Unholy Union by Natasha Knight

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Circumstance put Cristina on my path.

Fate bound her to me.

Cristina and I share a common past. A single night that changed the course of our lives.

She asked me if I was a monster the night I met her.

I am.

She’s about to learn I’m her monster.

Because the countdown that began eight years ago has ended. Her time is up.

On the stroke of midnight, she’s mine.




Unholy Union is without a doubt… *singsong voice* AAAMAZING!!! 🙌🙌

It picks up straight from the ending of the prologue (Unholy: The Beginning), which by the way if you haven’t read yet, then I certainly urge you to. It’s free on Amazon (links down below). Unholy Union is set in the present day, eight years since Damian and Cristina first encountered each other. Eight years since a tragedy that changed both their lives forever… and the reason why they’re meeting again.

I could not get enough of this story. I loved the prologue, it completely captured my attention, that I knew without a doubt that I would love Unholy Union just as much. There was so much mystery and questions surrounding them that I couldn’t read this book fast enough. If you adore possessive, murderous alphas who tend to have a soft spot for their prey, then friend, this is the book for you! 🤭


The story flowed effortlessly. Not a single bit of it didn’t have me on the edge of my seat. From the dangers that lurked at every corner, to the secondary characters that seem to have their own agenda, to the electrifying connection our protagonists have every time they’re in close vicinity. Suspense. Suspense. Suspense.

There’s also drama. Lots of DRAMA!

They go hand-in-hand with this story, and it’s one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoyed it. The world-building is phenomenal. Knight has created such a dark aura that cascaded in and around her characters, and it just kept building from there. They are twisted, damaged, and scarred in more ways than one.

Damian is a bit of an enigma. I couldn’t completely figure him out but the fact that he’s a complex character, makes his fascinating story just one of the reasons why this book was a worthy read. The haunted characters do seem to have the most interesting stories to share. I swooned over his possessiveness because it’s really more like over-protectiveness… layered with assholery to try and hide the obvious… that Cristina gets under his skin.

Cristina is definitely one I’m looking forward to seeing develop to her full potential in the next book. You get an idea of her personality, and after having met Damian again and finding out that she’s bound to him, you start seeing glimpses of the type of person she is. Regardless of her youth, she’s already quite a strong character. I’m not a fan of heroines who are doormats that can’t form a thought of their own. Thank the book gods that Cristina (despite the situation she’s been forced into), was written to have some sense, alert, and most importantly to be a fighter.


It may be dark romance, but it has such a feel good quality about it. Pleasure read at its best. There’s consistent build-up all throughout, with something sinister always popping up that’ll keep your eyes glued to the pages. With a detailed fictional world such as this, it’s obvious that Knight has put time, effort and wicked imagination into it. It’s quality work. The backstory, the motive behind the characters’ decisions, the entire atmosphere set from start to finish. Add in secondary characters — all with their own schemes, and you’ve got a multifaceted world.

Not to mention the romance portion of this book. The sexual tension between Damian and Cristina is teasingly slow but thankfully not too painful. It’s just enough to keep you on tender hooks. I love the push and pull. I love their banter. I love that they can both come undone by the other but will never admit to it. I’m giddy just thinking about how perfectly matched they are.

You will absolutely LOVE Damian Di Santo. He may be an asshole 99% of the time but he knows how to charm his way into your good graces. Cristina definitely has a dilemma on her hands! 😈


This is book one of a duet, so yes, it does end on a cliffhanger.. *whispers* a reaaaally gasp-filled cliffhanger! 🙊 I’m not gonna deny that I’m itching for book two, but I’m looking on the bright side, there’s not much of a big wait for Unholy Intent. So the wait is doable! 💪

It had so many of the elements I love seeing in my romance reads. A strong story line that actually leads to something. Relatively well paced. Hate to love romance trope. Consists of both character growth and a developing relationship. Some intrigue and unpredictability. And lastly, it left a cracker of a lasting impression! Overall, would I recommend this book? Yes. Yes, I absolutely would.

RATING: ♥♥♥♥½

Thank you to Natasha Knight and to Candi Kane PR for the opportunity to read an advanced copy!

Interested in Unholy Union? Grab your copy here: Amazon  |  Nook  |  Kobo  |  Apple Books


🎁 Read the prologue Unholy: The Beginning. Grab your FREE copy now!

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📖 Unholy: The Beginning by Natasha Knight


Hope you enjoyed my review! Make sure to add this one to your TBR if you love a good dark romance! Catch you in my next one. Xo



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