The Disney Book by Jim Fanning

Full Title: The Disney Book (A Celebration of the World of Disney) 

IMG_20160306_002616Yay! First review for the month! 😉


This is the history of Disney all in the one book. If you ever wanted to know where Walt Disney started out, what his big break was, the journey from page to screen and all the fun facts in between, then this is it. Everything that was created or worked on by Disney is in this book along with illustrations; original drawings, models, plans, and photos that will grab the reader’s attention.



This was not in my original March TBR list (see my post → March Reading List). I had gotten this book unplanned a few days ago while I was shopping and couldn’t help but read it already when I got home 🙂

It’s a great book if you are a Disney fan like me. It gives you the history of Disney – how Walt Disney started it all with his brother. The type of drawings and short films he started with all the way up to the most recent work created.

The book includes a timeline which I loved! I liked looking at what they had created and accomplished each year and the events that occurred like the first Disney office or the first theme park and on a sadder note, when Walt Disney died.

The illustrations included in the book are copies of the originals done by the animators which is pretty cool. It also has fun facts on how they came up with ideas on certain looks, stories, music and the people that inspired them.

It also comes with a movie cel from the movie Brave (I didn’t open my one but it’s still nice to have).

RATING: ♥♥♥♥/5

This is a great book to keep in any disney fan’s collection. I would even leave it on my coffee table for whenever someone wants to just flip through. The photos alone are worth it. I highly recommend it! 🙂


If you’re a Disney fan too and want to get a copy for yourself (definitely worth it) then I’ve added a link below to where you can get your own copy.

→ Book Depository (please note this is an affiliate link)


Hope you guys liked and found this review helpful. Catch you guys next time and happy reading! 😀


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