Club Princess by Nicole James

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I hate keeping secrets from my father, but I know he’ll be furious if he finds out where I’m going. That’s a risk I’m willing to take because I know what I’m doing is right.
I expected my father to send someone to find me. He always does.
But this guy?
I’ve never lain eyes on him before; trust me, I’d remember this man.
He’s damn fine; unfortunately he won’t let me seduce him into keeping my secret.

Trouble in a tank top, that’s what this beauty is.
She thinks she can sweet-talk me into getting involved in her deception.
I may want to get wrapped up in her arms, but getting wrapped up in her scheme is a whole other ball game.
Guess again, sweet cheeks.
I don’t care how fine your strut is; it won’t work on me.
I’m immune where the hot-as-hell Club Princess is involved.
My loyalty belongs to my club first, but I’m a nomad for a reason, and letting Lola get her hooks in me is not in my plan.




I have been (im)patiently waiting for this book since I first heard the news that the RBMC were doing a second run and that Nicole James was a participating author! 🙌

I’ve been reading James’ work for a couple years now and she has perfected the formula for amazing romance books — detailed world building, engaging storyline and characters you can’t help but get invested in. Club Princess is no different! I already knew before I even finished the first chapter that I would love where the story was heading… and after having finished it all? It did not disappoint!

The story starts off with a curiosity to both our hero and heroine. It gives you just enough of an introduction to who they are and what their lives are like to keep you gripping to see what happens onwards. With Memphis being a nomad, never settling in one place for too long, or making any commitments. Then there’s Lola, the MC president’s daughter, who has a strained relationship with her family, and an equally complicated life all around. Both Memphis and Lola are missing something in their lives but not realizing it until fate puts them in each other’s lives that changes it all.

Aw Memphis. He is an effortlessly likable character (and MC member). He has an air of alpha-ism in him but it’s never too in your face or full of dominance. What I get more from him is pure protectiveness. He has clear morals and isn’t afraid to stand up for what he knows is right. He’s a pretty open person — there might be some issues that he’s not completely comfortable discussing with anyone but he doesn’t avoid them either. I couldn’t really find a fault in him that’s a deal breaker. He may have his roll-your-eyes moments, but he knows when he needs to make amends. I mean, if you’re looking for a swoon-worthy guy, he’s it! 😉


Lola may be young but she’s had to handle a lot of shit in her life. She’s not at all bratty or immature (which I’m kinda relieved about), and despite the problems in her life, she still tries to give herself some positivity.

Their love is one that was unexpected and developed organically from just getting to know one another. There might not have been initial explosions and fireworks but there was always a constant flicker of heat and sparks between them that although their feelings developed rather quickly, it didn’t come off as unconvincing.

Nicole James has put a lot of substance into this MC romance, adding complexity to her lead characters and their lives. These characters are more than meets the eye and it gradually gets revealed the further the plot thickens.


The secondary characters play such important roles (as in all of James’ books). It gives this romance story an MC atmosphere by having the brotherhood there. Also, there’s a stark contrast between the bikers and and Lola’s girlfriends that provides a great dynamic to this book. The ambience change is evident depending on which group of people are in the scene giving it a cool balance of light and shade.

There’s a lot of sorrow and heartbreak in this story that explains a lot of the characters’ personality traits and their actions to certain things, that you find yourself sympathizing with the entire situation. Put aside the romance, there’s a lot of growth needed within these characters’ lives and within themselves. The added backstories really gives each of them depth and an understanding to where they’re at presently.

A journey full of family, chaos, acceptance, love, and overall growth as a person. It’s a truly sweet story — and one I must admit is one of the more sweeter stories I’ve read in an MC backdrop. 😊

A relatively well paced storytelling told from multiple POVs (both mostly from Memphis and Lola’s perspectives). Although this is part of the Royal Bastards MC world, it can be read as a standalone and I guarantee it’ll leave you sighing with happy contentment.


Another great release from Nicole James. If you’re a fan of her writing style, and/or wanting to read more MC romances, then this is another book to add to your TBR. The chapters are short but action-packed with a smidge of suspense, and the entire book can easily be read in one sitting.

RATING: ♥♥♥♥/5

Thank you to Nicole James and the Royal Bastards MC team for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 💛


Hello December! Hope your month started off well! Thanks for stopping by. Happy reading and as always, catch you in my next one!


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