Fragile Longing by Cora Reilly

Warning: Teasers included in review! Read at own risk!

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Sofia knows how it feels to be the consolation prize.

Too young.

Not blond.

And definitely not an ice princess.

Her sister is–was all those things. Perfection. Until she wasn’t. Until she ran off to be with the enemy and left her fiance behind.

Now Sofia is given to Danilo in her sister’s stead, knowing she’ll never be more than second best. Yet, she can’t stop longing for the love of the man she’s been crushing on even when he was still her sister’s.


Danilo is a man who’s used to get what he wants.



The sought-after ice princess.

Until another man steals his bride-to-be. Danilo knows that for a man in his position losing his woman can lead to a loss of face.

Wounded pride.

Thirst for revenge.

A dangerous combination–one Danilo can’t leave behind, not even when a girl just as precious takes her sister’s place to placate him. Yet, she’s got one flaw: she’s not her sister.

Unable to forget what he’s lost, Danilo might lose what he’s been given.



Wow. So many emotions and thoughts swirling around in my head right now. But the first thing that pops into my head when I think of Fragile Longing?


👏 Slow 👏 Ass 👏 Romance!

I wasn’t expecting it. And to be honest, I wasn’t prepared.

Anyone who loves some snail pace romance, then you’re going to enjoy the little nibbles Sofia and Danilo throw your way. 😜

Fragile Longing was an unexpected story that focused a lot on Sofia. Whilst this book can be read as standalone, I really recommend you read Twisted Pride to get the full backstory of Sofia’s relationship with her family and how she came to be Danilo’s fiancée.

If you wanna see the consequences of Mafia life and how actions of these Made Men affect those around them deemed innocent, this story is a surprising prime example of it.

You really see Sofia’s character development from child to adolescent to young adult. I always look forward to these kinds of character developments because you can see how much they’ve grown from beginning to end.

With Sofia, however, there’s constant struggles, jealousy and a lot of insecurities. Some of which were very relatable especially at her young age. I admit at the beginning I had similar thoughts and fears where Danilo was concerned (I was practically mirroring her frustration), but Sofia’s constant back and forth, questioning every little detail eventually got a little tiresome and repetitive at times. I don’t want to say it but… she might have, kinda, sorta, became obsessive.

A little.

“The copy. Not the original. Always the copy.”


But in saying that,  if I was her age and in her position I probably would be doing other people’s heads in too with my erratic behaviour. Lol.

She’s one of the more complex and unsettled characters I’ve come across in one of Cora’s books set in this world. As strange as this is going to sound, I found it refreshing to see the heroine be the more troubled protagonist this time around as suppose to the hero (but that’s not to say Danilo didn’t have a few issues of his own either).

Seeing Sofia navigate through her many emotions was both entertaining and at times cringy. 🤦‍♀️ Eeep. Secondhand embarrassment right here! Hehe.

Sofia may not be my most favourite heroine of Cora’s but she certainly brings some realism and relatable issues on bored that a lot of us can relate to. Danilo and Sofia’s story was one that came off as one of the most realistic in the sense of how their relationship developed gradually and organically over time. I appreciated that they didn’t take any shortcuts, which made their relationship and their feelings all the more believable.

To some, Danilo may not be in the same calibre as the Remos and Lucas of this world, but I wouldn’t write him off. Danilo is one I would swoon over just as much. And if I’m gonna be real here… *whispers* I can’t help think Serafina would’ve been lucky in love and life regardless. Sigh.

Danilo is most definitely of the swoon variety! A statement I stand true for the sole reason that he has made me tear up on more than one occasion with his unknowingly heart-stopping actions. 🤔 Actions do speak louder than words.   

“I wonder which Danilo was the real deal. Which was his true self? The restrained gentleman or the ruthless predator?”

Fragile Longing is a story of growth, acceptance, and of trust. Family plays a vital role in Sofia and Danilo’s story. They’re both scarred, unable to let go, and it shows in their mannerisms.

Other than their complicated yet addictive developing relationship, the secondary characters in this book had me clenching my kindle with anticipation to see more of them in future books. I always, ALWAYS love that there’s other stories developing in the background concerning secondary characters that’ll have you constantly intrigued. Most often than not, I come away with more questions than answers by the time I finish the book.

I feel like every time I read one of Cora’s books that’s set in this Mafia world, I’m constantly on the lookout for clues and hints in every other sentence I read for upcoming storylines and couplings. Ugh. 🙈🙈 I’m sure I can’t be the only one who does this.

So what questions did I come away with from Fragile Longing that I desperately need answers to?

Well let’s just say…

There’s stories I’m thirsting after… *cough* Sam *cough* 🤐 and one that I was initially in no rush to read but after having read Fragile Longing, I now need! *cough* a certain ice queen *cough* 🤐🤐


Fragile Longing is much anticipated but worth the wait! After reading Twisted Pride, I instantly wondered what would become of Danilo. I’m so glad his story has written.

It’s a rollercoaster. It’s crazy madness. And you’ll be completely invested in seeing Danilo and Sofia make it work!

For those like me who find slow burn romances cruel, I promise that it won’t last forever. In fact once they get past the waiting game, it’s full steam ahead! 😉 *waggles brows*

“You haunt my nights and days, and no matter what I do, I can’t get you out of my head.”

Other than the interesting stories happening on the sidelines that had my attention, the epilogue of Fragile Longing is life! ❤ Just when I was completely content with how things were wrapping up, more things popped up. It’s the epilogue that keeps on giving!

A relatively slow paced storytelling, told from dual POVs. Whilst there’s some lighthearted, humorous moments here and there to break any tension, in my opinion it’s a more serious storyline overall. But it certainly needed to be told and Sofia and Danilo needed the closure. They may be living in a Mafia world set with rules and order, but their romance was unconventional and I’m all smiles that they got a well-deserved happily ever after!

RATING: ♥♥♥♥/5

Thank you to Cora Reilly and Emily Alice for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 🌼

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(Live release on Amazon and will go directly into #KindleUnlimited)


Another brilliant book read and reviewed! Hope you enjoyed. Happy reading and as always, catch you in my next one! Xo


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