhys’ story was well worth it. It ended up being the book from the series that evoked the deepest emotional outburst *cough* ugly cry *cough* out of me. I loved it and just like the previous books, this is one I will read again and again whenever I miss these charming Hellfire boys!

“Some things are worth the heartbreak.”

It really is the only set of books that had the right amount of pull in bringing me back to reading high school/ NA fiction again. I would absolutely recommend not just this book but the entire series to friends who love reading romance. With Rhys as the devil in disguise and Serafina as his goddess, their story had strong “love conquers all” vibes that was the perfect closer to the series.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

Thank you Becker Gray and Valentine PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 💙

🔔 Interested in reading Sweet Devil? Grab your copy here: Amazon  |  Apple Books  |  Nook  |  Kobo  |  Google Play


🔥 Read reviews for the Hellfire Club!

Original post from my IG @booksofthemuggleborn
Book One: Wicked Idol by Becker Gray
Book Two: Callous Prince by Becker Gray
Book Three: Brutal Blueblood by Becker Gray
Book Four: Ruined Sinner by Becker Gray


Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! Xo


A Vow Of Lust & Fury by L.P. Lovell

⚠ This review contains minor teasers!

Original post from my IG @booksofthemuggleborn



My uncle is the boss of the Chicago Outfit, but there’s one man even he fears, Giovanni Guerra. And he just sold me to him —as his wife. For an alliance. For power.

The boss of the New York family is beautiful, and deadly, and he stokes a fire in me that might just destroy us both. Giovanni was sold a submissive little mafia princess, but he’s about to find out that I am no one’s pawn.

The only vow I make is one of lust and fury.

A Vow of Lust and Fury is part of the Underworld Kings Universe. A multi-author series of standalone books filled with mafia families waging war, danger and violence, arranged and forced marriages, angst, love, and everything in-between.

Light or dark, twisted or sweet, the Underworld Kings has something for every reader.




Eeep. This is a perfect example as to why I am obsessed with dark mafia romance reads containing broody, excessively intimidating alpha heroes! AVOLAF had all the elements I love from this genre.

The premise was what initially had me wanting to read this story. From the first chapter, the protagonists had me intrigued. As it progressed, the storyline kept me engaged. There’s constant build-up and suspense, a torturous slow-burn between Gio and Emilia, and on top of that, their enemies are practically at their doorstep. Ugh. It’s one savagely edgy dark romance! 😍😍

“A better man would look away. A better man would let her go, but she’d made a fatal error; she’d drawn my attention.”

The Kiss of Death duet was the story that introduced me to Lovell, and the dark, all-out gritty mafia world she had created. This book not only lives up to the high standard that that duet had set, but it was a pleasant surprise to see the characters from said duet crossover into Gio’s and Emilia’s story. It’s honest-to-goodness like going back and visiting one of my favourite bookish worlds and seeing the gang together again. 🙌

If you haven’t read the Kiss Of Death duet, I think AVOLAF is a great introduction to their world, and the tight-knit circle of friends within. Not only will you be invested in Gio’s and Emilia’s developing relationship, but the supporting cast included will have you wanting to know their story too! The strong familial bonds amongst Gio and his friends are just as equal a highlight as the addictive push-and-pull romance.

Despite the slow burn, the storytelling is relatively fast-paced and action-packed. Lovell has created an atmosphere of uneasiness and danger surrounding Emilia and you can’t help but feel the dread right along with her. The desperation Emilia exudes has you sympathising her and the situation she’s inevitably been forced into by the lack of options she’s been presented with.

Please note: This book contains sensitive subject matter that may be triggering for some readers, such as graphic violence, domestic abuse, and sexual assault. Explicit mature content intended for readers 18+ only.

I always yearn for a strong, gutsy heroine in my reads as I find the majority never live up to the “fierce, independent heroine” tag they’re supposedly described to be. But Lovell doesn’t disappoint in providing one in Emilia. In a male dominated world, she may not be as physically powerful in comparison, but she’s not one to back down and take brutality either. It’s what makes her a likable character that earns both awe and respect. Her vulnerability is what makes her relatable and genuine, and quite a contrast to the confident, and overprotective men in her life.

Gio is your typical anti-hero who does some questionable things but within reason. It’s hard to turn your back on him — he’s merciless, calculating, danger personified, yet within their society’s Underbelly there’s also an ulterior motive to his power and reputation. I love grey characters and he’s one of a few within this world that I was instantly hooked on. He’s arrogant with a little bit of a cheeky side to him that’ll have you suppressing a giggle or two, not wanting to admit that his charm has gotten to you. 🙈🤭

A mafia romance with an arranged marriage/ forced proximity trope. It’s dramatic, angsty, and keeps you on your toes the entire time. It’s very character-driven and emotion-based. Told from dual POVs, Emilia and Gio are both fighting the sizzling chemistry between them, and as their relationship builds, the intensity only deepens. For lack of a better word, it’s hot! 🔥🔥🔥

As the plot thickens, you see a gradual shift in their relationship. It might seem small in the grand scheme of things but the scenes where they get snippets of each other’s characters when their defences are down only added more dimension and complements the dark and gritty side of their story.

“He was the key to my shackles, and it occurred to me that while I’d been trying to escape him to find freedom, perhaps he was that freedom.”

True to its genre, it has equal parts mafia to romance elements. The antagonists here are legit villains. Lovell has created a diverse range of characters, all of which evoke strong emotions out of you. The writing is high quality, with such vivid world-building that I couldn’t get enough of.

Read the books from the Underworld Kings, they say.

They’re all standalone dark, mafia romance books, they say.

Um well… 🤔😅

At the rate I was devouring this book, I was completely blindsided by this, and I know plenty who considers it to be a deal breaker, especially if there’s no warning in advance, so I have to mention that this book is NOT a standalone. It ends on a massive cliffhanger that had me 😩😭😭 and needing the sequel baaaadly!

But despite the savage ending that leaves you desperately hanging, I still absolutely, without a doubt recommend this book. Lovell has quickly risen to auto-buy author status and AVOLAF has fast become one of my favourite dark romances. I will read this one over and over again. It’s a must read!   

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

Thank you L.P. Lovell, the Underworld Kings team, and Candi Kane PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy!

🔔 Interested in reading A Vow of Lust & Fury? Grab your copy here: Universal Link


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Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! Xo