Brothers Ink Tattoo by Nicole James

I recently read the last book in this series, but I realized after considering to write a review that I never wrote any for the previous books (and I had read them a while a go now), so… I figured a good ol’ review for the entire series it is! 😁 Hope you enjoy! 


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— Jameson (Book One) —


Jameson_CoverJameson O’Rourke owns the primo tattoo shop in town, one he’s worked hard to build. And in his industry, he’s the current ‘it’ boy, the reigning King of Ink. His career is on fire, so hot television has even come calling. And as a result, the town bad-boy has now become the town’s favored son.

Ava Hightower needs his face on her flyers, if she is to have any hope of her charity gala and bachelor auction being a success. Unfortunately, they get along like oil and water. He’s a hardheaded, controlling jerk, and she’s already had one run-in with the man. Asking him, of all people, for help is the last thing she wants to do.

Not exactly a match made in heaven.

Jameson doesn’t think too highly of Miss Hightower, either.

To him, she’s just an uptight, stuck-up know-it-all; a little Miss Goody-two-shoes. Not in a million years was she the type that he’d have anything to do with. Unfortunately she is also on the city council, and therefore has the ability to screw with his business.

He needed her help once before, and she shot him down.

Now the tables are turned, and she needs his help. Well, my, my, sweetheart, karma can be a cold-hearted bitch.

But, hey, maybe he could work this to his advantage.

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, and all that crap.

So they cut a deal. One he has no intention of ever having to fulfill, because he plans to make it impossible for her to keep her end of it.

She thought she could outlast him. Guess again, sweet thing. She may be a stubborn woman, but she’s met her match. And he has no intention of letting her win this game.

Be warned, sweetheart, because the King of Ink has plans to push your limits in ways you’ve never imagined.

This new series from Nicole James, author of the Evil Dead MC series biker romance is a new addition to the bad boy romance genre with her hot, alpha, dominant men.


I LOVEEEED IT!! I read the entire thing in one sitting. I wish it was longer, with a longer epilogue (half a page was nothing!)

I love the banter amongst the brothers, it made it all the more enjoyable to read. You can really see the dynamics between them all but also the wag the band together when they stand for something.

Ava is a such a wonderful female protagonist. She has a feisty front but deep down she’s quite vulnerable. She’s relatable, likable, and most importantly not at all annoying (as I find some female leads can be with their personality and attitude).

Jameson was such a jerk (but in a funny way). Doesn’t he know you can’t scare a chick off once you challenge them in something they think they won’t win in!? 😁 I love that he was denial for the most part about his feelings towards Ava which gave way to his brothers giving him shit — FYI was the funniest parts to read!

The O’Rourke brothers are quite the crew. I don’t know who I loved more — Jameson, Max, Liam or Rory? They all had me in a fit of giggles which is probably the main reason why I couldn’t put this book down.

This was an excellent start to the spin off series to Evil Dead MC and it stands on it own so well. It has the same atmosphere of sexy, alpha males with protectiveness and smartassy remarks but without the amount (or mention) of violence you’d see in the Evil Dead MC series.

If I had some criticism, I would’ve loved a bit more suspense in the scenes where Ava was worried for her life. I thought it was resolved a little too quickly but it’s no biggie. It doesn’t take away from the entire book. And like I said earlier an extended, more detailed epilogue would’ve been nice. Ooh.. and throughout the whole book I was wondering how old Ava was. Just tiny little details like that would’ve been nice to know. (I’m just been nit picky. Let’s just move along.. move along) 😅

If you enjoy a hate-to-love romance trope, this needs to be added to your TBR!

RATING: ♥♥♥♥♥


— Maxwell (Book Two) —


Maxwell_CoverMalee was sheltered all her life,
Until the day she walked into Brothers Ink
Lucky for her… he’s waiting.

She’s naïve and wary.
But that’s okay…
Maxwell O’Rourke is a patient man.
Some things are worth waiting for.

He’s nothing Malee ever thought she’d want, but everything she needs.
He makes her feel beautiful and worthy, even as he makes her burn with desire.

When an overprotective father with deep-rooted family traditions tries to come between them, she’ll have to make some hard choices. And she’ll have to be ready to face the consequences.

And just how far is Maxwell willing to go for the girl who owns his heart?


I would’ve loved to have given this one 4 stars but it didn’t quite reach for me.

I absolutely loved the first book; Jameson from this series (and I mean I ate it up in one sitting.. couldn’t read it fast enough) so I was a little disappointed this Max’s story didn’t leave me with the same impression. I actually struggled to read more than a few chapters at a time. I felt the story had a slower pace than Jameson’s which dragged on IMO.

Max was actually the brother I was looking forward to reading about after they were all introduced in Jamison’s book, and I did love him in this one (he’s just as sweet and caring as ever!), but I just couldn’t connect with the storyline. I don’t know how else to explain it… buuuut it just didn’t grab my attention and it fell a bit short in comparison to the first book.

An age gap between the hero/ heroine is nowhere near one of my favourite romance tropes in my reads but I don’t mind them IF the age difference is not so obvious in the way they interact or the way they are described. I felt this one particular, the gap was evident — especially if you picture Max as the model on the cover, and picturing Malee as a girl who’s just barely of age… hm… it can be a tough element to swallow. Just something to keep in mind if you’re similar in regards to this trope or new to it.

But in no way did I hate reading it. I just didn’t love it either. It was a nice read. Max is still such a sweet character, and a strong presence in the O’Rourke family. I’m still looking forward to reading the rest of the series!

RATING: ♥♥♥½


— Liam (Book Three) —


Liam_CoverWhen tattoo artist, Liam O’Rourke, meets a hot new ink model promoting a sexy calendar at an LA tattoo convention, sparks fly.

Liam admires Velvet like every red-blooded man in the convention center. The way she moves, her sexy pinup look and a body to die for; what man wouldn’t want that? She seems so strong and confident. But it’s the look in her eyes when she meets his that has him lightheaded. They hold a vulnerability that defy the sexy pose and call out to him. That look awakens a fierceness in him that has him wanting to protect her. She’s the beauty to his beast, and he can’t forget her.
After an incredible night together, she vanishes, leaving him with nothing but questions, only to reappear in the last place he expects to find her. She’s gorgeous and irresistible, but she’s also hiding something from him. Liam must decide if she’s worth the risk if he’s going to save her from her past or lose her forever.

Velvet comes from a family of con artists. She grew up learning all their scams. When she was fourteen, her mother forced her into traveling from town to town, with Velvet playing the leading lady in the longest running con her mother ever pulled.
She’s fought to put all that behind her, until she crosses paths with the one man who left an indelible mark on more than her skin. Velvet remembers Liam, but fortunately he doesn’t recognize her, because there’s something he doesn’t know and she can’t risk him ever finding out.


Ooh, okay. 🤔 I have a love/ hate relationship with this book. Just like Maxwell, I love Liam as a character and brother, and couldn’t wait to see his story and who he’d end up.

And whilst I liked the idea of Liam meeting Velvet (a tattoo model) at a Tattoo Convention and having that initial spark, when her story starts unraveling and you realize she’s in a difficult family situation and has actually met Liam before in the past, it starts losing a bit of the edge and excitement I initially had for them at the beginning. I can’t pinpoint it but it went in a direction I didn’t see coming. It’s not a bad storyline but it’s not one that kept me constantly engaged.

The moments where it’s just them two or when Liam is hanging with his brothers were the highlights for me. But when it was solely Velvet’s parts I wasn’t as invested. Her story — whilst I’m sure can and does happen in real life, just didn’t seem as plausible to me in this setting… 🤷‍♀️ Sigh. I just think there was a lot of things happening and it was a lot to take in. 

But their chemistry is hot! I liked the idea of Velvet being an unconventional beauty covered head to toe with tattoos.  

Velvet’s story also put awareness to child abuse. There’s all kinds of abuse out there, and in Velvet’s case, she was exploited as a child. Any kind of light against any kind of abuse in my opinion will always be a positive element in stories being told whether it’s fictional or not.   

RATING: ♥♥♥¾


— Rory (Book Four) —


Rory_CoverIt was just supposed to be a one-night stand— Until he stole her life story and put it in a song.
Now he’s rock’s hottest new artist— And she’s just found out she’s having his baby.

Rory is a pierced and inked tattoo artist by day at Brothers Ink, but by night he’s lead guitarist for the heavy metal rock band, Convicted Chrome. He’s headed East on his Harley to catch up with the tour. Beautiful Rayne is headed West on her motorcycle with her girl squad…the Moto Babes. When rain forces them all to take refuge in the same motel, sparks fly. A night of drinking and karaoke leads to a connection deeper than either of them expects.

Rayne — What do you do when someone writes a song about your most private feelings and experiences and you hear it on the radio for the first time? What do you do when that song is climbing the charts, and the man who stole your life story is suddenly rock’s hottest new artist? What do you do when you find out you’re having his baby?

Rory — After a long songwriting drought, he’s met a woman who sparked something in him and got his creative juices flowing. He’s written one of his best songs ever. When a friend in the business gives him the break of a lifetime he’s suddenly topping the charts. But Rory’s not ready for the instant stratosphere of success he’s catapulted into. Caught up in a whirlwind career that offers temptations and sin at every turn, is Rory losing the biggest part of himself?

To fix his career and more importantly himself, he’ll have to go back and fix the damage he’s done and apologize to the people he’s wronged in the past.

And one person in particular tops that list.


Great book, and a nice wrap-up to the Brothers Ink Tattoo series! 😊 I admit I wasn’t as invested in reading Rory’s story in comparison to his older brothers — but that’s only because I’m not really a fan of heroes who are musicians or romance reads that centers around a rock star (nothing against them… just not my thing). 

But it was only right to read his story and get this series complete! 

And my verdict? His story was pretty enjoyable. His was a rollercoaster ride and one of growth and needing independence. 

Both Rory and Rayne are likeable characters. Rory is a musician wanting to make it big but has to navigate through the life of fame, tours, and media attention. Whilst Rayne is coping with the loss of her older brother, trying to keep his business afloat, and now an unexpected whirlwind romance with a guy she connected with deeply one night, but who is ultimately a stranger. The minute they meet, it’s an immediate attention grabber. I didn’t want put the book down!

Despite their struggles in both their personal lives and their relationship, their concerns were relatable and reasonable. Seeing them navigate through their blossoming relationship was heartwarming and engaging to read. Whilst they hooked up relatively quickly and had strong feelings for one another instantly, the development of their relationship was relatively slow and often hit road bumps. It was nice to see the growth and development at a steadier pace. It didn’t read as insta-love at all. 

And finally, seeing the brothers (and their partners) come together in the end and really wrap this entire series up is exactly what I hoping to see. I love that the ending left so many great possibilities for the brothers and their expanding family. I love that the story of the O’Rourke brothers has come full circle from struggles to success. That they all got their happily ever after!         

RATING: ♥♥♥♥


I first discovered Nicole James through her fabu MC series; Evil Dead. When she first announced a spin-off series focusing on the four O’Rourke brothers who made an appearance in Wolf (Evil Dead MC Book 4) — I was giddy! 😊 It’s a great contemporary romance series with some edge, some grit, and a whole lot of of brotherly love!  


If you haven’t noticed, Jameson is without a doubt my favourite book from this series. If I could only recommend one, then it’s gotta be that one!  



Catch you in my next one! Xo


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