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It’s no secret that Aurora Lincoln-Ward hates Phineas Yates, but what most people don’t know is the reason. Last summer, Phineas broke Aurora’s heart in the worst way, and she promised herself then and there that she would never fall prey to the sinner of Pembroke Prep again.

But now sin is in the air, and the Hellfire Club’s number one sinner has his sights set on her…






“Tell me to stop, Aurora, or I’m going to kiss you for real. Make me stop. Give me a reason.”

I could feel his body. Firm. Rock hard. I knew underneath those clothes that I would find ripcord-lean abs, pecs that defied reason. And his biceps… Even though he was lean, he was wrought with muscle. I wanted to step away. I did.

I just…

Maybe this once I could give in and dull the ache I always felt around him. Maybe I could forget what my mother said, what my grandmother said, the fact that they tried to sell me off to the highest bidder.

Just once.

Once couldn’t hurt anything, right?

And then I was tipping my face up, raising up on my tiptoes just a little, even though my heels brought me within close enough range of his lips. And then there it was again, that growl. I expected his kiss to be needy and demanding, but it was gentle and smooth. His lips were firm but soft. And it was a hint of the kiss we’d shared before. Just a tease.

When I pulled back, his gaze was searching mine as if asking for permission. My voice was a whisper when I said, “Phin.”

And then he kissed me for real, his tongue slipping through between my lips, delving in.

And all I could do was hold on for dear life. My hands slipped into his hair. He had the best hair.

Soft, silky, and with the way it slipped through my fingers, I want to play with it all the time. And then I ran my nails over his scalp, and I could feel him shudder.

I was losing myself in the kiss when I heard a gasp. “Aurora.”

I dragged my lips from his and whipped around. “Mother.”

“There you are. I-I didn’t mean to interrupt. I’m so sorry.”

And then I knew.

He’d known she was around.

I turned and glared at him. “I hate you,” I said quietly so my mother couldn’t hear.

“Yes, I know.” There was no remorse in his voice.


— Ruined Sinner by Becker Gray —

Hellfire Club (Book Four)


Release Date: August 24, 2021
Genre: NA/ Contemporary Romance
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Becker Gray

Becker Gray is the brainchild of two best friends who love rich boys in peacoats. The Hellfire Club is their first series together.

You can contact Becker at

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