Mr. Heartbreaker by Jordan Marie

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Everybody envies Big Mike Huntington.

He prowls the halls of Black Mountain Academy like he owns them.

But since he’s from one of the wealthiest families in Black Mountain, he can.

He’s famous—or infamous, and not for his baseball skills like his brother—currently the Major League’s media darling.

On campus, Big Mike is notorious for the giant bat he swings—the one between his legs, not on the field.

And every girl swears Big Mike definitely lives up to the hype.

Mike owns it, embracing his reputation.

Until Violet Raines.

New girl in school, pure as driven snow, and she hates his guts from moment one.

Mike wants Miss Purity under him, begging for mercy he’ll never give.

When Violet refuses to play ball?

It’s time for Big Mike to get creative and steal a home run.

He zeros in on the new girl.

Now, there’s nowhere for her to hide.

No sassy words to save her.

No denying her hot, longing glances.

Big Mike gets what he wants.

And Violet Raines?

She’s already his.



Firstly — Can I just say how much I’m loving the books from Black Mountain Academy!? 😍

Now — Let’s talk about Mr. Heartbreaker aka Big Mike Huntington…


Wowza! Was I hooked from start to finish! Jordan Marie has another amazing book under her belt! I’ve only read her dark MC romances so reading a romance book set in high school was a refreshing change of pace from the darkness, yet just as equally gripping. I loved reading every minute of Mike and Violet’s story. What an engaging story full of growth, acceptance and heart.

A relatively well paced storytelling and told from dual POVs, this story delves into both Mike and Violet’s reality of survival whilst maintaining a cool façade amongst their peers at Black Mountain Academy. Despite their own personal issues and hangups, they both discover from their difficult and hollow lives that as long as they have one another, they can pull through any roadblock that gets in their way.

Looks can be deceiving in their world. Mike and Violet navigate through constant drama, family baggage and everything that comes with planning a future after high school.

Great world-building with evident character growth from both our hero/ heroine. Violet is one tough, independent young woman who you’ll want in your corner. I adore the fact that she knows who she is and what she wants out of life.

Mike is a charmer and has pretty much been living a front all his life. You won’t always agree with his actions but having Violet by his side slowly displays his full potential of being a better, more put together person. Seeing his determination and willingness to try for Violet is what will have you rooting for him… (because, trust me when I say, Violet is a survivor. She’ll do just fine on her own). 😉

“You need a girl who will keep you humble, Mikey. It appears that girl is going to be me.”


Their relationship started off with such snap, crackle and pop! 🧨 The push and pull in their relationship and constant banter is entertaining as hell to see and the lightheartedness of it all is a nice contrast to the sombre side of their story.

There’s also a few memorable secondary characters that not only adds an extra layer to this story but is also another highlight to look forward to. They play important roles in both Violet and Mike’s lives and shows how much of an impact a support system can be to any person whether they want it or not.

It’s a relatable storyline, and almost gives me such nostalgia of my high school years. I think it’s safe to say that everyone has dealt with some kind of high school drama in their lifetime — Violet and Mike’s albeit fictional, has touched some very realistic subject matters.

Whilst I can definitely see myself reading this book again, my only critique with it is that it did lose some of it’s oomph halfway way through the book once Violet and Mike’s relationship were on more solid ground. I was giddy seeing their relationship develop, but it also felt like it reached it’s peak a little too early resulting in a slight dip during the second half. Most of their serious issues were dealt with early on, and any other problems that followed after seemed a little underwhelming.

I wasn’t expecting the same level of darkness that Jordan has put into her previous books but I was sort of expecting a little more grit in Mike and Violet’s story somewhere down the line before it wrapped up.


But nevertheless, I still enjoyed it! 😊 It’s a sweet love story with an ending that’ll have you smiling. I don’t read much high school romance books these days, but I find the only exception has been what I’ve read from the Black Mountain Academy.

Jordan Marie is one of my favourite dark romance authors. There isn’t a book of hers I’ve read that I didn’t end up falling in love with. Mr. Heartbreaker is no different and I would happily recommend it to romance readers.

Violet and Mike are such likable characters and their story is a must read. But I have to mention that whilst it is set in a high school backdrop, it does contains adult themes and, in my opinion, better suited for a NA/ Adult audience.

RATING: ♥♥♥♥/5

Thank you to Jordan Marie and Candi Kane PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy!


Hope you’re all well and enjoying the week! Happy reading and as always, catch you in my next one! Xo


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