A Muggle’s Pop Obsession

Besides books, here is one of my other obsessions.

Funko pop vinyls.

Yep these cute little pop figures that’s crazed the world over.

I started collecting funkos 3 months ago (November 2015) and haven’t stopped since!


This is one of my favourite pics of my Disney princesses (excluding Merida and Tiana) and I’m quite proud of this particular collection. They’re pure eye candy on my shelves.

I love fairytales and these are the perfect compliment to my Fairy Tale books.

[Quick Question]: Can you guys spot Pascal? 😛

My fave Princesses have always been Ariel (and she has the spunkiest Prince. Not the brightest but still adorable) and of course Cinderella. But looking at these cuties now, it’s hard to have preferences. But I know what some of you might me thinking… what about Belle? She’s the Princess who loves books etc etc… Well to be honest with you I didn’t really like the story of Beauty and the Beast until after I saw Bella e la Bestia (Italian) and La Belle et la Bête (French) movie versions. I guess I just wasn’t a huge fan of the Disney one. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the scene where Belle sees the Beast’s library and ever since then I’ve wanted a room just like it but overall it wasn’t my favourite Disney movie growing up.


But see… I am a fan of Beauty and the Beast and I love Belle. I just didn’t love it as much as I do now.

Ok ok. Enough babble. Let’s just sit in front of our monitors and stare at these cuties for a few more minutes. Oh wait. I have the actual funkos on my shelf..I’ll stare at those ones. Byeee!! 🙂

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