Alternate Endings by Brittany Anne



They both want to run, but they want each other more.

Charlotte was not living the life she’d dreamed of. Dead end job, tiny apartment, no family left, and forever trapped in the small town where she lost it all… that was her life, until the man she’d spent ten years working to forget walks in as if he’d never left. Owen ignites her like no one else, but can she really trust him again? Charlotte had been burned by him before, and she knows in her heart that she will not survive saying goodbye a second time…

When she looks at him, does she see the man she loved, or the man she left?

Owen worked hard to build a life for himself in the Navy, but ten years later, fate calls him back to the little town where he lost everything. When he sees the woman he’d spent a decade running from, he finds himself at war in his own mind. Sparks begin flying, and he finds the wall he built around his heart slowly crumbling down. He wants to forget the past, but he doesn’t know how to see beyond her betrayal… or trust that she won’t do it again.

Can true love really get a second chance, or was their romance always doomed to end in tragedy?



ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for my honest review


I thought it was a decent second chance romance that left me smiling in the end. There were things I liked, but not going to lie – there were a few things that happened that I had to roll my eyes at. All things considered it was an enjoyable read that just needed a few tweaks.

Although I couldn’t connect with either one of the lead characters as much as I would have liked, I still found myself not wanting to put it down 😀

I would’ve loved a more detailed backstory on Owen & Charlotte’s past relationship (or a little more than what was offered) at the beginning to better understand and sympathize with the pain they were both going through in the present – because I think that was a big part of why I couldn’t connect with either of them, or their story on a deeper level.

And although the author purposely leaves those details out so the more you read ahead, the more gets revealed about why their relationship ended.. unfortunately in my opinion it was the case of ‘too-little, too-late’ and by 2/3 of the way through when the reason for their split became apparent, the rest of the storyline became fairly predictable.

Owen is a likeable character. I felt like he had more character growth then Charlotte despite the fact the she’s the one adamant on having changed over the years.

I wish I felt the same way towards Charlotte as I did Owen. She was too indecisive, said one thing and did another, and couldn’t sum up courage to speak out – which got to the point where it was annoying. At first I understood her anxiety over having to relive memories from her past but it got to the point where she’d done it on multiple occasions throughout the book that by the time everything was all out in the open I was already not feeling her.. *sigh*

(FYI: Charlotte is not a bad person (or character). I think for me, it just came down to personality clashes. Others may find her completely sweet, and that’s cool!)

It also felt a lot of the time their story was on a constant loop, the same issues popping up and never getting resolved – or if some did, it miraculously went back to becoming a problem again. I thought their issues (well.. mostly Charlotte’s) were being blown out of proportion at times than they actually were. And I get that it’s all psychological and a big reason as to why she can’t help being the way she is now.. but it wasn’t any less sad to see how it was affecting their second chance at love.

Owen is trying to make amends and move on, but Charlotte’s constantly hesitating and resistant towards the idea.. and in all honestly the story probably would’ve ended a lot faster if it wasn’t for the repetitive push and pull between the two.

What I did like most about Alternate Endings was the idea of the story. Old flames who had their relationship end in a bad way unexpectedly meet again years later. I loved that there was initial hate flooding back in for both of them towards the other, but yet there was also lust.. (lots of lust!) and a still obvious attraction too.

The intimate scenes between Owen and Charlotte were the best parts in my opinion (don’t get dirty-minded lol) because it was the scenes I felt they had the most connection with one another emotionally. It was those moments that had me engaged and wanting to see what would happen next.


Owen was the saving grace in my opinion. There were definite sweet moments and words said that made me swoon. No doubt. Despite his hardships, he handled things as best he could and was really considerate of Charlotte decisions, even if it resulted in them being apart. *cough cough* … And who doesn’t love a bit of alpha in their leading man?? Hehe


RATING: ♥♥♥.5/5

Overall it was a nice, effortless read you can finish in one sitting (or in a day, if you’re a slower reader like me) 😉 If you haven’t read second chance romances before, this is a good one to start off with to dip your toes into.

Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! XO


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