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Step into the dark and gritty universe of the Underworld Kings.

A multi-author series of standalone books filled with mafia families waging war, danger and violence, arranged and forced marriages, angst, love, and everything in-between.

Light or dark, twisted or sweet, the Underworld Kings has something for every reader.

Participating Authors:

Cora Reilly | Aleatha Romig | Maria Luis | Willow Winters | Jane Henry & Sophie Lark | Nikki Sloane | Michelle Heard | Ker Dukey | Mary Elizabeth | Carrie Ann Ryan | KD Robichaux & CC Monroe | Trisha Wolfe | Jordan Marie | Mila Crawford | Jenika Snow | Carmel Rhodes | Clarissa Wild | Bella Di Corte | Isabella Starling & Bella J. | A. Zavarelli | Dani Rene | LP Lovell | Alexandria Bishop | Stevie J. Cole | Anne Malcom | Ellie Isaacson | Catherine Wiltcher & Cora Kenborn


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October 4th: Razor’s Edge by Mila Crawford
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3lyDCPV

October 5th: Cold Hearted Bastard by Jenika Snow
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2T9pf8y
Other Vendors: https://geni.us/9BCQ

October 6th: Tears of Salvation by Michelle Heard
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2WFxU4c
Amazon Universal: https://bit.ly/3rW0AS2

October 8th: Kings of Blood & Money by Ker Dukey
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3eojFXq

October 12th: Kiss of Death by Mary Elizabeth

October 14th: Inked Kingdom by Carrie Ann Ryan
Amazon: https://amzn.to/36G49Sv
Other Vendors: https://bit.ly/36I08gk

October 15th: The Bratva’s Heir by Jane Henry & Sophie Lark
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3ricmpG

October 21st: Bad Medicine by KD Robichaux & CC Monroe
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3wSNgyM
Amazon Universal: https://bit.ly/37lNCU5

October 27th: Marriage & Malice by Trisha Wolfe
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3xPLJuG

October 28th: When Doves Cry by Carmel Rhodes


November 1st: The Wedding Debt by Clarissa Wild
TBR: https://bit.ly/3f21kzX

November 2nd: Disavow by Bella Di Corte
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3BgownA
Other Vendors: https://geni.us/jvp0WfL

November 3rd: Vengeful King by Isabella Starling & Bella J.
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2UklKwL

November 9th: Kingdom Fall by A. Zavarelli

November 10th: Ruthless Arrangement by Jordan Marie

November 11th: Twisted Obsession by Dani Rene
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2UT3lXE

November 12th: Blood Vow by LP Lovell

November 16th:  Kingdom Come by Aleatha Romig
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3xNMjsz
Other Vendors: https://bit.ly/3BbOBE7

November 17th: Twisted Bargain by Alexandria Bishop
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3zhyHX5
Other Vendors: https://bit.ly/2Vufkvv

November 18th: Dark Kingdom by Stevie J. Cole

November 19th: Made in Ruin by Maria Luis 
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3BjFSzL
Other Vendors: https://bit.ly/3ixOF8L

November 23rd: Sexy as Sin by Willow Winters
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3zqoY0F
Other Vendors: https://bit.ly/3eOp76h

November 24th: Dangerous Innocence by Cora Reilly

November 25th: A Thousand Cuts by Anne Malcom
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2V9ayTZ

November 29th: The Fixer by Ellie Isaacson
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3xRVdWd
Other Vendors: https://bit.ly/3rTBqDF

November 30th: City of Thieves by Catherine Wiltcher & Cora Kenborn
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3wVuDdo

*TBA: Forbid by Nikki Sloane

Dark Fairy Tales Anthology

 Check out my reviews for each of the fairy tales included in this collection. Happy reading!  The book is now available, if you’re interested in reading it yourself. 

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In a castle adorned with gems, coated in gold, and dusted with luxury, the youngest of the Constantine Family will be introduced to the elite of New York. But the party isn’t all glamor. Villains lurk in dark corners, evil deals are struck, and starcrossed loves are born.


The Ugly Duckling by CJ Roberts
Beauty and the Beast by Willow Winters
Cinderella by Aleatha Romig
Little Red Riding Hood by Karina Halle
Jack & the Beanstalk by Marley Valentine
Snow White by T.M. Frazier
Rumplestiltskin by Celia Aaron
King Midas by Skye Warren
King Thrushbeard by Cora Reilly
Princess and the Pea by Sierra Simone
Swan Princess by Natasha Knight

Attend the ball, wear a red cloak, lose your shoe, spin straw to gold, or fall prey to a witch. In these fairytale retellings from bestselling authors, you will find a prince, but you might choose your happily ever after with the beast.

DARK FAIRY TALES is a limited-time anthology of modern fairy tales containing all NEW novellas. Download your copy and tell a book-loving friend, because it won’t last long.



This was one hell of a romance anthology (and it couldn’t have come at a better time with lock down still very much in place here in Australia)! Some of these authors are new-to-me, as well as some of the tales included, but they made such an impact in making me want to check out other books written! I only wish these stories were longer. I’ve had to settle for rereading them! 😅

King Midas by Skye Warren

RATING: ♥♥♥♥

🎵 “I’ve got the Midas touch. Everything I touch turns to gold…”

And boy, did Raoul Midas certainly do that! A rich, successful, and powerful man paying for an escort, but finds himself enamored by the young, beautiful, and innocent Anita. This romance trope has been done plenty of times, and I’ve read a handful of them in the past, but this one had me curious from the get-go what with Raoul’s affliction at being touched. Yet, if Raoul was to let anyone break this barrier he puts up, Anita would be the one. Loved the intrigue, their instant connection, and their little chats! 🥰

Rumpelstiltskin by Celia Aaron

RATING: ♥♥♥♥

One of the old time classics. I don’t think there’s a lot of people in the literary world who wouldn’t have heard of, or read this tale of shifty dealings with the one and only Rumpelstiltskin — or in this case, the name is Clark. To be honest, I haven’t read any retellings of it (it had never been one of my faves growing up), but this was such a good one to start off with, and if anyone was every looking for dark, swoony versions of it, I wouldn’t hesitate to mention this novella! 😍 It’s modern, very well written, and oh-so gripping!

The Princess and the Pea by Sierra Simone


Meh. I think I stumbled into the middle of the story because I was lost for a good chunk of the first half. It reads like you’re familiar with the characters already and their situation from the get-go, but I felt like I was trying to play catch-up. This is a Dom/Sub, second chance romance with some BDSM. There are plenty of romance readers who enjoy this type of romance, it’s just never been a preference of mine. So for that reason, I couldn’t connect as much as I would’ve liked with this story.

The Little Red Riding Hood by Karina Halle

RATING: ♥♥♥½

👩‍🦰“My what big teeth you have.” 

Seduction, mystery and murder, oh my! Starts off with so much intrigue already, until it slowly unveils the truth and you realize that this is definitely a dark and bloody tale. An enjoyable novella, that manages to create world-building and development between Red and Wolf within a good story line in a short span.

The Ugly Duckling by CJ Roberts


As much as I would’ve wanted to like this story, I just couldn’t connect with it as much as the others. It’s detailed and somewhat wordy, and for a novella it surprisingly dragged a little for my liking. It did have elements from the original classic, e.g. being a little bit different from the rest and finally having the courage to stand up for yourself, but other than that this was a whole new story. Contains F/F romance. There’s sensitive subject matter within that may trigger some readers.

Beauty and the Beast by Willow Winters

RATING: ♥♥♥♥

“It’s a tale as old as time, isn’t it?”

I’ve read quite a few Beauty and the Beast inspired stories and retellings, and I still can’t get enough of them. This was a deliciously, dark and sensual version. It kept a lot of the elements we all know so well from the classic but wonderfully written in a modern setting. So much spark and heat between Calum and Annabelle that I could not turn the pages fast enough to see how things would unravel between them. Such world-building and build-up between the hero/heroine from start to finish.

Jack & the Beanstalk by Marley Valentine


Damn. This was one of those fan-your-face type of romance read. 🙈 I honestly couldn’t picture a Jack and the Beanstalk retelling as an adult M/M romance (or any romance for that matter), yet lookey here! And this one’s full of betrayal, revenge, and unrelenting love. If you’re a fan of enemies to lovers/ hate to love romance tropes, like I do, you’ll enjoy this one.

King Thrushbeard by Cora Reilly

RATING: ♥♥♥♥½

A tale I was not at all familiar with. Now? I am obsessed with the tale! Or maybe it’s just Cora’s version of it, who knows?! 😄 Arranged marriage. Hate-to-love romance trope. Some mystery. With very hot and heavy scenes between Jean and Peyton. This story had me wanting more!

📔 Read my full review: King Thrushbeard by Cora Reilly

The Swan Princess by Natasha Knight

RATING: ♥♥♥♥½

One of my fave tales growing up. This is a must read. I thoroughly adored Knight’s take on it. I couldn’t get enough of the anticipation and build-up, and chemistry between Salvatore and Lucia.  Knight’s dark mafia spin was a refreshing take, with the prince in this version being the villain. Enemies-to-lovers at it’s best! 😍😍

📔 Read my full review: The Swan Princess by Natasha Knight

Cinderella by Aleatha Romig


I thought this was an interesting take on one of my all time favourite fairy tales. Whilst it does have the main elements of the classic — like the shoes, the ball and evil stepsisters, it also has a lot of new elements that really make the story Romig’s own. She’s incorporated her book series (which I’m not familiar with) into this novella. It’s special-ops/ military type romance. If you like reading from that romance sub-genre, you’ll like this one.

Snow White by T.M. Frazier

RATING: ♥♥♥♥

Oooh. This was a deviously grimy read, and I didn’t expect anything less from Frazier. I’ve read quite a few dark versions of Snow White and this was probably one of the more twisted of the lot. It’s icky…yet not? 😅 All I can say, is if you’ve read quite a lot of dark romance books, and/ or familiar with Frazier’s style of romance, then the things that with these characters is nothing new to the world. Either way, I loved the intensity between Chase and Neve.

If you love dark versions of fairy tales, a modern retelling, and/ or stories inspired by them, then I think you’ll enjoy this anthology. There’s amazing romance authors included and their take on these classic tales are addictive that you won’t be able to put it down.

Whilst I’ve always been a fan of fairy tales, I admit some of these classics were unfamiliar to me, but after having read these ones, it’s completely made me fall in love with them. I highly recommend it.

Perfect to read in one sitting, or a couple at a time between your other reads.


Thank you Skye Warren and Valentine PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 💗


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Hope you enjoyed it. Catch you in my next one, guys! Xo


Kiss Me In The Dark Anthology

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KISS ME IN THE DARK compiles a selection of deliciously dark chapters from bestselling romance authors with additional, never-before-seen content. We’re hoping to introduce new readers to our world and also give our loyal readers a chance to get lost in the stories they love with these bonus scenes. It’s only a taste, just three chapters each…but it’s enough for you to get addicted and want more.

It includes:
• Monica James—Bad Saint; bonus content is the first chapter of the upcoming release The Devil’s Crown—All the Pretty Things Trilogy spin-off.
• Aleatha Romig—Unconventional; bonus content is the prologue, an outside prospective on this stalker romance.
• Amo Jones—In Fury Lies Mischief; bonus content: Eli’s Transition.
Callie Hart—Deviant; bonus content is a brand-new short story featuring Zeth and some of the original Blood and Roses crew.
• Cora Reilly—Luca Vitiello; bonus content is the prologue and first chapter of the upcoming standalone Fragile Longing—an age-gap arranged marriage romance.
• Giana Darling––Enthralled; bonus content is a new chapter from hero Alexander Davenport’s POV.
• K Webster—This is War, Baby; bonus content is a new thrilling “training” chapter in the villainous Gabe’s POV with Baylee.
• Lili St. Germain—Vicious Prince; bonus content is the first chapter of the upcoming release Vengeful Queen—Book two in the Violent Kingdom Trilogy.
• Parker S. Huntington—Devious Lies; bonus content is a never-before-seen email from Nash to Emery.
• S.M. Soto—Deception and Chaos; bonus content is a never-before-seen chapter written from Creed’s POV.
• Willow Winters—A Kiss to Tell; bonus content is a never-before-seen chapter.

So come, sit, and enjoy a taste of the darkness…you just may like it.

ALL proceeds will be donated to:


Please Note: This mini review is for Cora Reilly’s bonus content!


— Luca Vitiello by Cora Reilly —


I was born a monster. Cruelty ran in my veins like poison. It ran in the veins of every Vitiello man, passed on from father to son, an endless spiral of monstrosity. A born monster shaped into an even worse monster by my father’s blade and fists and harsh words. I was raised to become Capo, to rule without mercy, to dish out brutality without a second thought. Raised to break others. When Aria was given to me in marriage, everyone waited with baited breath to see how fast I’d break her like my father broke his women. How I’d crush her innocence and kindness with the force of my cruelty.Breaking her would have taken little effort. It came naturally to me.I was gladly the monster everyone feared. Until her. Author’s note: Bound By Honor in Luca’s POV.


** This mini review is for the bonus prologue only!

The prologue was a great little addition to Luca Vitiello. Although it’s bonus content, there’s nothing new within that those who’ve read the book are missing out on. It pretty much sums up what he has gone through to get to where he’s currently at at the present time, the lead up to his “new” life with Aria, and the things he has to constantly go through to keep his position, his power, and his family safe and secure. If you’ve read Bound by Honor and Luca Vitiello, and want just a little bit more, then this prologue is a nice add-on.

Read my full review!

Luca Vitiello by Cora Reilly



— Fragile Longing by Cora Reilly —


Sofia knows how it feels to be the consolation prize.
Too young.
Not blond.
And definitely not an ice princess.
Her sister is—was all those things. Perfection. Until she wasn’t. Until she ran off to be with the enemy and left her fiancé behind.
Now Sofia is given to Danilo in her sister’s stead, knowing she’ll never be more than second best. Yet, she can’t stop longing for the love of the man she’s been crushing on even when he was still her sister’s.
Danilo is a man who’s used to get what he wants.
The sought-after ice princess.
Until another man steals his bride-to-be. Danilo knows that for a man in his position losing his woman can lead to a loss of face.
Wounded pride.
Thirst for revenge.
A dangerous combination—one Danilo can’t leave behind, not even when a girl just as precious takes her sister’s place to placate him. Yet, she’s got one flaw: she’s not her sister.
Unable to forget what he’s lost, Danilo might lose what he’s been given.


** This mini review is for the chapter included in this book only! Please don’t read any further if you don’t want any teasers (especially with Fragile Longing still a month away) 

Before I start, if you’ve been contemplating whether or not to get Kiss Me In The Dark (specifically for Cora’s content), and wondering what is included from Fragile Longing… The prologue and the first chapter is what you’ll be getting. If you’re not too fussed with getting an early taste of the storyline, then I highly recommend you grab your copy now — plus all proceeds go to donations! 😊

👏 Okay! Time for the goss!

Although Fragile Longing is a standalone, I recommend you to have read Twisted Pride (from the Camorra Chronicles) first because it definitely coincides with the timeline from that book…. and it’ll give new readers a better scope of the relationship between Danilo, Sofia and Serafina.

“Always less. Never enough.”

We’re only given the first chapter but already I am liking Sofia. After how many books, I am still floored at how well Cora can write her characters in a way that really shows their age and the life they’ve lived so far. I love the innocence and naivety of her young heroines before all hell breaks loose and they’re pushed into a world of darkness, adulting, and unrequited love. Hehe.   

I initially wasn’t a big fan of romance reads that involve age gaps, but since reading Sweet Temptation, I’ve come to look forward to reading who else of Cora’s characters will be paired up. When I first read that Sofia would become Danilo’s end game, after Serafina was clearly… well not! I was already reeling at the possibility of it becoming another brilliant, yet complex story similar to Sweet Temptation where they really have to work at their relationship, and find a balance–especially with their age gaps.

And just like all of Cora’s previous books, I enjoy the fact that despite that they’re considered dark romances, there’s obvious lightheartedness and even humor sprinkled all throughout.

“Slowly I sat up and wiped my eyes. I hopped off my bed and checked my face in the mirror. My eyes were puffy and my nose red. Fina was a pretty crier. I was not.”

I shouldn’t have found this moment funny, but I did… maybe because I easily related, and maybe because the second I read it, this image popped into my head…


All I know is Cora’s heroines are relatable in so many ways, and their feelings and attitudes towards things and situations are quite realistic, in particular to when they’re still in their youth and don’t necessarily keep their thoughts to themselves yet.

Great start to Fragile Longing! I can’t wait to read it in its entirety! Sofia is clearly living in her sister’s shadow so I can’t wait to see her when she reaches of age, and what Danilo’s reaction will be of her by then. Eeep! ❤


SaveTheDateFragile Longing comes out August 26, 2020! 

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Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one. Xo