Iron Fury MC Series by Bella Jewel

I’ve been a long time fan of Bella Jewel. I’ve read a couple of her MC romance series’ already and I am obsessed. I figure I would go back to her older book series’ starting with the Iron Fury MC!Β 

Now, six books later and here is my review of the entire series! All the books are connected so it made sense to just review it as if it was one big book! 😁

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Author’s Note:


Come on a wild ride with country singers, bikers and a whirlwind of romance, pain, drama and danger! The entire Iron Fury MC Series is yours for the taking! What are you waiting for? Jump in, today!!

Come on this wild ride, with all these gorgeous couples!!! All of the books intertwine, and you’ll get to enjoy all the characters in each!! I promise, you won’t regret it!!!




Whiskey Burning #1 – Country music singer Scarlett meets her match when she stumbles across gorgeous biker, Maverick. He comes at the right time, though. Danger is lurking in every corner!


An opposites attract/ second chance romance story.

Refreshing to see a successful, hot and happening singer and an MC member fall in love, considering MC’s are notorious for keeping to themselves and avoiding any kind of public attention. Scarlett and Maverick’s relationship bloomed from friendship, so it was nice to see some sort development before they actually hooked up.

It’s a cute and engaging enough story. Scarlett was a little cheesy for my taste but sometimes all you can do is laugh it off and just accept it. Maverick is your stereotypical alpha MC member who tends to be bossy and possessive, but if you can get pass that trait (because, c’mon this is MC romance.. and fictional) then you won’t have any issues with these men!

They both have dark pasts they’re trying to move on from but can’t seem to do so, but their past is just one of the reasons they connection with one another.

I liked seeing the contrast between the world of stardom/ music industry and the MCΒ  world mesh together. It’s different from any other MC romance read. It was great seeing them make their relationship work despite Scarlett’s fame.

RATING: β™₯β™₯β™₯


Hushed Torment #2 – Amalie is quiet, gorgeous and sweet. She’s also deaf due to a horrendous accident earlier in life. When she meets MC President Malakai, sparks fly. Can they work out, being from two completely different worlds?


Ooh. I love a good opposites attract romance. This was a juicy read! I love seeing big, booming alpha heroes turn gentle, caring and protective as hell towards woman who may be innocent and sheltered and who have completely have stolen their hearts.

The idea of Amalie having a disability was such a great element added to what would have been a stereotypical MC romance story. Seeing the patience and effort Malakai has put in to ensure Amalie was ready for a relationship with him was without a doubt swoon worthy material! 😍 I love that when needed, Amalie gave us grit and girl power! When she was introduced in Whiskey Burning as fellow musician and quiet friend of Scarlett, I immediately took a liking to her. Seeing the instant zing the moment Mal and Amalie laid eyes on each other… ugh… I knew Hushed Torment was not to be missed. I highly recommend. Not going to lie, I think this book surpasses the first. πŸ€«πŸ˜‰

RATING: β™₯β™₯β™₯Β½



Darkest Hour #3 – Charlie is wild, and the daughter of a very dangerous man. When a hit on her head causes her to hide, she’s left alone with Dakoda, gorgeous, rugged and completely driving her crazy!! How will she survive in lock down with this gorgeous man? Will they escape before they kill each other?


I though Amalie and Malakai’s story would be my fave, but I think Charlie and Koda’s topped it. πŸ˜‹ Hate to love romance to the max! These guys had fire, banter, and sizzling sexual tension! I adore everything about Charlie’s spitfire attitude whenever she feels she needs to guard herself, but loved seeing Koda’s searing protectiveness over her despite the fact that they get on each other’s nerves. In my opinion, their story was the one that had the most world-building, and well written character development. Seeing their pasts come back to haunt both their present, and unraveling before my eyes had me in a knot. Not only has the suspense kept through from start to finish, but it was entertaining see how things evolved between Charlie and Koda. Definitely one of my fave couples from this series!

RATING: β™₯β™₯β™₯Β½



Sassy Little Thing #4 – Saskia needs a job, when she finds herself taking care of a house for the gorgeous Mason, things don’t quite go as expected. No, Mason is going to take her on a ride she’ll never forget. If only he knew the secrets she was hiding from him…


Hmm. Not bad. This was an unusual workplace romance. Although… half the time it didn’t seem that way, considering Saskia had no issues sharing her opinions to Mason. It was kind of entertaining at times. 🀭

I was already a big fan of Mason since his minor interaction with Charlie in the previous book. But other than a few lines here and there, you don’t get a inch of his story until this very book. Saskia is a newly introduced character. She’s in your face, confident and doesn’t seem to give a damn… but she also comes with baggage — baggage that Mason and the rest of Iron Fury MC have taken upon themselves to take care of.

The story line itself was okay. Pretty much similar to the other before it with a troubled past and needing the MC for help. Nothing too wowing or gripping but enough to keep me reading nevertheless. I think that’s more to do with Mason… but meh. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ I’m not overly fond of Saskia and her stupid moments, but Mason actually makes me tolerate her. Haha.

There’s some individual backstories but unfortunately it was never full developed, and by the time this story was nearing the end, their individual stories were wrapped up too abruptly which leaves you kind of questioning things. I would’ve loved to have seen some more growth within their relationship to make it more believable, but considering all the books are relatively similar in that factor as well, I’ll let it pass.

I do like the banter the had going for them, especially where Mason’s “hookups” are concerned. I giggled at those moments, they were probably my fave scenes from the book.

RATING: β™₯β™₯β™₯




Me, Please #5 – Chantelle or Penny? Boston has a hard choice ahead of him, when he’s faced with two very gorgeous women, how will he ever choose? These two are going to keep him on his toes.


If you enjoy the cruelty that is love triangles, then you might enjoy this one. 😜

I can usually tolerate love triangles on a good day (even though my fave never gets chosen in the end) but fairly early on in the story and I knew I wanted to get through it and move onto the next book. I think this is the first love triangle I’ve read that consisted of two women vying for the same guy — and it’s the last!

Not a fan of the hypocrisy these women had in spades. They said on numerous occasions that they had nothing but love and respect for the other woman (because it’s not their fault the hero couldn’t make up his mind) but then turn around and something completely opposite. It was overly repetitive and tiresome. I also just about rolled my eyes the minute I sensed that one of the women was starting to be written as the “perfect one” whilst the other was just that… “the other”. Ugh. πŸ™„πŸ˜’

Other than my not liking this book solely because of preference, it did lack enough character development. These characters each clearly had their fair share of horrible events in their past but it was delve into deep enough — more like it was just mention in conversation and that was it.

I don’t regret reading it because I was totally invested in reading (and finishing) this series, but it’s definitely not one of faves and I won’t be rereading it.

RATING: β™₯β™₯



Our Final Tale #6Β – Slater and Ellie. Parted in the most horrific way ten years ago when a mistake caused Slater to lose the love of his life. He spent years searching, and now she’s back. There’s only one problem…she has no idea who he is….


Eeep! I’m so happy this series is ending with a bang! I’ve been curious about Slater and Ellie’s story since Darkest Hour. There story is by far the most well-developed. Their past was slowly being revealed throughout the previous books to give you a gist of their relationship — so there’s already that build-up by the time you get to this book.

This is a first love/ second chance romance and I couldn’t get enough of it! I was hooked and 100% invested in seeing their story play out. All throughout I was rooting for Slater to get his happily ever after, and for Ellie to be able to give it to him. Edge of your seat love story. So much mystery surrounding Ellie since she finally surfaced after being missing for 10 years. But seeing these two slowly get to know each other again is what I loved the most about this book. Add in the introduction of Slater’s brothers, and seeing the family dynamics (other than of the MC) gave this book an entirely different aura from the rest.

I was not expecting to love this book the most. I had my fave couples in Amalie and Malakai, and Charlie and Dakoda, but Ellie and Slater’s was something extra special. I actually think this has been added to my list of all time fave first love/ second chance romance books!

FYI: The book is not only an introduction Slater’s family, but an introduction to a whole new series centering around these hot ass men! You can guess I’ll be reading Rumblin’ Knights series next from Bella Jewel! πŸ™Œ

RATING: β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

I’ve been a fan of Bella Jewel since I first discovered her Sinners MC series a couple years ago and loved it! Since then I’ve been going through her backlist, and finally got to the Iron Fury MC. It’s a not as gripping or as well-written as her other MC series’ but it still kept me entertained enough to keep reading all the way through until the sixth book. Each of the story lines are pretty similar, and the situations become repetitive but I was invested more so in the couples. The process of these characters getting together was what had me hooked. Some couples had the witty banter, whilst some had the whole opposites attract shtick that I love just as much.


All the books are told in first person/ dual points of view. With each story going back and forth from past to present time.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this series first from all of Bella Jewel’s books, but if you’ve read (and enjoyed) her other ones and like me, wanted to go through her backlist, then this is not one to skip out of. Just don’t take all the guys’ attitudes and actions too seriously. It’s simply a bit of MC fun! 😊

But I have to state that whilst each book are romances, they do all contain some form of sensitive subject matter that may trigger some readers. There’s violence, sexual abuse, drug addiction, and kidnapping. Other than the romance, their stories are about willpower, strength, realizing that they are loved and supported, and overcoming the tragedies that they went through and finally finding closure.



This was a lengthy review, but hope you stuck it out πŸ˜… But thanks for stopping by, catch you in my next one! Xo