Kiss To Salvage by Anna B. Doe

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Prescott Wentworth is my brother’s best friend and teammate.

We hate each other.

But we also can’t keep our hands off each other.

The day I met the star wide receiver, he was acting like a grumpy ass, and I was so over big, bulky men messing with my life. He was gorgeous, with wide shoulders, a chiseled jaw hidden behind a week’s worth of scruff, and the meanest glare I’ve seen in my life. So what if he was injured during a game? At least he’s alive, not that he appreciates it.

Now it’s a new school year, but some things never change.

Like the sizzling tension between Prescott and me every time we’re in the same room. But the more we fight, the more I want to shut him up. With my mouth.

Then he sees me on a date with someone else, and something in him snaps.

The deal is simple: it’s just sex, and nobody can ever find out. Especially not my brother.

But then the demons from my past come back to haunt me. The darker they become, the more I need Prescott. And I’m beginning to feel like he needs me too.

NOTE: Kiss To Salvage is book two in Shattered & Salvaged Duet. You need to read Kiss To Shatter in order to understand this book. Shattered & Salvaged Duet contains dark and mature themes appropriate for readers 18+. For the full list of trigger warnings please visit



“You make me want to be better. Only you.”


I don’t know how else to describe reading Jade and Prescott’s story other than its therapeutic. It puts you through the wringer but by the end it leaves you feeling emotionally lighter. If there’s one story that fits the meaning of “emotional rollercoaster” to a T, then it’s this one without a doubt. I went from crying, to smiling, and back again with each chapter I’d read. All the push-and-pull and all the ups and downs between them definitely took an emotional, mental, and even physical toll on me, but man, was it worth it.

Doe stepped it up and killed it with this one. It’s another epic addition to the Blairwood University series that I will go back to over and over again. I can’t fault the writing— it’s well-written, well-developed, and totally encompasses you in its world-building. The premise caught my curiosity, the narrative sucked me in, and the characters took hold off me until it was time to part ways.

Not only has Doe written something thought-provoking, inspiring, and truly heartfelt, but she’s brought to life characters who’ve managed to make those who read it a part of their journey. I came away from this book feeling as if Jade and Prescott were real people who I knew and absolutely cared for.

I found this duet to be one of the rare exceptions where both books had solid storytelling from start to finish. It’s rich, vivid, with constantly evolving characters. The dual POVs gave so much insight into both Jade’s and Prescott’s mentality, their emotional state, and most importantly showed how far and how deep they’ve grown as individuals.

It’s well-paced, with tons of twists and turns that had me in suspense for the entirety of the time. I wish I could experience reading their story for the first time again. Jade and Prescott are a pair of all-consuming characters that deserved (and rightly received) my undivided attention. Their stories are full of genuine, relatable experiences, some of which I could completely relate to and sympathise with. These characters are flawed but there’s nothing about them I didn’t love.

“You were there when it mattered. When I was at my lowest, you were there, and you helped me cling to reality. Cling to life.”

This is one of Doe’s best work and reading it, it’s evident how much time and effort, heart and soul she’s put in ensuring Jade and Prescott’s story was a worthy one. And it is. From the grittiness to the fragility, I was blown away by the multitude of layers it contained and how well-balanced all the elements were within. Whilst the intense romance is undoubtedly an element I was gripped by, the entire cast of secondary characters came a close second in elevating Jade and Prescott’s world. The contrast and group dynamics in itself was a powerful presence and helped cast the atmosphere.

One of my favourite reads of the year. It’s the type of contemporary romance read that I effortlessly got invested in. It may fall under the New Adult umbrella but make no mistake these college students are well beyond their years. The friendships are goals just as much as the romantic relationships. It can be read as a standalone but this series is interconnected through its characters, and I highly recommend reading them all. Whilst each book has some form of angst, drama, and personal struggles, this story in particular deals with another level of heaviness and heartbreak. It contains sensitive subject matters that may be triggering or disturbing for some readers to deal with. Please proceed with caution.

As it is a continuous storyline, Kiss To Shatter needs to be read first before starting this one. But all in all, I recommend the hell out of this duet. It’s a reading experience that has surprisingly taught me a lot about self-worth, love, and sacrifice. If you’re in need of a good cry and in the mood to hunker down with a hearty romance story, then add this one to your immediate TBR. It delivers. If I could rate it higher, I would.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you Anna B. Doe for the opportunity to read an advance copy! 💗

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Book One: Kiss To Shatter by Anna B. Doe


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Belles & Mobsters: Luca by Eva Winners

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Luca King.

The notorious playboy.

A master of one night stands. 

My constant shadow.

Wherever I went, he was always there. Until he wasn’t. One wild night at a masquerade party was all it took. I got pregnant, broke my engagement, and failed my family.

The worst part.

I had no idea who the father of my baby was. I had only one clue. A Prince Albert piercing. Not exactly a smoking gun.

My parents disowned me after I refused to marry the prospects they presented. It wasn’t my fault I became gun shy. The last four men I met ended up dead. It was safer to have this baby on my own.

Our world was a dangerous one. And without the protection of my family… I was running out of time.

So it left me with no choice but to disappear, leaving no trace of where I went.

That was until Luca King found me at my lowest.

Maybe I should have tried harder to stay hidden because he would surely be my destruction.



“I fell in love with a villain. A persistent villain.”


This was an oh-so sweet final book in the Belles & Mobsters series! To be honest, I hadn’t given much thought to Luca in the previous books other than the fact that he was Cassio’s brother and that he’d eventually be a protagonist with his own story. But after reading this book I’m glad I went into it relatively unaware of what his story would be about because it ended up being unputdownable!

What makes this story stand out from the previous books in the series is that there was a deep history between Luca and Margaret. It’s evident as the story developed and with how much their relationship evolved throughout the years. There’s a genuineness in their coupling that made their relationship more in-depth and believable. After a string of alpha-hole after alpha-hole of heroes within this series, I hadn’t expected anything different with this last one, but Winners presented a true blue sweetheart in Luca and he has become of one my favourites from this group of mobsters. He’s definitely one playboy you shouldn’t judge by appearance.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the developments between Luca and Margaret. If you like the hate-to-love romance trope with plenty of fiery banter involved, then I highly recommend you add this mafia romance to your TBR. Belles & Mobsters is a series of standalone stories so each one can be read individually and at any order. Please note, Luca contains sensitive subject matters that may be triggering or disturbing for some readers such as, violence, abuse, and trauma triggered by haunting events. It’s intended for readers 18+ only.

It’s well-paced, told from dual POVs, and constantly keeps you on edge. I loved that it was filled with unpredictability but didn’t distract from the main storyline developing between Luca and Margaret— if anything it heightened the suspense and their dramatic relationship.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect pairing from this series. They’re such a likable pair of strong-willed characters that kept me entertained, not only with their interactions but with their amusing inner dialogue throughout. Although there’s an age gap, it was hardly noticeable as their characters always seemed level in mindset. Their dynamics just worked with a distinct balance in roles between the two. There’s just enough possessiveness and resolve in Luca that makes him one desirable alpha hero. Margaret’s rebellious, but she’s also good-natured and passionate about a lot of things that matter to her.

This was a well-written, well-developed story, effortless to follow, and evokes a rollercoaster of emotions out of you. If you’re familiar with Winners’ books then you won’t be surprised in seeing a quirky character or two, and series crossovers. I haven’t read all of Winners’ backlist of books yet but there’s no denying there’s always a range of cleverly included appearances from her other dark/ mafia romances that has your curiosity piquing. The cast of characters in this series undoubtedly added comic relief, but more importantly they provided strong moral support for the MCs. I love seeing deep-set brotherhood and solid family dynamics, and just like the previous books in the series, this one had it in spades. It also had an amazing balance of raunchy romance and gritty mafia elements throughout that would thrill any fellow mafia romance reader.

All in all, it’s another gripping addition to the Belles & Mobsters series. It’s also a satisfying conclusion to the overall world Winners has vividly created. It does however leave certain things open for interpretation and a possibility for expansion. But this book had one HEA that was bittersweet but nevertheless, still had me completely and utterly sighing in happy contentment.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you Eva Winners and Give Me Books PR for the opportunity to read an advance copy! 💗

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Book Six: Belles & Mobsters: Sasha by Eva Winners


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Bewitching The Biker by Glenna Maynard

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I’m an outlaw.
A man who takes what he wants without asking, and what I want is her.
I’ve been bewitched by a vixen. The witch has me under her spell.
She hexed me.
Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but I’ll prove it.
I’m not supposed to fear anything. I never have.
Until her.
They call me Sandman but Bianca is the one haunting my dreams.

Bewitching the Biker is book 7 of the Royal Bastards, Charleston WV, Chapter but can be read as a stand alone.
Suggested reading order:
The Biker’s Kiss
Lady & The Biker
Tempting The Biker
Keeping The Biker
The Biker’s Lucky Charm
Taken By The Biker
Bewitching The Biker



“Fuck me she’s a witchy dream come true. I’ve never wanted to fuck a wicked witch more in my life.”


Eeep! Complete and total fun halloween-y addition to Glenna’s already amazing RBMC series! What a novella! 😍🙌

In just a short amount of time this story had me both swooning and laughing my ass off at the banter between Binx (aka Bianca) and Sandman! It’s a great little romance read perfect for the season of pumpkins, sweater weather, and all things eerie! Glenna has managed to shine a spotlight on a character that, to be honest until now I hadn’t really paid much attention to in the series’ previous books. Sandman is gruff, sexy, and all-out alpha, yet seeing him constantly get knocked down by a five foot tall minx of a heroine was a hoot to see! *Ka-pow!* 👊😂

Both protagonists are such lovable characters but I have to admit I immediately gravitated towards Bianca because I found her so relatable. If like me, you’re a huge fan of the cult film (and novel) Practical Magic, I guarantee you will enjoy this story too! It might technically be an MC romance but there’s definitely magic and suspense in the air.

“You can fight fate, deary, but she always wins in the end.”

A novella that had great world-building especially from Bianca’s witchy world, and a nice little build-up to their romance. I was so immersed in the development of their relationship that I honestly was bummed to see this story abruptly conclude. I would’ve loved one more chapter… or at least another few pages. But I’m giddy with excitement that Glenna does have more plans for this couple because they’ve seriously become a hot ticket item! ❤  

Here are the things I thoroughly loved about this book that you can look forward to:

  • Hate-to-Love (Banter! Banter! Banter!)
  • Opposites Attract
  • Zingy Banter
  • Tons of Brotherly Love
  • A sprinkle of Paranormal Activity
  • Laugh out loud one-liners! 😮🤭 

Great in-between read that’ll lift up your spirits 👻 (no pun intended). It can be read as a standalone book but this series and all the characters from Glenna’s RBMC world are addictive as fudge, and it’ll be a shame if you don’t read them all. 

Fast-paced storytelling but it’s hearty, multi-dimensional, and full of genuine characters. You’ll get a kick out of both Bianca’s and Sandman’s inner dialogues and opinions of one another as it’s told from dual points of views. The secondary characters from the comic reliefs to the adorable sidekicks added the extra oomph!   

Glenna’s writing style has always been effortless to follow and this one is no different. She has a way of sucking you in from the opening scene. There’s a sense of being watched, secrecy, and mystery throughout that gives the entire setting a buzzing thrill. Ironically, for a Halloween-themed story it’s actually one of Glenna’s less darker storylines but don’t worry, you can still expect enough MC elements within. Halloween, an unexpected romantic connection, and a motorcycle club… nuff said!  

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thank you Glenna Maynard for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 🧡

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Bound By The Past by Cora Reilly





My life’s a tale of betrayal.

I killed so many because they betrayed our cause, because they betrayed the Outfit.

A hypocrite. A liar. A murderer.

That’s what I am.

Five times I betrayed the Outfit. With my blood I made a vow to our cause, swore my life to it, promised to put the Outfit first. Above all else.

Five times I chose a woman over the good of the Outfit. I betrayed my father. My vow. My men.

You reap what you sow.

Would my betrayal destroy everything I swore to protect?


On our wedding day I made a vow to stand by Dante’s side.

In good and in bad times.

To love him through it all.

Growing up in the mafia, I knew the challenges in our life would be numerous. I never expected them to tear at the very base of our family, of our existence.




Dammit! 👏👏👏 Well played, Cora. Well played.

You’ve officially gotten me… or should I say you’ve finally gotten me to like Dante! 😋

When I first read Bound by Duty back in 2016, Dante Cavallaro wasn’t my favourite protagonist. But don’t get me wrong.. I didn’t hate the guy, to me he was just… meh, okay. From my perspective, he definitely lived up to the Iceman image. When other fans swooned over him I always (silently, mind you–didn’t need my head getting bitten off) thought “hmm…was I missing something?” or “What did they see in him that I sure as hell couldn’t??” — things like that.

Now fast forward to 2020, and I fiiiiiiiiinally see it! *cue the harp*

Before I move along with my review I’m adding Cora’s disclaimer first. With the release coming soon, I want to make sure you guys are up to date and that when you read on, my review will (kinda, sorta) make sense to you. I’ll try to keep the rambling to a minimum. 😉

This book isn’t a standalone. You should read (at least) Bound by Duty before starting Bound by the Past. It is, however, recommended that you read Bound by Honor, Bound by Duty, Bound by Hatred, Bound by Temptation and Bound by Love, as well as Twisted Loyalties and Twisted Pride in advance because this book entails spoilers for all of the aforementioned books. 

Okay. Now that we’ve gotten that out the way…


Let’s start with the reason as to why I am now pro Dante, shall we?


Carla made me like Dante. I’m pretty sure she was the missing link that I needed in order to see Dante in a whole different light. I could be completely wrong, but I can’t help think Cora included Dante’s life pre-Valentina especially for us skeptical readers (I can’t be the only one who wasn’t as big a fan of Dante) to better understand his demeanor both publicly and privately.

Similar to Bound by Love where it was from Luca’s point of view, Bound by the Past is from Dante’s — at least for the first part, then it becomes dual POVs between himself and Val. The story is also told from different years of Dante’s life starting from when he was a teenager.

But that first part where it was only Dante’s POV was where he won me over. Just. Like. That! This book (and I’m saying this because it’s how I personally felt) redeemed him in my eyes. The Iceman thawed a little, and the second he started opening up, I started to really invest in his life.

This book is not only much anticipated but in my opinion necessary, especially for readers, like myself who were on the fence about Dante. I guarantee, you will come away from reading it at least understanding him better and his reasoning behind everything that occurred.

His backstory was easily one of the highlights for me. I’m not gonna lie — I teared up 10% into the book. I wasn’t expecting it but Cora’s known to keep you on your toes, so I rolled with the punches. Getting to know more about his life, his family dynamics and his marriage with Carla before everything that happened in Bound by Duty and onward made his world-building and Cora’s entire mafia world even more detailed than it already was.

I seriously didn’t think I would learn anything new about Dante that’ll have me turn on my axis but after reading this one… *phew* I feel like I need to be laying down, stare at my ceiling and just contemplate life.


The Iceman may just have the biggest heart of all!

If anything, he’s more human than the other Capos. And seeing that certainly had it’s pros and cons. I can picture it now, BBTP will have so many readers’ minds ticking. The results from his actions both past and present is bound to have people questioning, second-guessing, debating, and perhaps even have cause for concern at what it would mean for the future.

So much character growth since Bound by Duty. Dante has portrayed such a cool, calm demeanor not only within the world he’s in but to the reader reading his story. Yet there was so much going on behind the scenes in his life, at least half the things that were revealed in this book I never would’ve expected! It’s heartbreaking.

Without a doubt, Bound by the Past is about sacrifices, betrayal, and secrets. No matter how much of the mob business was kept away from their personal lives and vice a versa, they both eventually bled into one another. Whether you’re a fan of Dante or not, it’ll be hard not to feel bad for the guy in this one. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place one too many times and you can’t help but feel helpless right along with him.

Thank goodness for the all the sweet sentimental moments in between. Like Cora’s previous books, there was a nice balance of light and shade within each of her scenes. And if all fails — the saucy scenes in this one were turned up a notch! 🔥

“It was strange to think that one of the happiest moments of my life followed so closely after an act of war. Maybe it was a reminder that I needed to focus on the good in my life, even if evil would always be my closest companion.”

Then there’s the array of secondary characters that either have been introduced or developed further, which added layers upon layers of side stories and endless possibilities.

Hey, Flamingo Squad! Remember all those times Cora asked questions and had polls on what we would like to see in her future books? If you don’t. No worries because that’s all about to come flooding back whilst reading BBTP. If I could share spoilers right here, right now, you would be seeing a relatively long list! But since I can’t, I’ll just say this — those who are wondering about certain characters, certain couplings, certain stories, you’re queries may just be answered in this book! I know a couple of mine were….but oh man… I was still surprised by a some!

(P.S. Join the Facebook group if you haven’t already → Cora’s Flamingo Squad)


Another exciting highlight I have to mention are certain introductions Cora has included in this book and directions she’s hinted at for future books. I’ve never been one to complain about the lack of, or seek diversity in my reads. If it’s there — great! If not, no biggie. And considering Cora writes mafia romances, there’s only so many cultures and ethnic diversity that can be included. I’m not going to mention the ethnicity of the character that was introduced in this series, but I want to thank Cora for broadening her world to include it. I feel like her fictional world has just expanded tenfold with the additions and various plots she’s incorporated into her original story arc.

Bound by the Past is probably one of my favourable books she’s written in the sense that it was clever writing, and her chosen format was easy to follow. Cora has managed to bind the Born in Blood and the Camorra Chronicles stories and timelines together seamlessly.

Whichever book (whether it’s from BiB or the Camorra Chronicles), Cora has managed to make me see their side of the story and feel for those characters. It’s remarkable how seeing both sides of a story can easily sway your judgment. Just when you think you prefer one territory over another.. Sigh. It’s honestly a losing battle.

  • I saw a different side to Dante in this book.
  • I saw more from crazy-psycho Remo (which BTW I could’ve lived without lol).
  • There’s characters in here that may be minor now but will eventually play bigger roles that I can’t wait to see in the future.. *ahem ahem* Samuel. Danilo. Orazio. Oh my. I could go on but I… eeeeep… I can’t! 😭🙈
  • And there’s so much insight to Dante’s family — and I don’t just mean with Val and their children. I’m talking about the Miones too! SO MUCH! SO SO MUCH!!


As this is considered the last book in the BIB series with an anthology and a series of standalone books set in the same world in the works, this story ties everything that’s happened from past to present fairly well. There’s highs and lows. Things I agreed with and some things not so much. But I’ve been in this situation before and knowing Cora, she’ll be able to easily persuade me later on. I mean, she is Queen. Her word is law. 😉😉

An overall satisfying conclusion to Dante’s story. It’s a must read. For fans of her series and for mafia romance lovers alike. Nothing but contentment here!

RATING: ♥♥♥♥/5

Thank you so much to Cora Reilly (and Emily Alice) for the opportunity to read and review an advanced copy!

🔔 Interested in reading Bound By The Past? Grab your copy here: Amazon US  |  Amazon UK  |  Amazon AU  |  Apple Books  |  Barnes & Noble


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