Chaos by Hilary Storm




I’ve given up my entire life for my father’s club. He and I agreed on a compromise years ago and I haven’t looked back since. When things get messy… I’m the one they call to come in and clean it up. They call me Chaos for a reason.

We have a motto we stand by as the Kings of Carnage… Brothers before all others. No exceptions.

Until her.

She crashes into my dark world like an explosion to the heart and as I watch her naked body hang in an empty room, I have to decide whether to save her from the darkness or become her worst nightmare.

The club expects one thing… but I want another. The only question is, how bad do I want it?



Please Note: Review includes some spoilers. Read at own risk!


Sigh. Could easily have been 4 stars if the second half of the book didn’t feel so rushed.

I have a like/dislike relationship with this book. Ugh.

The first half was gripping and set the scene brilliantly — there was a buildup forming and early development between the hero/heroine. But when a tragic situation forces their relationship to go from 0-100 within a couple of chapters, it opened a floodgate. From that moment onward things progressed too fast for my liking with little to no real realistic growth to their relationship since they were first introduced.

With a lot of MC romances, there’s a high probability that storylines would contain sensitive subject matters that may trigger some readers. Fair warning — Chaos contains some very serious content. Sexual abuse, kidnapping, violence and human trafficking.

Cambri went through a horrific ordeal. Whilst these types of content can be difficult to read about, I liked the idea that the author is putting some light to certain dark situations that’s usually not openly discussed, despite the fact that these traumatic and disturbing events do happen anytime, anywhere.

But what I found a little disbelieving about’s Cambri situation is she didn’t show any real side effects to the trauma she underwent. She didn’t go to a hospital to be checked out, and there was no mention of possible therapy (even though I’m guessing she probably went but was just not included..?)

She literally went from being kidnapped, manhandled, drugged, placed in a situation where sex was her only option at staying alive (not to mention she was a virgin prior to all this). Yet, right after she was saved by Chaos, she ends up hooking up with him and couldn’t get enough of him. Hmm. I don’t know — it’s one thing to have an attraction and a strong pull, but to be effing the guy (and vice a versa) when some serious shit just went down I kid you not, just before it?! Umm. Yeah, no. Wasn’t feeling it.


I was initially hooked on the concept. I’ve read countless of MC romances and this started out as a unique storyline. I wish it was longer and more thought-out. It would’ve given it a chance to really develop, build the club and the members up more. I think it would also have given our hero/heroine a chance to have further character growth and give their relationship a chance to grow organically rather than one minute they’re being introduced to one another, then the next their already naked and intimate.

The epilogue, as sweet as it was professing their love for another and calling each other the one, in my opinion would’ve been more believable IF their relationship was given more time to evolve. As a result I wasn’t connecting or finding it as convincing as it should’ve been especially from Chaos’ POV (being a biker who wasn’t initially looking for an ol’ lady) that they are each other’s end game.

I know this is part of an MC series where each book is written by a different MC romance author (and this is a new-to-me author) however it would’ve been nice to see full length novels for each one. This was a little longer than a novella but nowhere near long enough to be full-length. It’s a nice enough start to the King of Carnage MC but I think a big downside is it was too short to show any real progression, character growth, or world-building.


  • Chemistry between the protagonists. 🔥🔥
  • The bond and friendship between the MC members.
  • Quick, easy romance read (if you’re looking for a read you can finish in one sitting).
  • Nice balance of romance and MC elements within the book.


  • Lacked steady progression of the storyline and between the characters’ development.
  • The ending wrapped up a little too abruptly.
  • Quick, easy romance read (would’ve liked a few more chapters to really get their relationship further growth and for the introduction of the MC to have more of an impression).
  • Key details left out that could’ve made the story a little more in depth and doesn’t the leave the reader asking questions).

Despite my negatives, would I still recommend it?


As much as there were things I wasn’t a fan of in this book, in the end it’s fiction. It’s also a genre of romance I enjoy reading, and Chaos wasn’t still an overall enjoyable read in my books! It hooked me enough to want to read the rest of the series despite the fact the other books are written by other MC romance authors. As far as introductions to an MC series goes — it’s not bad. It held my interest, and there’s some great introductions to the rest of the MC brothers.

If you’re looking for a quick MC romance read, then this book could appeal to you. 😊 Chaos, although an MC member, has a good moral compass, cares about family, is quite loyal, protective, and all things considered — a gentleman. Cambri is young, a little naive, yet not at all immature in her mindset. She’s sweet, and even with the differences between her and Chaos, there’s obvious spark and they balance each other out.

RATING: ♥♥♥¾


Chaos is the first book in the Kings of Carnage MC. Five books written by five different MC romance authors. See below the participating authors and their book in the series:


Chaos (Kings of Carnage MC #1) by Hilary Storm

Bash (Kings of Carnage MC #2) by Sapphire Knight

Jinx (Kings of Carnage MC #3) by Chelsea Camaron

North (Kings of Carnage MC #4) by M.N. Forgy

Sly (Kings of Carnage MC #5) by Nicole James



If you’re still in lockdown (like me), hope you’re keeping your spirits up. Stay safe, guys. Catch you in my next one! Xo


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