Meet This Muggle

It’s introduction timeeee!!! *Ahem ahem*

booksofthemuggleborn_meHi! My name is Rina and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

<— (Insert selfie.. *waves virtual wand*

Ta-daa! Hehe.. sorry for the quality. I’m not a fan of taking photos of myself so this is as good as it’s going to get. (FYI, this was taken on a super sunny day which caused the blinding brightness effect on the side of my face.. but I kind of liked how it turned out).

This is my bookish blog. It’s nothing fancy but I post my current reads, reviews, obsessions and from time to time random posts.

I love books, reading and anything book related. Collecting hardcover editions is an obsession of mine, so I may have multiple copies of certain books or series… (cue the “what the..” looks lol).

I’m 98% a fiction reader – Fantasy, Romance, Fairy tale retellings, and a smidge of Sci-fi. Some of my all time favourite reads (so far) are Harry Potter (duh), Twilight (yes! you read it right), The LOTR and Throne of Glass.

For the past year I’ve been addicted to romance books. Whether contemporary, romcom or dark romance — as long as there’s swooning, I’m in! 😉

Fun Fact: When I’m reading, I’m also constantly snacking. I love my food and can’t read without it. I’m a night reader, and tend to read well into the early mornings (I usually call it a “night” when I see the sun come up. Lol).

I’m also a photography enthusiast so it’s nice to put my hobby into good use with my love of books and hopefully show photos that have a different feel or look about them than some others already out there.

That’s all I can think of at this time to say except…thanks for visiting, and catch you guys later! Byeeee! ♥

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      1. I have officially run out of facts!! but I will answer your questions in a comment if you do! 🙂 hahaha


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