Green by Nicole James

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Can a face from my past change my future?

When an invitation shows up out of the blue, I’m reminded of a promise I made to a girl twenty years ago and suddenly my heart is pounding.

Do I dare keep it?

She’s the one girl that ever meant a damn to me, and the one girl that got away. She walked out of my life once and it devastated me. Now life is giving me another shot, but if she walks out on me a second time I don’t think I’ll survive it.

Second chances don’t come around very often. Not for a one-percent biker like me. There are no do-overs in the MC life. Not when you’re staring down the barrel of a gun. Not when you’re deciding whether to pull the trigger.

But love? Maybe for once the luck of the Irish will shine down on me and give me a second chance with the one girl I let slip through my fingers.

Living with regret is a hard pill to swallow.

Living with the same regret twice? Impossible.

Sometimes facing your past can be the scariest thing you’ll ever do.



📎 Note: I originally read Green’s story in the Twisted Steel Anthology and this was my review. After the recent release of Green’s book (with the new content included), I reread it and have revised my review. 😊


I’m a huge fan of James’ Evil Dead MC series and this story was a much anticipated one from a very much loved character: Green!

And lemme tell you… it doesn’t disappoint in regards to making me swoon more-so over Green! His story was short and sweet, and shows a completely different side to him that I hadn’t expected (in a good way)! For those who aren’t familiar with this Evil Dead MC brother, Green is considered the guy who doesn’t really take himself or anything too seriously. He’s warm fuzzies and funny to boot but was never into wanting to settle down. Until of course… his story! 😉

He’s older now, most of his fellow MC brothers have settled down and started families of their own, and it’s made him really think about his future. Opportunities to get his life in order come through in the way of moving back into his childhood home, and receiving an invitation to his high school reunion. The possibility of seeing Sara, his old high school girlfriend in this reunion has him reminiscing their time together and how their relationship ended all those years ago. It’s given him the mindset that seeing her in this reunion and catching-up could be their second chance to reconnect romantically.

When I initially read Green’s story in the anthology, I was instantly hooked but felt it was too short and hoped that when the time came for James to release his own book that she would extend his story further. Well… wish granted! 🙏 James included extra scenes with Green and his fellow club brothers, making this MC-lite romance story just a smidge more balanced out with MC elements and romance. The scenes that take place also sets up future stories that I am giddy and raring to read!

It’s addictive and I couldn’t read it fast enough, but I also think there were certain developments between Green and Sara that could’ve been more in-depth. But knowing James’ characters tend to make appearances and crossovers throughout her books, I’m not too phased as there’s a high probability we’ll get to see more of Green and Sara in the future.

I’m not always a fan of flashbacks to the past in storylines as it can get a bit tedious and slow the pacing down but in this case the flashbacks provided in Green’s story elevated the moments and gave his relationship with Sara some complexity. Despite the length of the story being on the shorter side, James managed to get me effortlessly invested in Green’s and Sara’s relationship. I was already a big fan of Green but Sara’s a completely new character. In a short span, I already found myself liking her personality and overall presence.

I do adore the fact that they had history. It makes their relationship believable, especially with how quickly things progressed in the story. Although it’s been twenty years, I love that they were so in-sync with one another like no time had passed.

– MC Romance
– High School Sweethearts
– Second Chance Romance

This was more MC-lite in comparison to the previous books from James’ Evil Dead MC series. I didn’t necessarily mind it because it certainly sets it apart from the other brothers’ stories where theirs had more darker plotlines. Green’s and Sara’s definitely centred more on the romantic side of this MC romance story. I love the reconnecting/ second-chance aspect and that it was Green who ended up having this trope — it provided him with more dimension from his usual light-hearted, jokey side that I constantly saw throughout in the series. He was always the comic relief amongst the brothers in the MC and whenever he made an appearance in any of the books his scenes were instant LOL moments, so his story was much anticipated. Overall, I’m happy to say it lived up to what I hoped it would be. It’s swoon-worthy. We get to learn more about Green outside of the club, and we get to meet the chick who snagged Green’s heart. It held my complete attention from beginning to end! #TeamGreen #TeamIrish 🍀

A sweet and relatively short MC-lite romance story you can easily read in one sitting, and will have you happy sighing by the end. The world James has created and expanded never ceases to amaze me, and this story is a fab addition to her series! It’s a must-read for her fans, and more specifically avid fans of her Evil Dead MC series. It can technically be read as a standalone but your experience with Green and his club would be so much more heighted if you read the series from the beginning.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! Xo


Iron Fury MC Series by Bella Jewel

I’ve been a long time fan of Bella Jewel. I’ve read a couple of her MC romance series’ already and I am obsessed. I figure I would go back to her older book series’ starting with the Iron Fury MC! 

Now, six books later and here is my review of the entire series! All the books are connected so it made sense to just review it as if it was one big book! 😁

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Author’s Note:


Come on a wild ride with country singers, bikers and a whirlwind of romance, pain, drama and danger! The entire Iron Fury MC Series is yours for the taking! What are you waiting for? Jump in, today!!

Come on this wild ride, with all these gorgeous couples!!! All of the books intertwine, and you’ll get to enjoy all the characters in each!! I promise, you won’t regret it!!!




Whiskey Burning #1 – Country music singer Scarlett meets her match when she stumbles across gorgeous biker, Maverick. He comes at the right time, though. Danger is lurking in every corner!


An opposites attract/ second chance romance story.

Refreshing to see a successful, hot and happening singer and an MC member fall in love, considering MC’s are notorious for keeping to themselves and avoiding any kind of public attention. Scarlett and Maverick’s relationship bloomed from friendship, so it was nice to see some sort development before they actually hooked up.

It’s a cute and engaging enough story. Scarlett was a little cheesy for my taste but sometimes all you can do is laugh it off and just accept it. Maverick is your stereotypical alpha MC member who tends to be bossy and possessive, but if you can get pass that trait (because, c’mon this is MC romance.. and fictional) then you won’t have any issues with these men!

They both have dark pasts they’re trying to move on from but can’t seem to do so, but their past is just one of the reasons they connection with one another.

I liked seeing the contrast between the world of stardom/ music industry and the MC  world mesh together. It’s different from any other MC romance read. It was great seeing them make their relationship work despite Scarlett’s fame.



Hushed Torment #2 – Amalie is quiet, gorgeous and sweet. She’s also deaf due to a horrendous accident earlier in life. When she meets MC President Malakai, sparks fly. Can they work out, being from two completely different worlds?


Ooh. I love a good opposites attract romance. This was a juicy read! I love seeing big, booming alpha heroes turn gentle, caring and protective as hell towards woman who may be innocent and sheltered and who have completely have stolen their hearts.

The idea of Amalie having a disability was such a great element added to what would have been a stereotypical MC romance story. Seeing the patience and effort Malakai has put in to ensure Amalie was ready for a relationship with him was without a doubt swoon worthy material! 😍 I love that when needed, Amalie gave us grit and girl power! When she was introduced in Whiskey Burning as fellow musician and quiet friend of Scarlett, I immediately took a liking to her. Seeing the instant zing the moment Mal and Amalie laid eyes on each other… ugh… I knew Hushed Torment was not to be missed. I highly recommend. Not going to lie, I think this book surpasses the first. 🤫😉

RATING: ♥♥♥½



Darkest Hour #3 – Charlie is wild, and the daughter of a very dangerous man. When a hit on her head causes her to hide, she’s left alone with Dakoda, gorgeous, rugged and completely driving her crazy!! How will she survive in lock down with this gorgeous man? Will they escape before they kill each other?


I though Amalie and Malakai’s story would be my fave, but I think Charlie and Koda’s topped it. 😋 Hate to love romance to the max! These guys had fire, banter, and sizzling sexual tension! I adore everything about Charlie’s spitfire attitude whenever she feels she needs to guard herself, but loved seeing Koda’s searing protectiveness over her despite the fact that they get on each other’s nerves. In my opinion, their story was the one that had the most world-building, and well written character development. Seeing their pasts come back to haunt both their present, and unraveling before my eyes had me in a knot. Not only has the suspense kept through from start to finish, but it was entertaining see how things evolved between Charlie and Koda. Definitely one of my fave couples from this series!

RATING: ♥♥♥½



Sassy Little Thing #4 – Saskia needs a job, when she finds herself taking care of a house for the gorgeous Mason, things don’t quite go as expected. No, Mason is going to take her on a ride she’ll never forget. If only he knew the secrets she was hiding from him…


Hmm. Not bad. This was an unusual workplace romance. Although… half the time it didn’t seem that way, considering Saskia had no issues sharing her opinions to Mason. It was kind of entertaining at times. 🤭

I was already a big fan of Mason since his minor interaction with Charlie in the previous book. But other than a few lines here and there, you don’t get a inch of his story until this very book. Saskia is a newly introduced character. She’s in your face, confident and doesn’t seem to give a damn… but she also comes with baggage — baggage that Mason and the rest of Iron Fury MC have taken upon themselves to take care of.

The story line itself was okay. Pretty much similar to the other before it with a troubled past and needing the MC for help. Nothing too wowing or gripping but enough to keep me reading nevertheless. I think that’s more to do with Mason… but meh. 🤷‍♀️ I’m not overly fond of Saskia and her stupid moments, but Mason actually makes me tolerate her. Haha.

There’s some individual backstories but unfortunately it was never full developed, and by the time this story was nearing the end, their individual stories were wrapped up too abruptly which leaves you kind of questioning things. I would’ve loved to have seen some more growth within their relationship to make it more believable, but considering all the books are relatively similar in that factor as well, I’ll let it pass.

I do like the banter the had going for them, especially where Mason’s “hookups” are concerned. I giggled at those moments, they were probably my fave scenes from the book.





Me, Please #5 – Chantelle or Penny? Boston has a hard choice ahead of him, when he’s faced with two very gorgeous women, how will he ever choose? These two are going to keep him on his toes.


If you enjoy the cruelty that is love triangles, then you might enjoy this one. 😜

I can usually tolerate love triangles on a good day (even though my fave never gets chosen in the end) but fairly early on in the story and I knew I wanted to get through it and move onto the next book. I think this is the first love triangle I’ve read that consisted of two women vying for the same guy — and it’s the last!

Not a fan of the hypocrisy these women had in spades. They said on numerous occasions that they had nothing but love and respect for the other woman (because it’s not their fault the hero couldn’t make up his mind) but then turn around and something completely opposite. It was overly repetitive and tiresome. I also just about rolled my eyes the minute I sensed that one of the women was starting to be written as the “perfect one” whilst the other was just that… “the other”. Ugh. 🙄😒

Other than my not liking this book solely because of preference, it did lack enough character development. These characters each clearly had their fair share of horrible events in their past but it was delve into deep enough — more like it was just mention in conversation and that was it.

I don’t regret reading it because I was totally invested in reading (and finishing) this series, but it’s definitely not one of faves and I won’t be rereading it.




Our Final Tale #6 – Slater and Ellie. Parted in the most horrific way ten years ago when a mistake caused Slater to lose the love of his life. He spent years searching, and now she’s back. There’s only one problem…she has no idea who he is….


Eeep! I’m so happy this series is ending with a bang! I’ve been curious about Slater and Ellie’s story since Darkest Hour. There story is by far the most well-developed. Their past was slowly being revealed throughout the previous books to give you a gist of their relationship — so there’s already that build-up by the time you get to this book.

This is a first love/ second chance romance and I couldn’t get enough of it! I was hooked and 100% invested in seeing their story play out. All throughout I was rooting for Slater to get his happily ever after, and for Ellie to be able to give it to him. Edge of your seat love story. So much mystery surrounding Ellie since she finally surfaced after being missing for 10 years. But seeing these two slowly get to know each other again is what I loved the most about this book. Add in the introduction of Slater’s brothers, and seeing the family dynamics (other than of the MC) gave this book an entirely different aura from the rest.

I was not expecting to love this book the most. I had my fave couples in Amalie and Malakai, and Charlie and Dakoda, but Ellie and Slater’s was something extra special. I actually think this has been added to my list of all time fave first love/ second chance romance books!

FYI: The book is not only an introduction Slater’s family, but an introduction to a whole new series centering around these hot ass men! You can guess I’ll be reading Rumblin’ Knights series next from Bella Jewel! 🙌

RATING: ♥♥♥♥

I’ve been a fan of Bella Jewel since I first discovered her Sinners MC series a couple years ago and loved it! Since then I’ve been going through her backlist, and finally got to the Iron Fury MC. It’s a not as gripping or as well-written as her other MC series’ but it still kept me entertained enough to keep reading all the way through until the sixth book. Each of the story lines are pretty similar, and the situations become repetitive but I was invested more so in the couples. The process of these characters getting together was what had me hooked. Some couples had the witty banter, whilst some had the whole opposites attract shtick that I love just as much.


All the books are told in first person/ dual points of view. With each story going back and forth from past to present time.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this series first from all of Bella Jewel’s books, but if you’ve read (and enjoyed) her other ones and like me, wanted to go through her backlist, then this is not one to skip out of. Just don’t take all the guys’ attitudes and actions too seriously. It’s simply a bit of MC fun! 😊

But I have to state that whilst each book are romances, they do all contain some form of sensitive subject matter that may trigger some readers. There’s violence, sexual abuse, drug addiction, and kidnapping. Other than the romance, their stories are about willpower, strength, realizing that they are loved and supported, and overcoming the tragedies that they went through and finally finding closure.



This was a lengthy review, but hope you stuck it out 😅 But thanks for stopping by, catch you in my next one! Xo



Worth The Risk by J.L. Leslie

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When I was seventeen, I fell in love. It was incredible, earth shattering, but most of all, it was heartbreaking. He walked away without an explanation. Without saying goodbye.

He was simply gone.

But five years later, I walk into a room and he’s there. He had been only hours away from me all these years. I often imagined how a reunion between us would be. Would I run into his arms, kiss him and tell him I still love him?

No, I slugged him.


I knew the day would come when I’d have to face Skylar. I made a decision years ago that I’ve always questioned. Always wondered if it was the right choice. I was torn between the woman lying in my bed and the best friend who was giving me the opportunity for a better life.

Skylar deserved better than me. I chose the Royal Bastards MC.

Now, she’s here, having been brought to the club for protection. Our reunion didn’t go as I imagined it would. There was no sweet embrace, no words even exchanged. She marched right up to me and punched me in the face.

I knew right then and there, I never stopped loving her. Thing is, the Royal Bastards have rules. I live and die by them. If I break them, I’m out. I’ll lose my patch and lose the family I have.

Is Skylar worth the risk?




Oooo-wee! Drama. Drama. Drama.

And I loved. every. damn. minute. of. it! 🤤🤭

Skylar has this steamy one-nighter with her brother’s best friend Jake (who she’s had a crush on since she first met the guy), only for both her brother Hunter and Jake to leave, never to return. No note. No goodbyes. Just radio silence.

Fast forward five years later to the present, where Skylar is unexpectedly thrown into a world of bikers, life and death situations, and losing what little independence she had. All because of secrets and lies that have been kept from her all these years.

This story starts you right off with intrigue, and immediately wanting to get to the bottom of where, why, and how Hunter and Jake could (and did) leave Skylar. Relatively well-paced story-telling all throughout, and told from dual perspectives. Despite the never ending drama, it was a cushy, enjoyable read that left me wanting the next installment really, really badly.. 




*Calm, blue ocean… Calm, blue ocean…*      

As much as I enjoyed reading this, there was also so many things I wanted more of, and questions I need answered. The ending left me feeling like a lost puppy. Like dude, really?! 🙈 All I can say without giving any spoilers away is…. there better be a book two in this Royal Bastards MC: Birmingham Chapter. Because… ugh. Answers, people!! 🥺

Like so many good MC romances I’ve read, this one has a nice balance of MC and romance. We have a club, club members — which are our secondary characters we want and need more of! I already have a few from this club I want to see have their own books. Hunter being numero uno! ☝

There’s a seriously complicated relationship going on between Hunter, Skylar and Jake, that had me really grasping at needing to see more. These guys have history. Hunter and Jake have been friends since they were teenagers… and Skylar being Hunter’s younger sister, was someone who always wanted to hang with them.

I know this story revolves around Skylar and Jake’s romance, but I couldn’t help it whilst I was reading this book, Hunter had my attention a smidge more. He has sacrificed so much of his life into protecting his family and has not once given up despite having one problem after another popping up. I think he deserves so much credit, definitely a lot more love, and to be honest… I think deserves a whole lot better, especially considering how this entire story unraveled. Now. I don’t agree with all his actions.. *cough* especially with a certain woman *cough* .. but that’s why I desperately need a sequel! 🙏


But moving on, moving on.

Let’s cut to the chase! Get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

The story line itself was engaging. There’s a lot of different things happening but it was easy enough to follow. It didn’t feel overly done with too many issues going on at once, so that’s good. Oh, and there was something that did catch me off-guard, something I didn’t see coming — so points for unpredictability!

And secondary characters were definitely in attendance. There’s a good amount of club brothers, all with individual personality traits, with some a little more charming than others.. 😉😉

Although Skylar was uprooted from her life to be watched over by her brother and a half dozen or so MC members, it’s always cool to see another woman in the scene and befriending Skylar. I love me a good bromance and brotherhood, but I never wanna see a chick left to fend for herself… especially when there needs to be girl talk, giggles, and eye-candy to be drooled over, right??

There’s lots of potential for more stories to be told and for the world-building to expand if and when the author wants to.

I love the obvious chemistry the author has excellently written between Skylar and Jake, despite not having seen each other in years. There’s hate and regret there, but a very obvious heat still lingering between them that they can’t deny either. Always nice to see protectiveness, alpha-ism in MC romances (it’s always entertaining) and this one had it in bucket loads!


There’s some unresolved family issues between Skylar and Hunter and an obvious strain in their relationship from being apart for so many years with no contact. But their family dynamics is one of the things I liked about this book. Skylar can be the stereotypical bratty younger sister who doesn’t want to be bossed around by her big brother, yet stills sees him as someone to look up to. Hunter is fairly closed-off and keeps his true feelings to himself, but he’s very much an overprotective brother. There’s so much mystery surrounding him that I couldn’t get enough of the guy.

And let’s not forget Hunter and Jake’s friendship. Never been a fan of a chick getting in between guys’ brotherhood/ friendship.. even if she is family. Not gonna lie, I have mixed feelings about the things that were said and done, but it didn’t interfere with my liking of it overall so that’s a relief. Plus my need for the next book is strong, so… *shrugs* 🤗


As I said earlier, it ended with such a gaping hole of unanswered questions. Even if Leslie, decides to continue with more books, I would still liked to have seen an epilogue included in this one. I know with the majority of the MC romance books I’ve come across, characters still make appearances in sequels and relatively give the reader an update of how life has been like since their book, but Worth The Risk seemed like Skylar and Jake’s story was far from being sorted out completely. I can accept a HFN (aka Happy For Now) ending but it didn’t quite feel that way with this book either. It felt a little more up in the air… like there’s still things to overcome first before they get their true HEA. You know what I mean?

Nevertheless, it’s a very convincing start to a potentially juicy MC series. There’s already a decent amount of world-building introduced with the Royal Bastards MC: Birmingham Chapter. An atmosphere between the brothers has been placed and intriguing enough to want to see develop further. There are possible future plot lines that I would look forward to see play out. As far as MC romances go, this one although contains violence, was a little less suspenseful than most, less graphic and in my opinion mild in the dark, gritty romance factor. It’ll be a good one to start off with for a first timer of MC books.

All in all, if you’re looking for your next MC romance, or like your alpha males tatted and with bikes, then you’ll find this one satisfying! Lots of feels. There’s a couple of moments you’ll find yourself giggling over, and times that make you genuinely sad for these characters, and then there’s times you wanna rip some heads off from frustration. But hey, all in a good book, am I right?! 😜

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you J.L. Leslie and the entire Royal Bastards MC team for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 🧡

🔔 Interested in reading Worth The Risk? Grab your copy here: Universal Link  |  Amazon US  | Amazon CA  |  Amazon UK  |  Amazon AU |  Amazon IN


MC romance lovers, make sure to add this one to your reading list!

Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! Xo


Dirty Deals by Nicole James

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I’m the president of the Devil Kings Atlanta MC. With a fractious club to rebuild and a revolving door on my bedroom, the last thing I need is 5’4” of sex-on-a-stick trouble.
When a mysterious beauty shows up with her playmate’s body, dark soulful eyes and a bagful of cash, I’m willing to make an exception.
I don’t fully trust her, but she needs my help.

Things are finally good. I’m one of the best high-roller hostesses on the strip. But I’ve lived in Las Vegas two years and have yet to unpack my bags. Why? Because shit always goes sideways.
I should have known this time would be no different.
When I’m asked to hostess a private poker game at a mega exclusive hotel penthouse, I end up in the proverbial wrong place at the wrong time.
I’m the sole witness to a double murder and I’m suddenly on the run again, but this time I’m running for my life.
I get as far as Atlanta before my Porsche blows a tire.
That’s when he shows up. Dangerous. Drop-dead gorgeous. Scary badass biker. One I can’t take my eyes off. Maybe this town is as good as any to lay low.
When trouble tracks me down, I want to run again. But he has other plans.
He’ll protect me—for a price.
My willing body in his big bed—all night, every night.
That’s the dirty deal he offers.
Dare I accept?

Where the President of the Devil Kings is involved, there are no rules.
But I’ll stand toe-to-toe with him and make it out of this bargain with my heart intact. Because in the end, running is what I do best.




I can’t get enough of Nicole James’ MC romances! And this one was just as enjoyable, just as swoon-worthy, and just as thrilling to see unfold! 😍😍

My only downside to this book? It was too friggin’ short! Nowhere near as long or as organically developed as it’s predecessor, Dirty Deeds. Ugh. I have loved and been intrigued by Rusty since the good ol’ Evil Dead MC days where he was introduced in Shades’ book as Skylar’s ex-boyfriend.

After having read Dirty Deeds, not only did it cement a new love for these Devil Kings members (and spin-off series), but it reiterated how much I wanted Rusty’s story.

I want to say that Rusty has been consistent in his personality and traits since he was first introduced in Evil Dead, all the way up to this book — HIS book. He always stood out to me as a character, whom despite being in a big bad MC, had morals, gentlemanly manners, and just good all around decency. I am so glad, he hasn’t strayed away from that. Dirty Deals, just made me love him even more and knowing that he’ll finally have his own HEA!

Okay! — Let’s talk storylines before we move onto my thoughts on our heroine, Ashlynn (aka Hot Rod), shall we?

The blurb pretty much sums up the plot to a T. Ashlynn blew a tire out and the lucky girl that she is, happen to have had Rusty riding past, pulled over to help her out, and the rest is history! 😉 You might say, their attraction to one another was instant. So, you can imagine me already scooting over, hand under my chin, grin on my face, and my full undivided attention in place!

With Reno’s book; Dirty Deals, the majority of the story revolved around their MC. In this instance, Rusty’s story revolved around Ashlynn and ensuring her safety. It still has a nice MC backdrop with members dropping by now and then, and having some of the scenes play out in their clubhouse, but make no mistake, Ashlynn and Rusty’s growing relationship, and her troubles are very much in the forefront.

It’s a little different from Nicole James’ previous MC romances in the sense that it’s MC-lite and more romance. Rusty, isn’t as gritty or troubled as some of the other MC characters Nicole has written in the past. Yes, he’s alpha. But he’s also patient and willing to take things slowly when it comes to someone he truly cares about.

I would’ve loved it even more if the story was little longer, so that it didn’t feel like things were progressing too fast. Their relationship, although sweet and steaming hot… it also felt like they skipped a few milestones between getting to know each other to not being able to live without one another. It still works, but in my opinion it only does because it’s an MC romance. If you’ve read from this genre before then you know, the guys usually move a little faster in claiming who they want. If this was more of a contemporary romance, then I consider their relationship leaned more towards insta-love.

Don’t get me wrong, this was an enjoyable read that had me hooked from start to finish. I would definitely reread it again, and I’m not gonna lie the cover is now one of faves out all of James’ book covers! I just wanted MORE! ✊ More Rusty! ✊ More Rusty! ✊ More Rusty!

“I get we just met, and maybe you don’t trust me. I get that, babe. But if you need help, all you gotta do is ask. Understand?”

Ashlynn is an independent, well established career woman. It’s always refreshing to see a heroine in an MC romance to be so self-reliant. Yes, she’s a damsel in distress when it comes to the trouble she falls into, and yes, Rusty is more than willing to help her out. But I love that she’s financially set, and that she actually likes to work.

She’s got some personal issues and quirks, but she’s not naive, immature, or a pushover (which I always favor in my heroines!)

She knows she’s in a fucked up situation, but I respect her for wanting to make sure the people she cares about doesn’t get sucked into it with her. She thinks about consequences and actually uses her brain to piece things together.

  • Likable, smart heroine? ✔
  • Stunner of a anti-hero? ✔

This can be read as a standalone as each book centers around a different MC member. I still highly recommend you read Dirty Deeds so you get the entire backstory of the club, how Rusty became the President, and to get to know the relationships between the secondary characters (aka the rest of the MC members). If you really want to see what the Devils Kings MC were like in the past, how much they’ve evolved, and get an even bigger impression of Rusty — then read Shades from the Evil Dead MC series.

You don’t get a lot of world-building in this book. It’s more of a continuous from the first one, with very little expansion since — but as I said earlier, this one is less MC, more romance.

And whilst Rusty and Ashlynn’s relationship came together relatively quickly, there are some very memorable moments where they do try to get to know each other more. Their feelings for one another is actually one of the more solid things in this book.

“I just want you safe. I can be a dick, I know. Get used to it.”

A highlight is always the brotherhood and friendship that James’ always manages to include in her books. This was no different. There’s banter, but there’s also some deep camaraderie between the men. (Another reason why I think Nicole James’ is at the top of the game when it comes to MC romances).


Somewhat short, but a worthwhile read. I’ve come to really love this spin-off series and look forward to the next installment. Effortless storytelling that’s full of life and love. Make sure to leave room in your book boyfriend list for Rusty’s name, because I guarantee after you read Dirty Deals, he’ll be all over it!

RATING: ♥♥♥♥/5


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📚 Evil Dead MC Series by Nicole James


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Dirty Deeds by Nicole James

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Kara Harbinger’s only crime is having a court judge for a father. One who just happens to be presiding over the criminal case of the President of the Devil Kings MC. The DKs are about to use the biggest Achilles’ heel he’s got to bend him to their will, to buy his decision, to buy his very soul.


I want nothing to do with this job, but I can’t get out of it.

As a member of the Devil Kings MC, my life is a violent existence hinged on loyalty to the oath I took: Devil Kings before all else. I’m the club’s muscle, the brother they give the vicious, vile jobs, the dirty deeds. When it comes to my club, I do whatever they ask, whatever they need.

Then I see Kara, all sweet and innocent with her soulful eyes and sexy body. She’s a bright light in my dark existence. In her eyes, I see an escape from the brutal life I’ve lived for so long, a life void of feelings, emotions and light. She gives me the faith to believe I can have more, to believe I can have everything.

What do I do when my VP wants her taken as leverage to use against her father?
What do I do when one look at Kara threatens everything I thought I held dear?
What do I do if they want me to put a gun to her head and end her life?
I’ll have to convince her to trust me if I have any hope of getting us both out of this alive.


He’s the only one who can save me.

I’m not supposed to want a man like Reno. He’s dangerous—a lawless, badass, alpha biker. I know I should be afraid, but the way he looks at me, with hunger in his eyes makes me want to become his.

I believed the lies he told me. I thought he was a good guy.

But when he takes me hostage, everything I thought about him is turned on its head.
Now he expects me to trust him, even as he holds me captive.

How can I trust a man whose loyalty is to his club, a club that wants me dead?



I am obsessed with Dirty Deeds! With Reno. With Rusty. Even with the nameless prospect. Lol. But ugggh.. I loved reading every page of it! ❤❤❤


I’m sure like many other Evil Dead MC fan, we had very strong feelings about the Devil Kings MC. They’re rivals clubs and every time they appeared in one of the books (especially in Shades), there was no love lost with them 😅

Well guys.. this book changes everything! You’re initial opinion of them (or at least some of them) will be thrown out the window the second you start reading Dirty Deeds. I don’t how else to describe this book other than a perfect read. It was just the story I needed to get out of my latest reading slump. But not only that– it was just the story that I’m always in the lookout for. It has all these elements I love in romance books all wrapped up in one and executed brilliantly, mind you! It was well developed, with the world-building expanding from the Evil Dead MC without leaving the reader who hasn’t read that series feel like they’ve missed the atmosphere and characteristics of an MC world.

Although these characters were first introduced in the Evil Dead MC, we don’t get their perspectives or their true opinions on anything really until now. The character development in my opinion is a big selling point in turning what was once the “bad guys” in the eyes of the Evil Dead (and Evil Dead fans), into the heroes in this scenario. The moral dilemma that Reno goes through here is what makes his character more than meets the eye. You really get an insight to their club life, the hierarchy and what the brothers jobs are within this club. (And if you have already read the Evil Dead MC, then you will also see the different contrasts between the two clubs).

There’s obvious dynamics in the Devil Kings. Which I think is what I enjoy about Nicole James’ MC books. There’s an array of characters with different personalities and attitudes that you’re bound to fall for some.. and glare at others. Hehe. But one thing you can always count on is the interactions these guys have. They’re written in so amazingly with their witty banter, brotherhood, and mischief-making that even without the romance, you’re still going to get an satisfying read!

But let’s be honest — we’re here for the romance…and the romance did not disappoint! This was a lust-at-first-sight turned hate-to-love, with a stereotypical bad boy/ good girl love story.

“Was it all a lie? Everything?” — Kara 


Reno wasn’t someone I saw having his own book. Well, actually I didn’t see the Devil Kings MC having their own series but damn… now I’m eager for more! I’m excited to see more of him in future books and seeing how he’s going.

Did I mention how much I love the cover and think the model is perfect match to Reno? No? Well, he is — and I was picturing him the entire time I was reading this.

With a character like Reno (and even Rusty), it’s hard to hate him or his actions for very long because he’s one of those morally grey characters that has limits to what his willing and not willing to do, despite the fact that he’s part of an MC that lacks in the morality department. What works about him and this book as a whole is the lengths he goes through to change things in his life. You witness how he’s character goes from someone who takes orders, to someone questioning it and wanting to make up his own decisions. Kara was just the person who helps him wake up, if you will.

“You and me. That was true.” — Reno


If you’re looking for an MC romance with equal amounts of MC and romance, then give this one a go. Dirty Deeds is a kidnapping-turned-lovers romance with possessive yet protective alphas and lighthearted banter throughout. It’ll make you swoon, smile and all the ooey-gooey goodness that comes with a winning romance book. It’s a greatly paced storyline with something always going on. If anything I wished it was longer. 😅

It’s total delectable escapism. An enjoyable read with enough thrill and suspense with so many “oh shiiiit” moments that it’ll have you holding your breath at times.

If you like alphas in your reads who are possessive and protective, but has a big teddy bear side to them — then this is another book you need to get to! Nicole James has perfected MC romances in my opinion and she knows what’s going to get her readers’ panties melting.

I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve been dying for a new book from Nicole James for a while now, or that I’ve been craving an MC romance read, or that it’s a case of being cooped up indoors for weeks now that I’m no longer in the right frame of mind, or maybe it’s all of the above.. but I really, truly loved Dirty Deeds and couldn’t fault any of it.. (and if there was anything I wasn’t completely a fan of, my overall love of the book clearly trumped it!) 😄


RATING: ♥♥♥♥♥/5

Nicole James was the author who first introduced me to MC romances, and honestly, as much as I’ve read a ton more since, nothing compares to Nicole and the caliber of her books. It always has the perfect balance of romance, edginess and grit–with a little humor mixed in. I haven’t read a single one of her books that wasn’t fun, entertaining and swoony as hell! Dirty Deeds is no different. After having read and utterly loved to death the Evil Dead MC series and all the guys in that MC.. I really didn’t think I would like any of their rival MCs. But oh man, Dirty Deeds (and Reno) sure as fuck changed my mind pretty quick.. 😂

Highly recommended read. This one’s not to be missed for any fellow MC romance lovers! A great start to a new series by James. Looking forward to the next one! 😄


— EVIL DEAD MC by Nicole James —


At the time I discovered the Evil Dead MC series, I wasn’t really writing reviews. And as much as I would love to write individual reviews for each book now, there’s just too many of them (lol… ahhh sigh) 🤦‍♀️ Maybe one day, but for the time being, I have an all-in-one post with my rating for each book in the series so you guys can at least see my overall thought of them. You can check it here: Evil Dead MC Series by Nicole James


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