Underworld Kings Teaser

Happy surprise fellow dark romance readers! 

Author collaboration series coming soon!

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Step into the dark and gritty universe of the Underworld Kings.

A multi-author series of standalone books filled with mafia families waging war, danger and violence, arranged and forced marriages, angst, love, and everything in-between.

Light or dark, twisted or sweet, the Underworld Kings has something for every reader.

Participating Authors:

Cora Reilly | Aleatha Romig | Maria Luis | Willow Winters | Jane Henry & Sophie Lark | Nikki Sloane | Michelle Heard | Ker Dukey | Mary Elizabeth | Carrie Ann Ryan | KD Robichaux & CC Monroe | Trisha Wolfe | Jordan Marie | Mila Crawford | Jenika Snow | Carmel Rhodes | Clarissa Wild | Bella Di Corte | Isabella Starling & Bella J. | A. Zavarelli | Dani Rene | LP Lovell | Alexandria Bishop | Stevie J. Cole | Anne Malcom | Ellie Isaacson | Catherine Wiltcher & Cora Kenborn


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Website ➡ https://under-world-kings.com
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October 4th: Razor’s Edge by Mila Crawford
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3lyDCPV

October 5th: Cold Hearted Bastard by Jenika Snow
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2T9pf8y
Other Vendors: https://geni.us/9BCQ

October 6th: Tears of Salvation by Michelle Heard
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2WFxU4c
Amazon Universal: https://bit.ly/3rW0AS2

October 8th: Kings of Blood & Money by Ker Dukey
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3eojFXq

October 12th: Kiss of Death by Mary Elizabeth

October 14th: Inked Kingdom by Carrie Ann Ryan
Amazon: https://amzn.to/36G49Sv
Other Vendors: https://bit.ly/36I08gk

October 15th: The Bratva’s Heir by Jane Henry & Sophie Lark
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3ricmpG

October 21st: Bad Medicine by KD Robichaux & CC Monroe
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3wSNgyM
Amazon Universal: https://bit.ly/37lNCU5

October 27th: Marriage & Malice by Trisha Wolfe
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3xPLJuG

October 28th: When Doves Cry by Carmel Rhodes


November 1st: The Wedding Debt by Clarissa Wild
TBR: https://bit.ly/3f21kzX

November 2nd: Disavow by Bella Di Corte
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3BgownA
Other Vendors: https://geni.us/jvp0WfL

November 3rd: Vengeful King by Isabella Starling & Bella J.
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2UklKwL

November 9th: Kingdom Fall by A. Zavarelli

November 10th: Ruthless Arrangement by Jordan Marie

November 11th: Twisted Obsession by Dani Rene
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2UT3lXE

November 12th: Blood Vow by LP Lovell

November 16th:  Kingdom Come by Aleatha Romig
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3xNMjsz
Other Vendors: https://bit.ly/3BbOBE7

November 17th: Twisted Bargain by Alexandria Bishop
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3zhyHX5
Other Vendors: https://bit.ly/2Vufkvv

November 18th: Dark Kingdom by Stevie J. Cole

November 19th: Made in Ruin by Maria Luis 
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3BjFSzL
Other Vendors: https://bit.ly/3ixOF8L

November 23rd: Sexy as Sin by Willow Winters
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3zqoY0F
Other Vendors: https://bit.ly/3eOp76h

November 24th: Dangerous Innocence by Cora Reilly

November 25th: A Thousand Cuts by Anne Malcom
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2V9ayTZ

November 29th: The Fixer by Ellie Isaacson
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3xRVdWd
Other Vendors: https://bit.ly/3rTBqDF

November 30th: City of Thieves by Catherine Wiltcher & Cora Kenborn
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3wVuDdo

*TBA: Forbid by Nikki Sloane

Royal Harlots MC Teaser

Eeep. Exciting news MC romance fans!

RBMC has a hot new addition coming soon! 💄





The RBMC is about to get hit with a new wave of badness.

You’ve met the men of RBMC.

Now meet the women of the Royal Harlots MC.

They’re sexy.

They’re extreme.

They take no excuses.

And they will be the first in line to shed blood in the name of their club.

The Royal Harlots MC Anthology is a part of the #RBMC World!

Proceeds for this Anthology will be going to Harbor House-a nonprofit organization that fights domestic violence in the community. https://www.harborhousefl.com/

Participating Authors:

  • Crimson Syn
  • Nikki Landis
  • Glenna Maynard
  • Deja Voss Romance Author
  • Elle Boon
  • B.B. Blaque
  • Jessica Ames
  • J. Lynn Lombard
  • J.L. Leslie
  • KL Ramsey
  • Khloe Wren
  • Chelle C. Craze
  • Eli Abbott
  • Shannon Youngblood







— Royal Harlots MC —

A Royal Bastards MC Anthology


📣 Coming January 2022

Genre: MC Romance
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Royal Bastards MC Series

3rd Run

July 6, 2021 – January 4, 2022


Welcome to Royal Bastards MC where loyalty is king.

29 of your favorite authors have come together to bring you a brand-new series.

27 stories.

One hell of a ride.


The Biker’s Second Chance by Nicole James

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The authors of the Twisted Steel anthology have decided to come back with a second edition. They heard how much you loved it and listened to the readers. But, that’s not all. A few new faces have been added as well.

These USA Today and International Bestsellers have collaborated once again to bring you brand new biker stories that’ve never been published before. A combination of full-length novels and novellas are within the pages of this edition.

A couple of these authors have written about characters in their clubs you already adore, while others are launching a brand new series.

Each story takes place in a separate club, but you can always count on copious amounts of danger, suspense, angst but most of all – chemistry.

We ask you again: will these men and women put everything on the line for their brotherhood, or will they risk it all for love?

This collection includes stories from Dani René, April Canavan, Elizabeth Knox, Addison Jane, Claire Marta & Nia Farrell, E.C. Land, Erin Osborne, Amy Davies, Kristine Allen, Chelle C. Craze & Eli Abbott, Claire Shaw, Rae. B Lake, & Scarlett Black.




Please note this review is NOT for the entire anthology. It’s ONLY for The Biker’s Second Chance!

I’m a huge fan of James’ Evil Dead MC series and this story is a much anticipated one from a much loved character: Green!

And lemme tell you… it doesn’t disappoint in regards to making me swoon more-so over Green! His story was short and sweet, and shows a completely different side to him that I hadn’t expected (in a good way)! For those who aren’t familiar with this Evil Dead MC brother, Green is considered the guy who doesn’t really take himself or anything too seriously. He’s warm fuzzies and funny to boot but was never into wanting to settle down. Until of course… his story! 😉

He’s older now, most of his fellow MC brothers have settled down and started families of their own, and it’s made him really think about his future. Opportunities to get his life in order come through in the way of moving back into his childhood home, and receiving an invitation to his high school reunion. The possibility of seeing Sara, his old high school girlfriend in this reunion has him reminiscing their time together and how their relationship ended all those years ago. It’s given him the mindset that seeing her in this reunion and catching up could be their second chance to reconnect romantically.        

I’m hoping when James releases his book later in the year that it’s extended a little more. I love Green but his story was way too short! It was addictive and I couldn’t read it fast enough, but I also think there were a lot of things that could’ve been more in-depth.

I’m not always a fan of flashbacks to the past in storylines as it can get a bit tedious and slow the pacing down but the flashbacks provided in Green’s story elevated the moments and gave their relationship layers. Despite the length of the story being on the shorter side, James managed to get me invested in Green’s and Sara’s relationship. I was already a big fan of Green but Sara was a completely new character. In a short span, I already found myself liking her personality and overall presence.      

I do adore the fact that Green had history with Sara. It makes their relationship believable especially with how quickly things progressed in the story. I love that they were so in sync with one another like no time has passed. 

– MC Romance
– High School Sweethearts
– Second Chance Romance

This was more MC-lite in comparison to the previous books from James’ series. I didn’t necessarily mind it because it certainly sets it apart from the other brothers’ stories where theirs had some dark elements. Green’s and Sara’s definitely centred more on the romance side of this MC romance story. I love the second chance aspect and that it was Green who ended having this trope — it provided Green with more dimension from his usual lighthearted, jokey side that we constantly saw in the series. He was always the comic relief amongst the brothers in the MC and whenever he made an appearance in any of the books his scenes were instant LOL moments, so his story was much anticipated. I’m happy to say it lived up to what I hoped it would be. It was swoon-worthy. We get to learn more about Green outside of the club. We get to meet the chick who snagged Green’s heart. And overall, it completely hooked my attention from start to finish. I’m looking forward to his official book release later in the year! #TeamGreen #TeamIrish 🍀

A nice, quick MC-lite romance story you can easily read in one sitting, and will have you happy sighing by the end. The world James has created and expanded never ceases to amaze me, and this story is a fab addition to her series! It’s a must read for her fans, and avid fans of her Evil Dead MC series. It can technically be read as a standalone but your experience with Green and his club would be so much more heighted if you read the series from the beginning. 

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

FYI: Nicole James will re-release this story as an Evil Dead MC series standalone with a bonus epilogue, and re-titled as GREEN. Release date is November 18!


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👑 The Devil Kings MC Series

Book One: Dirty Deeds by Nicole James

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Book Three: Dirty Desires by Nicole James


Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! Xo


Resurrection Of The Heart by Natasha Knight & A. Zavarelli

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Santiago finally has what he wants. His baby is growing inside me.

I’ve rewritten her destiny, binding her to me for good.

Things are changing for us. I see beyond the monster he shows the world. See the scars he hides beneath the ink.

Love is a weakness men like me can’t afford. I’ve decided to keep her, but I’ll never forfeit my revenge.

His final betrayal proves his vengeance means more to him than our love.

I will have my pound of flesh, no matter the cost.

I made a mistake trusting him. I forgot how much he likes my tears.

When I am through, I’ll have what I thought I always needed.

I’ll run from him. I’ll have to.

I’ll bring her back when she runs. I’ll always bring her back. She belongs with me.

But it’s too late when I realize he’s not the only monster in my world. And that mistake will cost us both dearly.



What a finish to The Society Trilogy! *phew!* It’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride full of drama, suspense, and a spectrum of emotions reading these books. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down until I finished. It’s a book I easily read in one sitting. I was enthralled. There were so many things still left unanswered in the storyline that I was eager to see how it’ll go down. Not only did I get to see it unfold, new and unsuspecting situations occurred on top of it all that had me completely blindsided. Gosh, this book definitely went out with a bang!

Resurrection of the Heart delves right back into where Reparation of Sin concluded. As I’ve mentioned in my reviews for the first two books, this is a continuous story. You will have to have read the first two books in this trilogy before reading this one. And you do NOT want to miss out this one. Trust me!


Oh my. To think the first two books were action-packed enough, this one is equally as much. Ugh, and angsty! So frickin’ angsty! Without giving spoilers away, here’s what you can expect from this book:

  • Family drama (annnnnnd a whole lot of it!)
  • Plot twists 🤐
  • Steamy adult content *waggles eyebrows*
  • Swoon-worthy Santiago moments 🤗🥰
  • Vengeance fulfilled *dum dum duuuum*

Told from first person, multiple points of view (but mostly from both our protagonists), you will undoubtedly see how far both Ivy and Santiago have come since their first interactions. Now that I’ve read this third and final book in the trilogy, I can look back at the growth of their complicated relationship. It’s complex that constantly grows hot and cold but throughout it all you see the dynamics between them changing.

Santiago is your typical morally grey character who instantly had appeal from being a hard, mysterious, broody alpha. But the minute he meets the one woman that changes things in his life, he becomes this overprotective bear willing to change for her because she’s his exception.

Ivy on the other hand I found very naïve at times, dare I say, maybe dense but her loyalty to loved ones never wavered. In comparison to Santiago her youth definitely shows and I’m not going to lie, you may feel frustrated with her on more than one occasion. 😅

Call this a pleasure read, if you will, but it’s nowhere near fluff. I can’t tell you how many times I got teary-eyed reading some of the scenes that played out. It may be a work of fiction but it was weighty, had a lot of oomph, and I was utterly invested in seeing their story through.


I adored reading every bit of Resurrection of the Heart. The entire trilogy is a must read in my opinion. Knight and Zavarelli know how to write those deviously bad (in a good way) dark romances that pushes the boundaries but doesn’t go completely overboard shocking that’ll have you closing the books midway and never turning back. The gripping pace was kept up from book one all the way to book three. Ivy and Santiago may have had a twisted relationship with problem after problem popping up, but their sizzling chemistry was constant. Seeing their relationship gradually develop throughout each book and eventually seeing how it culminated by this third one was cherry! Ivy was more open to her feelings for Santiago (despite how they first started), but I felt like we were scrounging for scraps when it came to Santiago’s feelings for Ivy in the first two books. He was in pure denial. But in this one, it was like a dam breaking, and it was… ugh *chef’s kiss* ❤

Be prepared for some sweet, “aww” moments… in between all the hectic craziness.

Just like in the first two parts of this storyline, I found this one just as well-balanced. In my opinion the plot didn’t stray away from its original premise. Sure there were things happening in the background with the secondary characters but it still came back around to the overall main storyline with Santiago and Ivy. It’s one of the reasons why I was thoroughly absorbed because it had layers. Not only are you reading about the protagonists, you’re also getting to see snippets of the secondary characters’ lives as well. You’ll never be bored with this one.

One thing I do have to point out though (and this is just my opinion) — From the very beginning, the story revolved around needing revenge, an eye for an eye sort of deal, and it sort of set the atmosphere that loomed over Ivy and Santiago. And whilst it was one of the reasons as to why I thought this story was gripping and suspenseful, I did find once it was all unveiled in this book, it ended up feeling a little bit anti-climactic (and again, this is just from my POV). I don’t know if it’s because I already had my suspicions who the ultimate antagonist would be, or if the punishment didn’t necessarily live up to what I was expecting (maybe I’ve read one too many dark romances and have an evil streak), either way I was a little bummed to see the one part I was expecting some bloodshed actually lacked in it.

But overall, it was truly an enjoyable enemies to lovers/ hate to love dark romance. It’s one of those dark romances that leaves you happy sighing with contentment. It’s what you would expect a dark romance story would be — a strong plotline, atmosphere that sets the entire mood, character growth, and an overall world-building that sucks you in with its detail and dimension. It’s a story that has elements you can connect with.


Resurrection of the Heart not only concluded Ivy and Santiago’s story in a strong and satisfying way, but it also leaves you with lingering afterthoughts of the entire IVI world they are living in.

If you’ve read the first two books, or even Natasha Knight’s To Have and To Hold duet, then the allusive IVI would’ve made you a little curious. This secret society is a fantasy world in itself that seems to have endless power and possibilities. Ivy and Santiago’s story may have already been told, but there is no doubt that this isn’t the last we’ll see of The Society. And I for one, am totally down for it! 🙌

I have always found both Knight’s and Zavarelli’s writing styles to be such effortless reads with their suspenseful build-ups and intriguing characters, so reading a collaborated story was a no brainer! Highly recommended!

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

Thank you Natasha, Ashleigh, and Give Me Books PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy!

🔔 Interested in reading The Society Trilogy? Grab your copy here:


💀🌹 Read my reviews for The Society Trilogy!

Book One: Requiem Of The Soul by Natasha Knight & A. Zavarelli

Book Two: Reparation Of Sin by Natasha Knight & A. Zavarelli


Hope you enjoyed! Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! Xo


Dangerous Romance Club Spring Box

So… something cool happened a month back. I was lucky enough to score a gig as a rep for the #DangerousRomanceClub! I am officially a rep for their Spring box! 🙌🙌

What with the box coming from the US and me living in Australia, I had already anticipated receiving mine later than most of the other reps. But it’s all good. It’s finally here! Would you check out all the goodies below!? 

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Dangerous Romance Club is a seasonal subscription box. It comes in three different sizes (Standard, Grand, and Lux) depending on what your preference and budget is. 

The box pictured is the Spring Standard Box. Here’s a list of what’s included:

  • Tales of Darkness and Sin (paperback)
  • Stolen Hearts (special cover edition paperback)
  • Bookmarks and Author Bookplates
  • Exclusive DRC 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
  • A pair of #happibox hair ties
  • Bookish quote tote bag

It’s honestly perfect for fans of romance books and amazing to give as a gift! They ship internationally. If you’re interested in grabbing one, they’re still available in store. But you got to hurry — The next seasonal box is coming soon!

Side note: I’ve read both the Tales of Darkness and Sin Anthology and Stolen Hearts, and they are both phenomenal reads! Just one reason as to why I think this box is a gem for any romance book lover! 💗 



“These are the books they warn you about.”

🌹 Dangerous Romance Club 🌹

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(Discount code valid for both subscriptions and the anytime shop)


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Tales Of Darkness And Sin Anthology

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From 16 best selling authors comes seven never-before-released dark and forbidden co-written short stories with HEAs and sneak peeks of upcoming releases.

Tales of Darkness and Sin is only available for a limited time so get your copy now! Special Pre-Order price: $2.99!

Bestselling authors include:

Aleatha Romig, A. Zavarelli, Ashley Jade, Cora Reilly, Giana Darling, Isabella Starling, Jade West, K. Webster, Lucia Franco, Lylah James, Natasha Knight, Parker S. Huntington, Pepper Winters, Sam Mariano, Sierra Simone, Skye Warren.

All royalties from this anthology will benefit the National Women’s Law Center which represents a variety of issues from women’s rights to LGBTQIA issues. We aren’t affiliated or endorsed by these charities. We are simply authors who want to support an important cause. 



Most (if not all) of these short stories were originally posted in the Queens of Darkness and Sin FB page, then this is the time to grab this baby! I had read a couple of these stories prior to this collection, so it was cool to be able to read the rest and be introduced to a few more new-to-me authors as well! 😊

Each one is hot romance story, definitely intended for 18+ readers only. Some have more sensitive subject matter than others that may be triggering for some readers.

Here are the short stories and introductions to new and upcoming books included in the anthology:

Sold to the Highest Bidder by Aleatha Romig and Skye Warren


Genre: Erotica/ Dark Romance

An auction backdrop with the highest bidder romancing the woman he won. Some Dom/ Sub content included. Not my cup of tea but if you’re a fan of BDSM in your romance reads, this might be up your alley. Bratva (Russian Mafia) also features in the story.


Stalker by A. Jade and A. Zavarelli


Genre: Stalker/ Revenge Romance

From a couple of my favourite romance authors. An absolutely excellent collaboration in this dark, stalker romance. Loved it! It was deviously evil and oh-so freaking good! I love a good comeuppance when it comes to someone who truly deserves pain.. (it’s why I love the movie Taken) Hehe. 😈

Great backstory to help create the world-building between Zander and Violet. Short story but it was action-packed, raunchy, and there was a scene that surprisingly made me LOL in that evil-haha sort of way! Highly recommended read.


Poised Hearts by Giana Darling and Parker S. Huntington


Genre: Mafia Romance

Wow. New-to-me-authors that blew me away with their short, but vivid mafia romance! Such world-building, with a character driven storyline. They made the whole enemies-to-lovers/ forbidden romance trope refreshing by having characters who connect in such an organic way. It’s gripping and didn’t read as a short story at all with the amount of detail and development that occurred. Slower paced and told from dual points of view. There’s a constant blanket of intrigue and suspense from beginning to end that makes this an exceptional dark/ mafia romance. Another great read from this collection!


The Dirty Bargain by Lylah James and Cora Reilly


Genre: Mafia Romance

A crossover between Lylah James’ and Cora Reilly’s mafia worlds. Can be read as a standalone. Killer and Talia are complete opposites and from opposing sides. An enemies-to-lovers romance.

It may be a short story but it’s suspenseful, packs a punch, and full of zing! 🔥

📕 Read my full review: The Dirty Bargain by Lylah James & Cora Reilly


Mr. Foster by K. Webster and Sam Mariano


Genre: Office Romance

This was such an adorably entertaining story between a boss and his intern. An age-gap romance that had me hooked. The contrast between the bright, optimistic young woman who lands a job with the successful, older man she’s had a crush on for years is a sight to see. If you enjoy age-gap/ taboo/ father’s best friend type romances then you’ll want to read this one. It’s upbeat, with light-hearted banter — a total guilty pleasure read.


Not a Dirty Little Secret by Giana Darling and Sierra Simone


Genre: MM/ Taboo Romance

A step-brothers, age-gap romance. The two started off on the wrong foot causing endless heated banter between quickly turns into secret sexual encounters. Set in a political backdrop yet raunchy. A relatable story for those who have or are struggling to come out with their sexuality. Younger step-brother Tobias is openly gay whilst Prime Minister, and much older step-brother James is reluctant, and unsure of going public… especially with what’s on the line for both Tobias and himself. It’s a story of love and acceptance.

Slower-paced and a little wordy for my liking though.


Her Christmas Present by Jade West and Lucia Franco


Genre: Taboo Romance

A contemporary student/ teacher, secret crush romance story that was entertaining to read. I found myself smirking at Lexi’s flirtatious ways towards her teacher. It’s not a trope I usually read a lot of but this one was fast-paced, anything but dull between Lexi and Mr. Vaughn, and it was during the Christmas holidays. Let the good times roll! This is a legit dirty, raunchy Christmas fling! 😜


Forbidden Flaws by Pepper Winters


Genre: Contemporary Romance

A one-night stand between two strangers who happen to stay in the same hotel. The story didn’t have enough dimension, lacked any real development between the characters, and was a little too far-fetched for my liking. A straight-up sex romp. But I know romance readers who will enjoy quick romance stories with this trope. Nothing against it, it just didn’t hold my attention.


With This Ring by Natasha Knight


Genre: Mafia Romance

This is the first book and an introduction to Natasha Knight’s newest mafia romance duet To Have and To Hold. An arranged marriage/ captor-captive romance between an Italian Made Man and a Cartel Princess.

I absolutely loved this book and the few chapters in this anthology will suck you into the story so fast, you’ll be wanting to grab the full novel right after! I highly recommend this one for avid mafia romance lovers! Cristiano and Scarlett are hot together! 🔥

📕 Read my full review: With This Ring by Natasha Knight


Tyrant Stalker by Isabella Starling


Genre: Stalker Romance

I am intrigued! This introduction to Isabella Starling’s upcoming release was my introduction to her and her writing. I liked it! 😄 It was dark, giving only snippets of the protagonists and what their deal was. The story was gripping right from the start when you’re first introduced to the scarred heroine, Dove.

From what I’ve read from these chapters, this book will be suspenseful and will keep you on your toes. I enjoy a dark read when the characters’ motives slowly reveals itself as the story develops, and this is one of those stories. Great world-building with a strong gloomy atmosphere present. Will need to check out the full novel!


An amazing anthology perfect for fans of darker romance who are looking to expand their reading collection. It certainly introduced me to some new authors and looking forward to reading more of their work. Each one is only a few chapters long — some executed in creating world-building, character growth, and a hearty storyline within that short amount of time more than others. There’s a couple of which I wished were a little longer. But all in all a great collection. For a limited time only and I would take the opportunity to grab it whilst it’s available (and all proceeds are going to a good cause)!


Thank you to the participating authors and Social Butterfly PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy!

🔔 Interested? Grab your copy here: Amazon |  Nook  |  Apple Books  |  Kobo


Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! Xo


Callous Prince by Becker Gray

Original post from my IG @booksofthemuggleborn



He’s arrogant.



From the moment we exchanged our first glance, Lennox Lincoln-Ward has been out to destroy me. So I keep my head down at Pembroke Prep, and I stay out of the Hellfire Club’s way. Even so, Lennox finds me, seeks me out until he pins me in his beautiful, withering gaze—the same gaze that sends a chill down my spine and an undeniable tingle to other places.

Lennox is royalty with a dark past. One that I intend to investigate. I’ll find his secrets and expose every lie that rolls off his tongue. But getting close to Lennox has particular dangers—including his mouth, his golden eyes, and the brutally soft touch of his fingers.

I intend to unravel him, but in the end, I may be the one who comes apart, broken in the hands of a callous prince.



The Hellfire Club is fast becoming an obsession of mine! Becker Gray may just be the author(s) who can drag me back into the world of high school drama, angst, and young love!

“Lennox Lincoln-Ward. A literal, actual prince. The most beautiful boy I’d ever seen. And also the worst. The meanest and the most heartless. Callous beyond belief.”


Callous Prince is equally as entertaining, as deviously swoony, as gripping as Wicked Idol. First we were blessed with Keaton Constantine, now we have Lennox Lincoln-Ward! I mean… their cool sounding names alone… pheeew! 🔥🔥

If you love those drama-filled high school narratives — think Gossip Girls… Pretty Little Liars… Gilmore Girls, then you’ll enjoy this book and the series as a whole. There’s only two books so far but each one reads as if it’s an episode of a television show. Ahhh, if only The Hellfire Club was on the silver screen! 😍

It’s full of drama. The Hellfire Club is a fraternity of sorts, consisting of these preppy, well-connected young men, and a group of young girlfriends who seem to not only have history with these boys but have the power to rile them all up. And vice versa.

You’ll see banter — a little teasing, a little flirting, and a whole lot of game-playing.

“You can’t hide from me, Sloane. You’ve belonged to me since the day I saw you.”


What I adore about Callous Prince (and even in the first book Wicked Idol) is that not only are you instantly fascinated by the relationship the main protagonists have with one another, but the secondary characters give you snippets of their complicated relationships too. It’s stereotypical girls versus boys with backstories that’s waiting to be revealed. I love the friendships both these groups have. I love the dynamics, their individually strong personalities, and what they bring into their respective parties. It’s effortless to be invested in these characters because they seem to have different sides to them that you can’t help but want to know about.

Based on the blurb and the title, I came into this book thinking Lennox would be the one to watch out for. What I hadn’t bargained on was Sloane. The unsuspecting casualty of Lennox’s bullying ways. These two are such likeable personalities. They may have their what-the-hell moments, but I think that’s what makes them all the more interesting. They’re not strait-laced people. They have a tendency to overthink… obsess… have misconceptions.

Usually in these bully romances, you find that there’s always a tormentor and a victim. But in this particular case, both Sloane and Lennox have the ability to be each other’s tormentor AND victim. Lennox may come off as the cool, unaffected prince, but he’s trouble by his history and can’t seem to move past it. Sloane on the other hand is just unlucky. Wrong place. Wrong time. Wrong family… At least to Lennox Lincoln-Ward.

Their problems are your somewhat typical adolescent issues heightened by the fact that they attend an elite school, high standards are to be expected, and that their families are some of the most well-known — So to say the least… pressures of teenage life for these guys are a little more on the elaborate side.

Sloane and Lennox have a push and pull relationship that sizzles. You have this arrogant, intimidating guy, and this strong-willed, determined girl going toe-to-toe. This may be set in a high school backdrop but these characters’ story and the content included, it definitely puts it in the mature YA/ NA reading category.

“I’ve always seen you clearly, Sloane Lauder.”


Two thumbs up and a curtsy for the Callous Prince! Lennox and Sloane have satisfied a craving I didn’t know I had whenever reading contemporary romances. It’s charming as hell, with a relatively quick paced storytelling, and not a single dull moment in sight! It’s told in first person, dual points of view, and I can’t get enough of Sloane and Lennox’s inner monologue. Who doesn’t love a character who feels the need to argue with themselves!? Hehe.

I only wish the ending was a smidge longer. An extended epilogue would’ve gone a long way in making Sloane and Lennox’s story feel a little more fuller. Whilst I enjoyed reading about their conflicting emotions, seeing their zingy chemistry leap off the pages, and their adorable banter, I did feel like it was all snatched away from me before they really got to the grittiness of their twisted history.

Don’t get me wrong. I adored the ending. Sloane and Lennox left me happing sighing and when I look at this book in its entirety, this little issue I have with the ending is not really such a big deal. But hopefully we get to see more of them in future books.


Callous Prince is a total guilty pleasure read. It made me smile all throughout, I was sucked in, invested, and I couldn’t put it down. In the end that’s all I could ever wish and hope for in my reads. I would absolutely recommend it and the series to friends who enjoy young love in their contemporary romances. A hate-to-love story that pulls at the heartstrings!

It’s the second book in the series and can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend you read Wicked Idol first to get the full experience of Pembroke Prep and the world of The Hellfire Club!

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you Becker Gray and Candi Kane PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 💙

🔔 Interested in reading Callous Prince? Grab your copy here: Amazon  |  Apple Books  |  Nook  |  Kobo  |  Google Play


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📘 Wicked Idol by Becker Gray


Happy reading, guys! Hope you enjoyed my review. Catch you in my next one! Xo


The Date Arrangement by A. Zavarelli

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A romance anthology with over THIRTY original, never-before-seen stories from bestselling and award-winning authors. Each piece was written for this anthology to benefit firefighters and wildlife in Australia. AUSTRALIA is only available for a limited time, so one-click your copy before it’s gone.

AUTHORS INCLUDE: Penny Reid, Meredith Wild, Carly Phillips, Sierra Simone, Emma Scott, Susan Stoker, Kennedy Ryan, Willow Aster, Skye Warren, Kylie Scott, Aleatha Romig, Willow Winters, AL Jackson, Julia Kent, Rebecca Yarros, Nana Malone, Giana Darling, Emma Hart, Chelle Bliss, Noelle Adams, A. Zavarelli, Jenika Snow, Dylan Allen, Kayti McGee, Robin Covington, Mary Catherine Gebhard, Melanie Moreland, Parker S. Huntington, Nana Malone, Jewel E. Ann, Annabel Joseph, Celia Aaron, Michelle Heard, Brighton Walsh, Tamsen Parker, Pam Godwin, Kayti McGee

All royalties from this project will be donated to relief funds in Australia, with 50% going to a firefighter charity and 50% going to a wildlife charity. We aren’t affiliated or endorsed by these charities. We are simply authors who want to support an important cause.



This review is for The Date Arrangement by A. Zavarelli only!

First off, as an Aussie, I want to say how incredibly kind-hearted and thoughtful these amazing group of authors are for thinking of Australia during the bushfire crisis that occurred the past summer, and for generously donating the proceeds from this anthology to charities.

I may be a little late in reading this anthology (as it’s been sitting in my kindle since last year), I figured one year late and with Australia Day here, it’s no better time to crack it open.

This review is for one of my all time favourite romance authors: A. Zavarelli. Her story The Date Arrangement was the one I wanted to read the most out of the collection… hence this review now.

Let’s get down to the most important detail, shall we? Did I like it?

Yes. Yes I did! 😁


I’ve read a few of Zavarelli’s novellas and short stories in the past and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with this one. She has a knack for getting you to feel and connect with her characters in such a short time frame.

This story was no different. It’s technically insta-love romance but Zavarelli effortlessly writes it in a way where you get some world-building, character backstory, and a budding relationship between our hero/ heroine before they hook up.

The Date Arrangement is about Daxon, an Aussie bloke who runs his family’s successful winery. Willow is hired to be Daxon’s date for an event at his estate celebrating his winery. She’s an American actress backpacking across Australia, and whilst this isn’t in her usual job description, she figures why not? She could use the money. It’s just one date. Nothing to it, right? Only, when she turns up to the event to meet Daxton, things are not exactly what they seem.

They’re both apprehensive at first but as they start conversing, they realize there’s a sense of comfort between them. I appreciate the fact that before they took a chance at anything romantic, they got to know each other a little first. It gives this novella some substance. It’s a big reason as to why I enjoy Zavarelli’s short stories as I do her full-length novels. It’s never fluff and you find yourself easily connecting with said characters and investing in their developing relationship.

They’re both instantly attracted to one another but there’s also a subtle but obvious click between the two when they’re talking. The chemistry only gets zingier from there. Both Dax and Willow give you an insight to their upbringing and their lives now. Their conversation felt very organic and realistic.. and if I may say so, had pretty good first date vibes!

It solely focuses on our lead characters, but there’s a few secondary characters that give this story some dimension. The addition of Dax’s grandfather displays his family upbringing, and his two best mates add the Aussie vibe into the mix.

“I’m Dave. This is Bazza. We’re Daxo’s mates.”



Zavarelli did a relatively good job at getting her Aussie slang down pat. I even snort-laughed at the nicknames of her characters. It couldn’t get more Australian with a name like Bazza! LOL.

It’s a cute character-driven romance. A little predictable in the end but who cares? Although, I would’ve loved another paragraph or two just so the ending didn’t feel as rushed as the rest of the story. But overall, it’s a great in-between read and I was left in a happy sigh!

Zavarelli’s contemporary romances are just as gripping as her dark romances, and if you’re a fan, this one is not to be missed!

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐¾

🔔 Interested in reading the Australia anthology? Grab the paperback here: Amazon


A safe and peaceful Australia Day to my fellow Aussies.

Happy reading to all, and as always, catch you in my next one! Xo


Wicked Idol by Becker Gray

⚠ This review contains some teasers. Read at own risk!

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The new girl doesn’t belong here. So why can’t I stop thinking about her?

Iris Briggs a goodie two-shoes with a headmaster father who aims to ruin my school year before it’s even begun. She gets under my skin. With her demure skirts and braided hair, Iris flits around the periphery until she runs right into me, hot coffee soaking me as she looks up at me with wide, innocent eyes. We start off scalding.

In the library, we reach lava levels.

And then in the city? We go nuclear.

She’s a good girl, but I’m a Constantine. My duty is to my family. At least, it was until I started unbraiding the good girl and realizing there’s more to life than duty.



“Follow me into the woods said the Big Bad Wolf to Red Riding Hood.”


Hehehehe… I am just a little bit in lust with this book! 😍😍😍

Just when I think I’m free and clear off books set in high school, I’m dragged back in with a fantastic read!

  • Preppy students.
  • Snob-induced cliques that’ll eat you alive.
  • Jocks = Jerks.
  • The innocent, pretty, yet sassy heroine.
  • The arrogant, stubborn king of the school hero.  
  • Drama. Angst. Intrigue.

This is a high school romance full of juicy chemistry, sexual tension, enemies to lovers, and banter all rolled into one. This is Gossip Girls meets Cruel Intentions with a smidge of Gilmore Girls in my books! 🤗

(But FYI: In regards to the content, this is definitely more New Adult than Young Adult in audience rating. It’s raunchy and detailed. Suitable for 18+ readers).    

It was such vivid storytelling. I was swept up in the world of Pembroke Academy and the silver-spooned students right from the first chapter. Keaton Constantine might just be my favourite Constantine sibling so far, and Becker Gray (pen name) may just be the new (to me) authors to look out for! Wicked Idol is the first book in their Hellfire Club series and it kicked off with a bang!

I can only imagine the next books to come and which stories are next to be told. I’m giddy with anticipation and excitement just thinking about how this series and it’s world will expand. Eeep.

There’s just something special about this book that has me reading it over and over again (especially some parts more than others). I think it’s their entire dialogue… yeah I think that’s it! Right from the beginning you already get that sense of electricity in the air between Keaton and Iris. Their first impressions of each other may not have been ideal especially when teen social standing and public awareness is concerned… but sheesh was it crackling?! 🔥

“We’ve been real with each other from the start. We’re not going to stop now.”


Witty repartee is an all time favourite element of mine in romance reads and seeing Keaton and Iris battle it out had me in absolute hoots and giggles. I love that despite Iris’ earlier misstep with Keaton and the Hellfire Club, she bounced back like a brand, spanking new tennis ball and is hitting aces towards Keaton! 👊

Keaton is first introduced as the guy who seems to be Mr. Popularity. The King of the school, leader of his clique, and has all the young ladies swooning about. He has the arrogance of a guy who has the power and backing of his well known family (and rightly so), yet as you progress throughout the book and specifically from his POVs, you start seeing a different side to him.

I love the gradual character development of our hero/ heroine. They have a nice balance between them whenever they’re together that it displays the effects they have on one another. It’s a stereotypical love story of the popular, jerky jock and the pretty, but quiet nerd but told in a modern, Gen-Z, glam-ridden way. There’s an air of coolness and poise in the student population that even the geeks and nerds in this school are above average. 

“Would it be so terrible? To fall in love with him? It would if he didn’t love me back. Because that—it would break me.”


Amazing continuation to the Constantine clan. I’m loving the author collaboration for the storytelling of this family. As for Wicked Idol, it was an attention grabbing start to the Hellfire Club series. Would I recommend this book? Uhh… hells yes!

A well-paced and wonderfully executed storytelling told from both Iris and Keaton’s POVs. My only critique is that I would’ve loved more of a introduction to Pembroke Academy and the different cliques prior to Iris and Keaton’s official meeting. It just seemed like Keaton already had an impression of her beforehand. But this is my own personal opinion. The world-building is amazing, and I feel like there so much possibility of expansion the further the series progresses. 

There’s some very relatable subject matter touched on this storyline. Other than navigating through their feelings for one another, there’s also the typical relatable matter plenty of students deal with on the daily, such as workload, graduation, balancing school and personal life, and on top of things the stress from family expectations. 

This may sound very Disney but this story is also about taking risks and following your dreams. To never settle. 

An intense atmosphere is evident from the start. There’s an obvious divide in the students depending on their social, family, and popularity standing. I found the secondary characters were just as enigmatic and full of personality as our protagonists. Besides the interactions between Keaton and Iris, the friends are definitely something else to look out for! This book was just full of layers from the blossoming relationship, to the quirky friendships, to the complex family dynamics.

It’s gripping from start to finish.    

Even if you’re like me, who thought you had outgrew YA/ high school romance books… this will suck you back in! Just the right balance of high school drama, lighthearted banter, and young love in all its intensity. A roller coaster ride you’ll want to go on again and again… (at least until the sequel comes!) 😜  

RATING: ♥♥♥♥/5

🔔 Interested in reading Wicked Idol? Grab your copy here: Amazon US  |  Amazon Universal Link  |  Apple Books  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Kobo  |  Google Play


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📘 Book Two: Callous Prince by Becker Gray


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Dark Fairy Tales Anthology

 Check out my reviews for each of the fairy tales included in this collection. Happy reading!  The book is now available, if you’re interested in reading it yourself. 

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In a castle adorned with gems, coated in gold, and dusted with luxury, the youngest of the Constantine Family will be introduced to the elite of New York. But the party isn’t all glamor. Villains lurk in dark corners, evil deals are struck, and starcrossed loves are born.


The Ugly Duckling by CJ Roberts
Beauty and the Beast by Willow Winters
Cinderella by Aleatha Romig
Little Red Riding Hood by Karina Halle
Jack & the Beanstalk by Marley Valentine
Snow White by T.M. Frazier
Rumplestiltskin by Celia Aaron
King Midas by Skye Warren
King Thrushbeard by Cora Reilly
Princess and the Pea by Sierra Simone
Swan Princess by Natasha Knight

Attend the ball, wear a red cloak, lose your shoe, spin straw to gold, or fall prey to a witch. In these fairytale retellings from bestselling authors, you will find a prince, but you might choose your happily ever after with the beast.

DARK FAIRY TALES is a limited-time anthology of modern fairy tales containing all NEW novellas. Download your copy and tell a book-loving friend, because it won’t last long.



This was one hell of a romance anthology (and it couldn’t have come at a better time with lock down still very much in place here in Australia)! Some of these authors are new-to-me, as well as some of the tales included, but they made such an impact in making me want to check out other books written! I only wish these stories were longer. I’ve had to settle for rereading them! 😅

King Midas by Skye Warren

RATING: ♥♥♥♥

🎵 “I’ve got the Midas touch. Everything I touch turns to gold…”

And boy, did Raoul Midas certainly do that! A rich, successful, and powerful man paying for an escort, but finds himself enamored by the young, beautiful, and innocent Anita. This romance trope has been done plenty of times, and I’ve read a handful of them in the past, but this one had me curious from the get-go what with Raoul’s affliction at being touched. Yet, if Raoul was to let anyone break this barrier he puts up, Anita would be the one. Loved the intrigue, their instant connection, and their little chats! 🥰

Rumpelstiltskin by Celia Aaron

RATING: ♥♥♥♥

One of the old time classics. I don’t think there’s a lot of people in the literary world who wouldn’t have heard of, or read this tale of shifty dealings with the one and only Rumpelstiltskin — or in this case, the name is Clark. To be honest, I haven’t read any retellings of it (it had never been one of my faves growing up), but this was such a good one to start off with, and if anyone was every looking for dark, swoony versions of it, I wouldn’t hesitate to mention this novella! 😍 It’s modern, very well written, and oh-so gripping!

The Princess and the Pea by Sierra Simone


Meh. I think I stumbled into the middle of the story because I was lost for a good chunk of the first half. It reads like you’re familiar with the characters already and their situation from the get-go, but I felt like I was trying to play catch-up. This is a Dom/Sub, second chance romance with some BDSM. There are plenty of romance readers who enjoy this type of romance, it’s just never been a preference of mine. So for that reason, I couldn’t connect as much as I would’ve liked with this story.

The Little Red Riding Hood by Karina Halle

RATING: ♥♥♥½

👩‍🦰“My what big teeth you have.” 

Seduction, mystery and murder, oh my! Starts off with so much intrigue already, until it slowly unveils the truth and you realize that this is definitely a dark and bloody tale. An enjoyable novella, that manages to create world-building and development between Red and Wolf within a good story line in a short span.

The Ugly Duckling by CJ Roberts


As much as I would’ve wanted to like this story, I just couldn’t connect with it as much as the others. It’s detailed and somewhat wordy, and for a novella it surprisingly dragged a little for my liking. It did have elements from the original classic, e.g. being a little bit different from the rest and finally having the courage to stand up for yourself, but other than that this was a whole new story. Contains F/F romance. There’s sensitive subject matter within that may trigger some readers.

Beauty and the Beast by Willow Winters

RATING: ♥♥♥♥

“It’s a tale as old as time, isn’t it?”

I’ve read quite a few Beauty and the Beast inspired stories and retellings, and I still can’t get enough of them. This was a deliciously, dark and sensual version. It kept a lot of the elements we all know so well from the classic but wonderfully written in a modern setting. So much spark and heat between Calum and Annabelle that I could not turn the pages fast enough to see how things would unravel between them. Such world-building and build-up between the hero/heroine from start to finish.

Jack & the Beanstalk by Marley Valentine


Damn. This was one of those fan-your-face type of romance read. 🙈 I honestly couldn’t picture a Jack and the Beanstalk retelling as an adult M/M romance (or any romance for that matter), yet lookey here! And this one’s full of betrayal, revenge, and unrelenting love. If you’re a fan of enemies to lovers/ hate to love romance tropes, like I do, you’ll enjoy this one.

King Thrushbeard by Cora Reilly

RATING: ♥♥♥♥½

A tale I was not at all familiar with. Now? I am obsessed with the tale! Or maybe it’s just Cora’s version of it, who knows?! 😄 Arranged marriage. Hate-to-love romance trope. Some mystery. With very hot and heavy scenes between Jean and Peyton. This story had me wanting more!

📔 Read my full review: King Thrushbeard by Cora Reilly

The Swan Princess by Natasha Knight

RATING: ♥♥♥♥½

One of my fave tales growing up. This is a must read. I thoroughly adored Knight’s take on it. I couldn’t get enough of the anticipation and build-up, and chemistry between Salvatore and Lucia.  Knight’s dark mafia spin was a refreshing take, with the prince in this version being the villain. Enemies-to-lovers at it’s best! 😍😍

📔 Read my full review: The Swan Princess by Natasha Knight

Cinderella by Aleatha Romig


I thought this was an interesting take on one of my all time favourite fairy tales. Whilst it does have the main elements of the classic — like the shoes, the ball and evil stepsisters, it also has a lot of new elements that really make the story Romig’s own. She’s incorporated her book series (which I’m not familiar with) into this novella. It’s special-ops/ military type romance. If you like reading from that romance sub-genre, you’ll like this one.

Snow White by T.M. Frazier

RATING: ♥♥♥♥

Oooh. This was a deviously grimy read, and I didn’t expect anything less from Frazier. I’ve read quite a few dark versions of Snow White and this was probably one of the more twisted of the lot. It’s icky…yet not? 😅 All I can say, is if you’ve read quite a lot of dark romance books, and/ or familiar with Frazier’s style of romance, then the things that with these characters is nothing new to the world. Either way, I loved the intensity between Chase and Neve.

If you love dark versions of fairy tales, a modern retelling, and/ or stories inspired by them, then I think you’ll enjoy this anthology. There’s amazing romance authors included and their take on these classic tales are addictive that you won’t be able to put it down.

Whilst I’ve always been a fan of fairy tales, I admit some of these classics were unfamiliar to me, but after having read these ones, it’s completely made me fall in love with them. I highly recommend it.

Perfect to read in one sitting, or a couple at a time between your other reads.


Thank you Skye Warren and Valentine PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 💗


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