A Deal With The Devil by Amelia Wilde

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A man can only have one great love, and mine was the sea.

Until I pulled a half-drowned heiress out of the water. Until I kept her as mine. Until I hurt her to prove I didn’t love her.

Now we’re surrounded. Dangerous pirates want to use her for their own purposes. I won’t give her up that easy. I have a lifetime of treasure to protect. But with the ship going down, there’s only one thing I want to save. Her.

A Deal with the Devil is book two in the Devil trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde. The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea must be read first.



The swashbuckling action, the steamy cabin romps, and the big bad trouble following the Trident has officially amped up a level in book two of The Devil Trilogy! The story picks right up after the end of The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea— where you’re thrown right back into the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but open water.


This one was intense that I had so many emotions swirling around. Whilst I admit I was a little confused in the first book, this book cleared up a lot of the mixed-feelings I had towards Poseidon and Ashley.

Let’s start with the devilled pirate himself; Poseidon. He was a total alpha-hole in The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Yes, he was a swoon-worthy pirate who took no shit on his own ship (he is captain after all), yet I never fully understood why he was cruel and hurtful towards Ashley… until now. Any lingering questions I had from the first book was cleared up in this one. It’s amazing once secrets and backstories are revealed how much you can sympathize and understand a character’s traits and actions better. 😅 And Poseidon’s past was quite a doozy. I’m not saying I condone his actions, but I’m in no way writing him off either.

I can’t speak for anyone else’s opinions of Poseidon but in my books as the story progressed, he was winning me over a little bit at a time. I’m always down for reading about a complex, morally-grey character, but they get bonus points from me when they can admit wrongdoings and regrets because it shows that underneath all their bravado and asshole-y attitude they have a conscience, a willingness to change… and have heart! You will see a lot more of Poseidon’s life in this book and how much of his family has had an affect on his upbringing, his adulthood, and even how he handles business affairs.


Seeing the interactions amongst his crew is probably one of my favourite things to see in this book. I’m loving the fact that crew members are getting some of the limelight here and there. Also gives Poseidon’s ship a little more life by having different dynamics besides the one between Ashley and himself.

I’ve read and seen enough pirate stories to know that a woman on board is usually a no-no. But the dynamic Ashley has with Poseidon’s crew was such a highlight to see. I love the camaraderie, their charm, the light-heartedness they provided in what was an overall gloomy atmosphere, and the bonds they all individually made with her.

I actually laughed a good handful of times reading this book, and all those scenes involved Ashley. I’m happy sighing with relief that she’s now at a place where she doesn’t seem so alone and completely lost aboard a pirate ship. I wasn’t expecting the humorous scenes but it’s definitely some of the more memorable ones. (I’ll just say this: chocolate lovers will get a kick out of it!) 🤭

This was fast-paced storytelling with action left, right and centre. You get a deeper insight into the situation and how Poseidon and Ashley are feeling as it’s told from dual points of view. Despite the gloomy atmosphere, these characters are making the most of their time on the ship before trouble catches up to them. Ashley and Poseidon’s complicated relationship finally picks up pace and it almost seems like things are heading in the direction of an actual relationship where honesty and admittance of feelings are in play, whereas before it was very much a captor/captive situation.


First book focused on Ashley as a hostage on the Trident, playing by Poseidon’s rules. This book focuses on how much her time on board and in his space has affected Poseidon and changed enough of his initial plans that it’s left this story on another cliffhanger. Plot twists galore! There’s quite a few developments some of which I suspected as much, but others were complete surprises that I’m keen to see how things will all wrap up in the final book. I’m wondering how things will work out between Ashley and Poseidon — not to mention his ship, his crew, and even with his family.

In my opinion, if you didn’t love the first book right off the bat but still curious to see more, then this book will win you over a little more. It’s definitely progressive with a clearer direction of where it’s heading. It’s one of those stories (although a continuous one) gets better with each book. I was kept in suspense from start to finish— whether it was due to Ashley and Poseidon’s intimate moments, Poseidon’s unfinished business, or due to the trouble that has followed Ashley whilst onboard the Trident.


✔ A modern day pirate.

✔ A wanted heiress.

✔ A devil in disguise.

In one dark, contemporary romance. Book two in The Devil Trilogy is hearty, where one problem is solved just for another to pop up in its place. Ashley and Poseidon’s relationship has evolved into something more substantial. Lots of questions are still left unanswered and by the way it ended, it can honestly head towards a number of different ways.

I was sucked in and completely invested in seeing how things would develop further between Poseidon and Ashley. There’s plenty of hot scenes… as well as a few scenes worthy of stunned silence. If you’re a fan of mythologies, this one has a cool, modern take on Greek Mythology, obviously focusing on Poseidon (God of the sea).

I haven’t read a lot of books by Wilde yet, but from the ones I have read, I’ve come to enjoy. Her writing style is engaging with her vivid world-building, intriguing characters, gripping storylines, and satisfying amount of romance!

If you’re looking for a pirate romance story, give this one a go, start with The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and continue onto this one! Add Poseidon to your list of sexy pirates alongside Jack Sparrow, William Turner and Killian Jones! *waggles brows*

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you Amelia Wilde and Candi Kane PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 💙

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📘 The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea by Amelia Wilde


Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! Xo


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