Unholy: The Beginning by Natasha Knight

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Monsters don’t hide in the dark.

When I met Damian Di Santo in a dark corridor of my family home I knew he was a monster.

I was a scared girl.
He was already a man.

That was when his twisted countdown began.

Marked by dead roses with sharp thorns, eight years passed each bringing me closer to becoming his. Until the eve of my eighteenth birthday.

That was the night he returned to claim me.

Unholy Union is the FREE prologue novella preceding Unholy Union.



Why, hello hello…


Novellas — or in this particular case, a prologue, I always say will make you think of one of two things after reading it.

Option One: Is that it?! What the hell did I just read? Why did I even bother? 🙄


Option Two: IS. THAT. IT?? What the HELL did I just read?! I need the full story NOW! 😍

✔ Dark romance.

✔ Enemies-to-lovers/ Hate-to-love romance.

✔ Suspense. Lies. Revenge.

🤔 Hmm.

You can bet your 🍑 my answer would be the latter. At least with how good this prologue is for the upcoming Unholy Union Duet!

Forty pages of intriguing, drama-filled introductions to Natasha Knight’s newest bad boy… and the heroine who will undoubtedly break his resolve. Forty pages of setting a cold, dangerous backdrop, showing us a glimpse into Damian Di Santo’s mind, his world, and what Cristina Valentina (and us readers) are about to delve into.


Knight has brilliantly set the scene between our protagonists by giving us their backstory — in first person/ dual points of view. Eight years prior to the present day, to be exact. The history between Damian and Cristina is crucial to their story and how things slowly present themselves. A tragic event has them bound to one another, and this prologue is just a taste of what you’ll see in the duet.

A story of two enemy families at war, seeking retribution. Sort of a Romeo & Juliet-esque type story. You immediately get an idea of who the power players are, who holds the cards, and the reasoning behind their motives. Or so you think… anyways. There’s a lot of secrecy and betrayal with these characters. There’s so much build-up and developing plot points in this prologue that’ll have you looking forward to see unravel in Unholy Union.

“She’d ask me if I was a monster. She’ll soon learn I’m more than that. I’m her worst nightmare about to come true.”

It’s a promising start to a deliciously devious duet. Other than our feisty hero/heroine, there’s already some very appealing secondary characters introduced that will surely add another element into this dark romance.

Trust me when I say, this is a must read (along with Unholy Union — which comes out in August 25)! It’s palpable to the extreme whenever Damian and Cristina are in the same room. You won’t get enough of their interactions, whether it’d be their bite-your-head-off banter or holding-your-breath, heated stare downs! 😍😍 *flails arms*


I almost forgot — this romance includes an age-gap (in case you’re into or not into that type of trope in your romance reads). But honestly, in my opinion, it’s barely noticeable. Add this to your TBR. Grab yourself a copy and give it a try! 😊

RATING: ♥♥♥♥/5


Read the prologue now before Unholy Union comes out on August 25!


Unholy: The Beginning is FREE to read!

Amazon US  |  Amazon CA  |  Amazon UK |  Amazon AU


📕 Read my full review of Unholy Union!

Unholy Union by Natasha Knight


Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! Xo



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