Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Play


Hiya guys! So, if you haven’t guessed by now I am a bit of a Harry Potter fan 🙂

Last week (after years of hoping and waiting for it to come down to Australia) I finally got to see The Cursed Child here in Melbourne!

I know this isn’t exactly a book review but I figured it’s Harry Potter, and I still wanted to share my thoughts and experiences of the day.

The entire Cursed Child team are very adamant about not sharing any spoilers aka #keepthesecrets of the magic that is the production, so you can all relax.. this is a SPOILER FREE review!


So. Let’s begin.

Ok. As some of you may know. When buying tickets to The Cursed Child, you have the option to watch both parts one and two on the same dat, OR you can watch each part on separate days. I went with family (we’re all big HP fans), and we got tickets to see both parts in the one day.

Now. Based on my experience, there’s pros and cons to seeing the entire thing in one day.

PROS: Well, you get to see the entire thing in ONE day! Hehe. You don’t want to wait to see the conclusion to The Cursed Child because it won’t have the same feel. It’s like watching the first half of a movie one night and seeing the other half the following.  

CONS: It’s tiring! The first part started in the afternoon, went on for a couple hours then we had the break. We had three hours to kill (which we took advantage of by having an early dinner) before we had to head back to the theatre for the second part (by then it was nightfall), another couple of hours past then it was officially done. Add in the travel time to and from (if you’re like me coming into the city from an hour away)… and there you have it: TIRING!  


Now. On the day we went, we were lucky (I guess?) enough to get the entire official Australian cast (so no alternates). Here they are below:

Image result for harry potter cursed child melbourne

I wasn’t a complete fan of the screenplay when I read it. I gave it 3 stars (read my review here: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child by JK Rowling) but what I do remember loving from that story was Scorpius. So, I was excited to see how he would be in this play.

First impressions?

Uggggh. I was so disappointed. He was portrayed nothing like how I thought he was from the book. Scorpius in the play was jumpy, frazzled and a little off-putting. I think I actually hated him for the entire first part. 

Buuuuuut wait! He did eventually grow on me by the second half. He had a few out of nowhere hilarious moments I couldn’t help but laugh at and by the end Scorpius was like his book counterpart – the saving grace of the entire story!

This is going to sound completely snooty but I don’t care, I can’t help it. It was my thoughts the entire time.. I hated.. the actors/ actresses who played Scorpius’, Ginny (ugh especially Ginny), and Hermione’s voices. Picture high-pitched screeching through a microphone.


I’m actually curious to see the UK cast and how each actor/ actress portrayed their character. And if the Australian cast was similar or completely different from the other Cursed Child productions around the world. 


How about the production itself?

PROS: The sets, the lighting, the props and the “magic” were amazing!

CONS: Lots of unnecessary bits included that dragged the story, and I felt were big time wasters. It had me questioning why they kept doing it. 


But whatevs. I’m sure it was to serve a purpose to the cast and crew and the transitions from scene to scene. I just wasn’t liking it.. *shrugs*

Oh. But don’t think I didn’t entirely enjoy any of it. I did have fave parts. I swear! 😉

Image result for harry potter cursed child melbourne

Check out this photo and more from:  Official Visit Melbourne

The second part was most definitely the saving grace! After almost dozing off for most of the first half, it was the action-packed, faster paced second half that had me sitting up and soaking in all that dark goodness! The scene pictured above was probably my fave part! It was enthralling, captivating and had me “oohing” and “aahing” from start to finish. They executed that scene perfectly and gave me serious Durmstrang entrance (from Goblet of Fire movie) vibes! The scene alone made the entire day and expensive ass tickets worth it!


I think my biggest annoyance was the seating itself. It’s great that Melbourne won out the bidding to have The Cursed Child playing there but (IMHO) the theatre was all wrong. Although the theatre was recently renovated, the ceilings are low and having sat in the seating, I (and I’m sure a lot of those around me) did not have a very good view of the stage or the cast. And we certainly did not have a view of the back of the stage.

Before you say anything – yes, there were things occuring at the back of the stage in some scenes that would’ve been nice to see. Add the fact that I had a couple of giant heads sitting right in front of me blocking 80% of what little view of the stage I had. I came away from that $400 out of pocket to see said “giant heads”, hear the live orchestra and see half of the cast.

There was only one thing I could think of that made sitting in the upper seats fine. But I can’t share it with you guys. Sorry, but #keepthesecrets and all that. Just know, it was pretty cool to see! All I’ll say is it’s another “ooh” and “aah” moment 😛

So if you’re planning to see it in Melbourne, try and grab seats on the lower level. None of the seats in the theatre are elevated so you might as well try and grab seats on the same level as the stage.


In conclusion. Do I think spending about AU$200 for each part worth it? Nope. If I could, I would’ve skipped the first half and just watched the second (especially since I’d already read the book). But that’s just my opinion based from my experience.

I have no doubt people enjoyed the entire thing (hey, the play wouldn’t have gotten raved reviews it wasn’t enjoyable, right?)

And the crowd I was with, I was surprised that the majority had not read the book because when the “plot twist” had finally arrived, the amount of gasps I had me chuckling in reaction. LOL.


Let’s move on and talk about The Cursed Child merch!


Were they expensive? Hell yes. But it is a once in a lifetime experience and with the expensive tickets I doubt you’ll go back and see it again, so you might as well buy a momento or two.

Whenever I go watch a play, musical or concert, I always try and get the program book. Which I did here. It was AU$25 and that’s to be expected.

They were also selling house merch – like beanies, scarves, mugs, pens, totes, badges, hoodies and shirts.

But if I were you, I would buy the official Cursed Child merch that has the logo on it. You can grab HP house merch just about anywhere these days but it’s rare to see any The Cursed Child merch. I hear you can order the merch online, so there’s that at least (but remember shipping costs included). Remember, these are pretty pricey merchandize.

RATING: ♥♥♥/5

Overall. The same as the book. Meh, okay. It wasn’t the best play I’d seen, and certainly not the best acting.. but it’s friggin’ Harry Potter! I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!


Disney Treasures February Box

The theme was “Ever After Castle”.

Before I get on with the details I have to point out that I got my box through eBay. By the time I discovered this box it was already sold out. Annnnnd I wasn’t (and still not) subscribed to this Disney sub box at all!

I should also point out that I probably got this box at double (maybe even triple) the original cost. It was a pretty hot item! Everyone and their mother wanted this box! And you’ll see why that is when you see my pics below! 😉

Now, if I’m not mistaken, most… or all of the items in the box are Disney exclusives so they’re not available for sale anywhere else (unless you find them on eBay, like I did).

Ok! Let’s get down to it ↓↓

Starting with the crème de la crème! Why this box is sold out and had people who missed out either crying buckets or scrambling around looking for other people who were selling theirs. I know I would’ve been devastated if I couldn’t get my hands on this one.

Ariel and Eric Funko Pop Vinyl (2 pack)

I’m still hoping they release them separately, or something similar to the public in the future because I know there a tons of Disney fans who’ve been anxiously waiting for Disney Princes’ to be made into funko pops. I’m always petitioning! Hehe 😛

Donald and Daisy Duck pin 

This is one of those fancy-schmancy enamel pins. Haha. I’m sorry I don’t collect a lot of pins, I don’t know what else to describe. But this one is great quality and the… whatcha-ma-call-it — the cover/lid thingy for the pin is shaped like Mickey’s head, which I thought was a nice touch.

Lumiere patch 

This is a pretty standard iron-on patch. Nothing much else to say. It’s nice.

Lady and the Tramp keyring set

This was uber cute! The packing was also on point (good work, Funko!) My sister called dibs when we saw it and I’m happy to give it to her — she likes her keyrings lol.

Minnie Mouse figure

She’s adorable and was nicely painted. It’s no surprise to collectors that Funko are known to have paint issues with their funkos, dorbz and figurines but this one was *thumbs up*!

P.S. Minnie came in a tin container.


OK. Let’s wrap this review/ unboxing up!

This is my first (and probably last) Disney Treasures box so those who are subscribed will be eye-rolling at this.. buuuuuut I love their packaging box! Lol.

FYI — I’m a packaging collector. If I find it cute, I keep it! 😀

There are 5 items in this box. I don’t know if this is the norm.. or if it depends on the theme but I thought this box could’ve used another item. As much as I looooooove love love love Ariel and Eric (and the ONLY reason why I wanted this box), but when I did unbox  — “This is it..?!?” came to mind – especially for the price and international shipping.

I won’t say “never” to getting another Disney box, especially if they plan on releasing more Disney Princes’ exclusively. But I wish it was a little more affordable.

But all in all — Still love the box! Loved all the items!

RATING: ♥♥♥♥.5/5

Box and shipping costs took half a rating off for me. Like I said I wish it was more affordable. But meh. I know anything shipping from the US to any other country is always expensive (especially if you live on the other side of world like I do).

Anywho — Happy reading. Happy bookish shopping! Catch you in my next one! ♥

JORD Wood Watch


Hi guys! 😀

I know this is a little different from my usual book reviews but I’m excited to share it with you all! I’m lucky enough to partner with JORD Watches to help spread the love for their beautiful wood watches.

Are you watch wearer? Or know someone who loves watches?

They have so many different styles! Honestly it was hard choosing one — but after a good.. oh.. solid day (or two) and a handful of helpful (and not so helpful) opinions from my friends and family, I finally chose this baby! ↓↓

Jord Watch 1
Dover Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood Watch

I don’t know much about the technical stuff when it comes to watches but there were some things that stood out to me about this watch which ultimately made me choose it.

a) — I prefer wide/thick watch bands and this one is 24mm (one of the wider bands available on the JORD website).

b) — I loved that it’s self-winding.. which means no batteries required EVER!! This nifty feature played a big role in me choosing this one in the end. I already own two other watches — a sporty/casual one, and the other for fancier occasions. I love them but I loathe having to get their batteries replaced (and it always seem to need replacing when I need to wear one of them lol). I’m telling you an automatic watch is a big thumbs up! 😉

c) — The skeleton dial. It’s so cool seeing all the wheels and cogs spinning about. The detail!! EEEEEPP!


When I got it in the mail, this is what I received:

  • The watch in a beautiful wooden box
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Finishing oil pen

No joke, the watch itself is really great quality. The details on the face, the wood finish, even just holding it and feeling the weight of it — you can just tell it’s well made. I have this habit of putting the watch back in the box after every use just to make sure it doesn’t get damaged. I’m clumsy — it’s for its safety. Haha.

If you’ve fallen in love with this watch too and would like to know more, click on the link below to see the full details:

→ http://www.woodwatches.com/series/dover/zebrawood-and-dark-sandalwood/booksofthemuggleborn

Seriously, how often do you see wood watches??! They’re both practical and eye-candy for the wrist! I’ve had people take double looks and ask me “Is that a wooden watch?!” 😀 #headturner


You know what’s cool? JORD Watches are easily customizable to suit you, your friend or family member’s tastes with band sizing, personalised engraving and they offer free shipping worldwide!

Also, JORD Watches is based in America.. I live in Australia. I’m the type who gets a little anxious about how well my online orders are packaged. If you’re iffy about ordering one because you live on the other side of the world and have the same issues — I can tell you now.. don’t stress! The watch, like I said comes in a wooden box and that fits snuggly into the packaging box, so the box is not moving around. It’s clearly labeled “fragile” too. Just keep in mind though, depending where you live there may be custom fees.

To see the full range, click here → https://www.woodwatches.com



A lucky winner will receive a $100 Gift Code to use at the JORD website!

To enter the giveaway, here’s what you have to do:

Click on the link below and fill in your NAME and EMAIL. That’s it! Super easy, right?! 🙂

→ https://www.woodwatches.com/g/booksofthemuggleborn

BONUS! Everyone who enters will receive a $25 Gift Code to use at JORD once the giveaway contest ends.

• GIVEAWAY ENDS: October 11, 2017 at 11:59pm (EST Time)

• $100 and $25 Gift Cards must be used by: December 10, 2017

• The winner will be chosen at random and contacted by JORD

Good luck everyone! 🙂 

A Muggle’s Pop Obsession

Besides books, here is one of my other obsessions.

Funko pop vinyls.

Yep these cute little pop figures that’s crazed the world over.

I started collecting funkos 3 months ago (November 2015) and haven’t stopped since!


This is one of my favourite pics of my Disney princesses (excluding Merida and Tiana) and I’m quite proud of this particular collection. They’re pure eye candy on my shelves.

I love fairytales and these are the perfect compliment to my Fairy Tale books.

[Quick Question]: Can you guys spot Pascal? 😛

My fave Princesses have always been Ariel (and she has the spunkiest Prince. Not the brightest but still adorable) and of course Cinderella. But looking at these cuties now, it’s hard to have preferences. But I know what some of you might me thinking… what about Belle? She’s the Princess who loves books etc etc… Well to be honest with you I didn’t really like the story of Beauty and the Beast until after I saw Bella e la Bestia (Italian) and La Belle et la Bête (French) movie versions. I guess I just wasn’t a huge fan of the Disney one. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the scene where Belle sees the Beast’s library and ever since then I’ve wanted a room just like it but overall it wasn’t my favourite Disney movie growing up.


But see… I am a fan of Beauty and the Beast and I love Belle. I just didn’t love it as much as I do now.

Ok ok. Enough babble. Let’s just sit in front of our monitors and stare at these cuties for a few more minutes. Oh wait. I have the actual funkos on my shelf..I’ll stare at those ones. Byeee!! 🙂