Waiting For Milo by Angel Devlin




He called her Rapunzel.

Now she’s back in a tower of her own making.

Can he rescue his princess and live happily ever after?

After purchasing her nan’s old home, Violet Blake wonders if the mysterious Waite family still live in the house across the garden. But there are bigger things to worry about—like how she’s going to get the hole in the ceiling repaired and the neglected house modernised. Lucky for her, the Waite family do turn out to be her neighbours and run a property renovation business.

Enter Milo Waite.

Caveman. Protector. Stubborn as hell.

He won’t take no for an answer and sets about making sure his princess has her castle. But repairing the house isn’t his only project. He wants Violet.

Real life isn’t a fairy tale though, and buried family secrets threaten not only their budding relationship but to tear their families apart.




Okay. This was honestly an adorably cute read. Yes, it’s an adult romance but it’s definitely more on the tamer side when it comes to the physical stuff (or at least the way the author has described those scenes.. the steaminess is on the down low).

Besides it being an adult romance book, the story centers around Violet and Milo who were somewhat childhood next door neighbours. Milo Waite and his family lived next door to Violet’s grandmother who she would spend time with whenever her parents were unable to care for her. Although Milo and his siblings were all similar ages to Violet, they never played together, let alone see each other on the account of his father and her grandmother having some issues with one another and never letting the kids hang out. Ever.

But that never stopped Milo and Violet from ever being curious about the other. Now years later, all grown up, Violet buys her grandmother’s old rundown house and realises that the Waites still live next door. And that’s when things start getting interesting.


My very first impression of this book was… funnily enough how British it sounded. Lol. I’ve read quite a few books set in England with characters who are English but this would have to be the first book that totally and completely oozed characters from there. The way these characters speak — as in the slangs they use had me a little stumped. Haha. As an Aussie girl, who’s seen plenty of movies, tv shows and books set in England, not once have I felt like I needed one of those translations books you buy before going on a holiday in a foreign country so I could look up words and sayings until I came across this book.. *hangs head in shame* Hahaha.

Don’t get me wrong, in no way did it put me off reading it. If anything it was a little amusing trying to figure what the hell they were talking about. I mention this only because anyone who ends up reading Waiting For Milo and is also taken aback by this, don’t be put off, because I guarantee before the book is over you’ll actually get the lingo. Trust me! 😉

Okay. Secondly, whilst this was a love story overall between two neighbours, there’s a deeper and more serious subject matter within that makes their budding relationship more complicated. There are issues discussed within; such as abandonment and infidelity, as well as struggles and effects families go through having experienced these situations.

Milo Waite may come off as a happy go lucky type of guy when it comes to Violet and his siblings, but when it comes to his sad past, he tends to hide his feelings.

But the more Violet and Milo get reacquainted, the more they can’t avoid their pasts and the effects it has on both their families. There’s both light and shade within this story, which gives their relationship all the more a realistic and relatable feel to it. There’s always hurdles every couple goes through and sometimes some have family drama. Violet and Milo just happen to be one of those couples going through that.

I enjoyed getting to see snippets of Milo’s siblings and getting some kind of idea on what I could expect from them in this series. I like that there’s some strong personalities in the bunch that there’s bound to be some very interesting love stories to come.

And whilst Violet comes into this story lacking any sort of friendship, by the end she’s got some pretty solid girlfriends (ones who add some very girly comic relief throughout). There’s a smorgasbord of supporting characters in this book, that you will not have any trouble finding one that peaks your interest *wink wink* 😉

Although Violet and Milo’s relationship is a rollercoaster, it was a relatively well-paced book. At first it seems like it was almost love at first sight (at least in Milo’s case) when seeing Violet, but the growth in the relationship was evident and steady. There’s hesitation, wariness, and issues with trust.. but there’s also patience, protectiveness and friendship. The realism was there, people!


This was a sweet introduction to the Waite Family series. In all honesty, as much I liked reading Milo and Violet’s book, I already have my eye on a couple of the other siblings’ stories. Hehe. A great read! Who would’ve thunk it? — That a band of brothers (and sister) working as tradies for their family contracting business each find love? An everyday setting that’s surprisingly refreshing.

RATING: ♥♥♥.5/5

Thank you to Angel Devlin for the ARC in exchange for my honest review! 




Release Date: FEBRUARY 26, 2020

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