The Dirty Bargain Exclusive Teaser

Surprise! Lylah James and Cora Reilly (Queens of Mafia Romance) are collaborating in a short story! Russian Bratva meets the Italian Mafiosos! Mmmm! ♥


Keep reading to see where you can read this for free. Yep… FREE! 





The Bratva is bad news, especially for someone like me, a girl raised in the Italian mafia. But I’ll have to play games with the devil and face the most impossible decision of my life to get the one thing I desire more: revenge.

To pay back the people who hurt me, I need the help of the Bratva’s best assassin: KILLER.

He’s terrifying. Cruel. Brutal. A savage. Everything I’m forbidden to have. Everything I should have stayed away from.

Wishes come with a price.

How much am I willing to pay for revenge if Killer asks for everything?


Fight. Kill. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Born to be a slave but I fought my way out with blood and countless of deaths on my hand.

When the little, innocent princess – a princess who doesn’t belong in my world, comes to me for help… Talia Barese doesn’t realize she had just met her worst nightmare.

My name always comes with a caution sign. They say I’m a monster. They are right… Too bad Talia didn’t paid attention to the warnings. She should have. Now, there’s nowhere for her to run.

Shh… Be Careful what you wish for, Little One.


Where is The Dirty Bargain available to read? 

This short story will NOT be available on any selling platforms (so, no amazon/ibooks etc) but instead will be available for FREE in the Facebook Group: QUEENS OF DARKNESS AND SIN.
Similar to a newsletter story, Lylah & Cora will post chapter by chapter in the group for you to read!! 😍
Starting on March 23rd to March 27th!! FIVE DAYS!! You’ll get about 2-3 chapters a day.
So make sure you mark your calender so you don’t miss any of the chapters!




And if you’re wondering (or in case you missed it)… The ‘Talia’ in this story is the same Talia in Cora Reilly’s book Bound by Vengeance! Cara’s younger sister! So if you can’t quite remember her or you’re completely new to the character — although not necessary (because she only had a small role in the book), I still recommend you read Bound by Vengeance, that way you get a bit of a backstory to Talia, her life, and what she went through to end up where she is now in the upcoming short story; The Dirty Bargain.






First chapters coming March 23, 2020!

(Don’t forget to join the Queens of Darkness and Sin Facebook Group)


Happy reading, friends! Catch you in my next one! Xo

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