Dirty Deeds by Nicole James

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Kara Harbinger’s only crime is having a court judge for a father. One who just happens to be presiding over the criminal case of the President of the Devil Kings MC. The DKs are about to use the biggest Achilles’ heel he’s got to bend him to their will, to buy his decision, to buy his very soul.


I want nothing to do with this job, but I can’t get out of it.

As a member of the Devil Kings MC, my life is a violent existence hinged on loyalty to the oath I took: Devil Kings before all else. I’m the club’s muscle, the brother they give the vicious, vile jobs, the dirty deeds. When it comes to my club, I do whatever they ask, whatever they need.

Then I see Kara, all sweet and innocent with her soulful eyes and sexy body. She’s a bright light in my dark existence. In her eyes, I see an escape from the brutal life I’ve lived for so long, a life void of feelings, emotions and light. She gives me the faith to believe I can have more, to believe I can have everything.

What do I do when my VP wants her taken as leverage to use against her father?
What do I do when one look at Kara threatens everything I thought I held dear?
What do I do if they want me to put a gun to her head and end her life?
I’ll have to convince her to trust me if I have any hope of getting us both out of this alive.


He’s the only one who can save me.

I’m not supposed to want a man like Reno. He’s dangerous—a lawless, badass, alpha biker. I know I should be afraid, but the way he looks at me, with hunger in his eyes makes me want to become his.

I believed the lies he told me. I thought he was a good guy.

But when he takes me hostage, everything I thought about him is turned on its head.
Now he expects me to trust him, even as he holds me captive.

How can I trust a man whose loyalty is to his club, a club that wants me dead?



I am obsessed with Dirty Deeds! With Reno. With Rusty. Even with the nameless prospect. Lol. But ugggh.. I loved reading every page of it! ❤❤❤


I’m sure like many other Evil Dead MC fan, we had very strong feelings about the Devil Kings MC. They’re rivals clubs and every time they appeared in one of the books (especially in Shades), there was no love lost with them 😅

Well guys.. this book changes everything! You’re initial opinion of them (or at least some of them) will be thrown out the window the second you start reading Dirty Deeds. I don’t how else to describe this book other than a perfect read. It was just the story I needed to get out of my latest reading slump. But not only that– it was just the story that I’m always in the lookout for. It has all these elements I love in romance books all wrapped up in one and executed brilliantly, mind you! It was well developed, with the world-building expanding from the Evil Dead MC without leaving the reader who hasn’t read that series feel like they’ve missed the atmosphere and characteristics of an MC world.

Although these characters were first introduced in the Evil Dead MC, we don’t get their perspectives or their true opinions on anything really until now. The character development in my opinion is a big selling point in turning what was once the “bad guys” in the eyes of the Evil Dead (and Evil Dead fans), into the heroes in this scenario. The moral dilemma that Reno goes through here is what makes his character more than meets the eye. You really get an insight to their club life, the hierarchy and what the brothers jobs are within this club. (And if you have already read the Evil Dead MC, then you will also see the different contrasts between the two clubs).

There’s obvious dynamics in the Devil Kings. Which I think is what I enjoy about Nicole James’ MC books. There’s an array of characters with different personalities and attitudes that you’re bound to fall for some.. and glare at others. Hehe. But one thing you can always count on is the interactions these guys have. They’re written in so amazingly with their witty banter, brotherhood, and mischief-making that even without the romance, you’re still going to get an satisfying read!

But let’s be honest — we’re here for the romance…and the romance did not disappoint! This was a lust-at-first-sight turned hate-to-love, with a stereotypical bad boy/ good girl love story.

“Was it all a lie? Everything?” — Kara 


Reno wasn’t someone I saw having his own book. Well, actually I didn’t see the Devil Kings MC having their own series but damn… now I’m eager for more! I’m excited to see more of him in future books and seeing how he’s going.

Did I mention how much I love the cover and think the model is perfect match to Reno? No? Well, he is — and I was picturing him the entire time I was reading this.

With a character like Reno (and even Rusty), it’s hard to hate him or his actions for very long because he’s one of those morally grey characters that has limits to what his willing and not willing to do, despite the fact that he’s part of an MC that lacks in the morality department. What works about him and this book as a whole is the lengths he goes through to change things in his life. You witness how he’s character goes from someone who takes orders, to someone questioning it and wanting to make up his own decisions. Kara was just the person who helps him wake up, if you will.

“You and me. That was true.” — Reno


If you’re looking for an MC romance with equal amounts of MC and romance, then give this one a go. Dirty Deeds is a kidnapping-turned-lovers romance with possessive yet protective alphas and lighthearted banter throughout. It’ll make you swoon, smile and all the ooey-gooey goodness that comes with a winning romance book. It’s a greatly paced storyline with something always going on. If anything I wished it was longer. 😅

It’s total delectable escapism. An enjoyable read with enough thrill and suspense with so many “oh shiiiit” moments that it’ll have you holding your breath at times.

If you like alphas in your reads who are possessive and protective, but has a big teddy bear side to them — then this is another book you need to get to! Nicole James has perfected MC romances in my opinion and she knows what’s going to get her readers’ panties melting.

I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve been dying for a new book from Nicole James for a while now, or that I’ve been craving an MC romance read, or that it’s a case of being cooped up indoors for weeks now that I’m no longer in the right frame of mind, or maybe it’s all of the above.. but I really, truly loved Dirty Deeds and couldn’t fault any of it.. (and if there was anything I wasn’t completely a fan of, my overall love of the book clearly trumped it!) 😄


RATING: ♥♥♥♥♥/5

Nicole James was the author who first introduced me to MC romances, and honestly, as much as I’ve read a ton more since, nothing compares to Nicole and the caliber of her books. It always has the perfect balance of romance, edginess and grit–with a little humor mixed in. I haven’t read a single one of her books that wasn’t fun, entertaining and swoony as hell! Dirty Deeds is no different. After having read and utterly loved to death the Evil Dead MC series and all the guys in that MC.. I really didn’t think I would like any of their rival MCs. But oh man, Dirty Deeds (and Reno) sure as fuck changed my mind pretty quick.. 😂

Highly recommended read. This one’s not to be missed for any fellow MC romance lovers! A great start to a new series by James. Looking forward to the next one! 😄


— EVIL DEAD MC by Nicole James —


At the time I discovered the Evil Dead MC series, I wasn’t really writing reviews. And as much as I would love to write individual reviews for each book now, there’s just too many of them (lol… ahhh sigh) 🤦‍♀️ Maybe one day, but for the time being, I have an all-in-one post with my rating for each book in the series so you guys can at least see my overall thought of them. You can check it here: Evil Dead MC Series by Nicole James


Hope you guys enjoyed another one of my ramblings.


Catch you in my next one! Happy reading! 🥃


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