Snow White & The Biker by Glenna Maynard

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She’s an heiress and he’s the outlaw hired to kill her.

She’s supposed to be an easy target. One bullet and done. All I have to do to earn my Original Seven MC patch is pull the trigger. It sounds easy enough until I make the mistake of falling for her. When the time comes, I will have to do what I was born for and end her life. Only I can’t stop thinking about her red as blood lips and how good they taste or her dark as night hair wrapped up in my fist. It’s either kill her or take her place six feet under. In this life you can either ride or you die.




My fourth book from Glenna Maynard… annnnnnnd I may just be a little obsessed! 😅 She was a newly discovered author for me late last month and since then I’ve been on a Maynard kick and loving it! 🙌

The funny thing is when I started reading Snow White & The Biker a few days ago, I had total deja vu until it clicked that I had read something of Maynard’s long before and just hadn’t realized until now. A sample of this very book was included in the MC anthology Love, Loyalty and Mayhem (which I read earlier in the year). Stupid me read it, loved it, remember thinking I gotta read the rest of the book, but well… life got in the way and I completely forgot about it.

Fast forward to the present, I’m reading this book, indeed realized I had already read the first few chapters of it, and now even more excited to what happens. 

Now that I’ve finally finished it, was it all that I hoped? Hmm…

A modern day fairytale retelling of Snow White set in a dark MC world? Let’s see… I uhh yeah…. effin’ loved it!

“Violence. Death. Blood. Betrayal.”


I adore me some fairy tale retellings (the darker the better), and I’m a daily MC romance fiend! Combining these two in one resulted in brilliant chemistry! I don’t know why I’ve never encountered fairy tale retellings set in MC romance backdrops until now. This was a treat and just another example of why I can’t seem to get enough of Maynard’s books right now. 

She has a knack for writing books that have a way of sucking you in instantly within the first chapter. The characters are immediately intriguing and the storytelling is relatively easy pacing from the get-go. Here, Snow White is modern and goes by the name Sybil — and yes there’s still the wicked stepmother who’ll have you clenching your jaw. But let’s be real here, it’s all about the hero… or in this case, the modern day huntsman, the anti-hero Diego who just so happens to fall for the fairest of them all and is willing to go to such extremes (and I do mean EXTREMES) to ensure he gets a happily ever after!

“Love doesn’t come without pain and sacrifice.”


I should mention to you folks who are interested in reading this little baby — if you can’t hack graphic details, I suggest you suck it up and just deal because if you skip out on this book, you’ll regret it. But no seriously, kidding aside, there are a few scenes here that are a little detailed, a little gruesome, and a little shocking. So keep that in mind.

The mutiple POVs included gives this book more dimension. It provides the reader insight to almost all the main and secondary characters’ mindset and displays the dynamics between the characters and their relatiionships with one another well. It’s a refreshing change from the romance reads that usually only contain dual POVs. Here, you get the twisted minds of the antagonists too!

If you’re a fan of Snow White, love a juicy character-driven storyline full of revenge, game-playing, and heated banter, then you have got to add this one to your TBR. For a relatively quick standalone read, the world-building and gritty atmosphere was created right off the bat and gradually expanded the further the characters’ lives are delved into.

I would’ve liked to have seen more individual character development from both Sybil and Diego, but it’s no dealbreaker. Understandably the plot and with things unraveling relatively quickly between the two, there wouldn’t be much growth with either one of their personalities with the timeline they had. Fortunately, the constant push and pull in their relationship is an entertaining upside to watch unravel that any issue I had with the little character development faded into the background. 

Besides the revenge plotting, the chemistry between Sybil and Diego is what I clung to the most. Not wanting to admit crushing on the bad boy but when said bad boy reciprocates those feelings and is not willing to let you go? Well… I don’t know about you romance readers, but that’s going to get my attention. I didn’t even factor the ruggedly handsome good looks and charm in! Hehe.

“I’d kill for you, baby. Bleed for you. Die for you.”


Overall, a cool balance of MC elements and romance. I enjoyed this twisted Snow White retelling. It’s definitely a different take from all the others I’ve read in the past. Maynard is fast becoming one of my auto-buy romance authors with the rate of how many books of hers I’ve been reading lately. 

The suspense was constant from start to finish with some unpredictability thrown into the mix.

Sybil and Diego are likable lead characters, especially if you like seeing spunky, determined heroines who may or may not be completely innocent, and stubborn, alpha-esque heroes who are a little twisty in the head.    

If you haven’t read anything of Maynard’s yet, this is a great book to start off with as you’re not committing to a book series. If you enjoy reading MC romance books, then this is also a recommended book not to be missed. 

RATING: ♥♥♥♥/5


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Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! Xo


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