House Of Payne: Loki by Stacy Gail



Alice’s life…
…is falling apart. She’s penniless, jobless, and a week away from being evicted. Every last ounce of her misery can be dropped on the doorstep of one man—Loki, legacy member of the Gravediggers MC and tattooist at House Of Payne. One way or another, she’s going to make that monster pay.

Loki’s life…
…turns upside down when a long-legged beauty flips him onto his ass like she’s an escapee from a bad kung-fu flick. He has no clue who Alice Halliday is, but he’s determined to change that.

Their lives…
…are getting complicated. The vulnerable woman Loki sees hiding beneath a tough exterior fires up his protective instincts, and when he realizes Alice is up to her neck in all kinds of trouble, he’s determined to save the day. Sure, Gravediggers aren’t the usual kind of knight in shining armor, but Alice isn’t the usual kind of damsel in distress.

And damn, her distress is something else again.

Alice knows there are no heroes in real life, but Loki seems to be on a mission to prove her wrong. At every turn, he takes the pieces of her shattered world and builds a new one that revolves around him. But just as she begins to trust him to be the hero she needs, is he willing to let go of his Gravedigger ways to deal with the responsibility of taking care of all of her, including her heart?



Loki is the tenth book in the House of Payne series of standalones. I haven’t read any of the books prior to reading this one, and although the way some of the characters interacted with one another clearly showing history, it didn’t affect the main story.

Now, onto my my thoughts of the storyline… Well…


This book came out swinging! The way Alice and Loki were introduced to each other had me fully sitting up, 100% of my attention on that opening scene and seeing how it was all going to play out. They’re completely different from the characters I thought they would be.

Alice is a spitfire. She has a hard time trusting people and tends to leap first before thinking things through. Sometimes it works out for her, but a lot of the times she ends up falling flat on her ass.

Loki, on the other hand, I assumed would be another stereotypical hard-ass. You know –the typical built-like-a-tank biker with tons of ink, and one tough alpha guy attitude. But in comparison to other books I’ve read with characters of similar traits, Loki in my opinion was on the milder side (especially considering he came from a brutal MC background). But I suppose some of that MC life did manage to rub off on him, because when he wasn’t being adorable, he was being a jerk. A massive, massive jerk! Who wanted to control everything. Hm. A complex character, that one. LOL.

So you put Alice and Loki in the same room, what do you get? Lots and lots of fireworks! Whilst I enjoyed reading some of their banter (it kept me entertained). There were also times I wasn’t a fan of their constant disagreements (pure preference here, FYI), which caused the story to drag a little for me.


However, the character growth, the world-building and the idea of Loki wanting to help Alice out with her troubles, considering they had just met gave this contemporary romance more depth. It wasn’t a simple boy meets girl romance. It’s complex, a little gritty, and at times frustrating. I couldn’t help but feel for Alice whenever problem after problem piled up for her. On top of that, Loki’s persistence in pursuing her made their relationship one hell of a rollercoaster!

If you love angst, banter and stubborn characters, this book is definitely one to try 😛 😍

Monica_ItJustGotInterestingI admit by the time I reached the middle of the book, my enthusiasm level lowered a smidge. Once they technically got together, I found some of their interactions from then on a little repetitive. Although I will say this — they do bicker and make up like a realistic couple. LOL. I figured by that point I had already had a solid rating in my mind.. but ohhh the book gods was I effing glad I kept reading because the last quarter of the book blew my holey socks off! I went from wanting to skim through pages to needing tissues because I was all of sudden reading something that crushed my heart.

With the amount of times Loki and Alice didn’t see eye-to-eye, I knew there would be a build-up that was bound to erupt. And man, did it ever! The final chapters had my emotions sky-rocketing. I originally liked Alice and her independent self when she first came onto the scene.. but she lost a little of that along the way. Her taking back the reins in these final chapters had me fist-pumping air — and as a reader had me pro Alice again!


I wasn’t expecting to get the waterworks. And if the emotions that was evoked in me from the final quarter had been all throughout, I would easily have rated this one a little higher. Nevertheless, the ending was my fave part no doubt! The suspense. The ass-kicking. Ohhh and the grovelling! Good times. Good times.

I also have to mention the side characters in this book added extra amusement, and at times lightened up an otherwise serious scene. There’s one minor character in particular I was drawn to the most and the way this book concluded gave sense that it may not be the last time we see this character.. so.. woot woot!

A very cool read! I would recommend it to my fellow dark romance readers, and whilst the MC was mostly in the background, I think MC romance lovers would still get a kick out of this one. Contains a fiery tempered heroine, a protective, headstrong hero (who certainly lives up to his name), and lots of hurdles for them to overcome. Grab a snack and some tissues (you may need them!) 😉

RATING: ♥♥♥.5/5

Thank you to Stacy Gail and InkSlinger PR for the opportunity to be part of the tour and for a copy of Loki to read and review!


— House of Payne: Loki by Stacy Gail —


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Happy reading, and see you guys in my next one! Xo

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