Fugitive by K.E. Osborn

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The club took me in.

Even though I was a cop.

The moment I handed in my badge, I knew becoming an outlaw would change my life forever.

As an ex-cop turned biker, my job is to stay loyal. To the club and my brothers. That is my sole purpose. Even though the reason I joined is no longer with us.

Losing love is hard, but life must go on.

Especially for my kids.

Even if they’re just out of reach.

Now I’m a fugitive, an outlaw, a ghost.

But I’ve run into someone I didn’t see coming.

A ray of pure sunshine.

Just when I’d given up on family, now I’m ready to stand and fight.

But perhaps the battle is not where I think it lies.

Maybe my ray of sunshine will warm my life.

Or maybe the darkness surrounding her will freeze me to my very soul.

** From International Bestselling Author K E Osborn comes the highly anticipated third book in the Houston Defiance MC Series. **




Ooo-wee! Kevlar’s book did not disappoint. Cop turned biker?! Yeah you know there’s going to be an interesting story there. 

The first two books in the series gave little snippets here and there of Kevlar being an ex-cop and leaving it all behind for his wife, and to join the Houston Defiance MC. This story delves into detail not only with how that all came about but what’s gone down since becoming a biker.

I kid you not, not even three pages in and Kevlar’s story made me tear up. Totally unexpected. But it sucked in me in deep. Right off the bat it focused more on his personal story than the MC — which I normally would be bummed about, but I adored how different this book is to the previous two that were more on the darker side. Maybe it’s because Kevlar came from a policing background, unlike Zero and Wraith who both had a harder upbringing, who knows? But whatever it is, it’s giving Kevlar that protective, badass outer shell with an oh-so deliciously, ooey-gooey sweet as sin center personality! As much as I love Zero, I can’t deny Kevlar is a more level-headed and balanced person. 😅     

Let’s do a rundown of Kevlar real quick, shall we?

  • Ex-cop turned Biker: ✔
  • Single Dad: ✔
  • Kindhearted: ✔
  • Protective Alpha: ✔
  • Thoughtful: ✔
  • Loyal as they come: ✔

I absolutely enjoyed reading the hell out of this book as a whole, but there are certain things either said or done that I didn’t completely agree. All very minor. It’s no way a deal breaker or even something that has put me off said characters involved. Believe me this book is just as riveting, just as nail-biting as its predecessors. I actually think I might love it more than Explosive. Eeep. 🙈🤫

Such a character driven storyline, and one full of growth. I truly appreciate Osborn for pacing Kevlar when it came to his feelings, to moving forward, and giving him time to sort out his emotions in regards to Em and Jovie. It made it all the more authentic. A beautifully told story of love, finding peace, and new beginnings. You instantly feel connected to Kevlar. He’s relatively open about his thoughts and apprehensions. It’s one of the reasons why he’s just a little different from the rest of the brothers in the MC. He may put up a tough front when needed but he can switch it off just as easily and simply be a man who’s heartbroken, a little lost, and who can admit that he wants a change but doesn’t know if or how he can achieve it.    

From all the couples that have been paired so far in this series, Kevlar and Jovie are by far the most harmonious and dare I say, whose journey is soothing to the soul to read about. There’s just something so calming about their relationship that had me feeling so at ease whenever they were together. Jovie couldn’t have been more perfectly suited for Kevlar and his family.   

Combine that with the most understanding and supportive secondary characters who are Kevlar’s in-laws and Jovie’s bestie Savanah that just assisted in making their budding relationship as effortless as possible (putting aside Kevlar’s own hang ups, of course).

Honorary mention to Kevlar’s children too. Not gonna lie, I haven’t read many books that included children I didn’t find annoying as hell. 🙉😅 His however, were adorable as fuck. They’re young, mischievous but it’s obvious they were raised with manners. Hallelujah!   

Well paced. Told from dual points of view. Yeah okay, a few predictable plot points but the suspenseful atmosphere is steady throughout with plot twists that WERE surprising to see — which may or may not provide a segue to future storylines. Nevertheless, the possibilities are exciting to think about! 🤩

There’s an obvious dynamic between the families in this story— not only within the Houston Defiance MC, but with Kevlar’s own. You can see the significant difference between the two worlds Kevlar is connected to that was never intended to mesh together… that is, until all hell breaks loose and common ground is found.

*happy sigh* A completely gripping MC romance story full of depth and such heart. Not only has Osborn created such a vivid world that’s expanding with each new book, she’s included relatable, imperfect characters you can’t help but love and root for. It’s become one of my favourite second-chance romance books to date! Although part of a series, it can be read as a standalone, but I still highly recommend you read the previous books first to get the full picture of their world.   

An amazing addition to the Houston Defiance MC. Already looking forward to reading the next one!  

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐½

Thank you to K.E. Osborn and The Next Step PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 💜


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Hope you enjoyed my review! Happy reading, guys. Catch you in my next one! Xo


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