Confess by A. Zavarelli





A life free from sin.

For seventeen years, I have lived and breathed those words. But there is no balm to the war inside my soul.

Until her.

The mysterious beauty too lethal to taste. She’s a thief, a con, the essence of everything I loathe. Still, she lures me in with her lying eyes.

In the dark of night, she came to confess her sins, and in the light of morning, I plotted to steal her away.

She will be my ruination. My damnation. My biggest regret.

So help me, God.


A word of advice? Don’t show me your vulnerabilities because I will find a way to exploit them. I learned the hard way to take what I want from life with no regrets.

Until him.

He’s one of the most hated men in America. A soulless criminal attorney. A recluse. And as of five minutes ago, my new husband.

He wants to keep my secrets and collect my tears, but he should know that a wild animal can’t be domesticated.

I don’t know how to love men. I only know how to leave them.

With everything I want.



Before I start my review, I just have to say Ashleigh was one of the first authors I discovered when I started reading ebooks. Her Boston Underworld series is one of my all time faves and has basically cemented her as one of my auto-buy authors!

I’ve had Confess on my TBR for quite a while now and the only reason why I haven’t read it until now is because of two main reasons:

1) It was part of a series. I HATE waiting for sequels! So I try and wait until closer to release day of the next book – IF I can help it.


2) I had read some reviews, and it pretty much coincided with my thoughts on waiting for the sequel. The amount of reviews I’d read that mentioned ‘hangovers’, ‘all the feels’, and ‘wanting the next book like right now’ had me saying, “Nope. I’m gonna wait it out.”

Annnnnd boy did I. But you know what? I think it was well worth it! Because what I’m about to say in this review will show you why. So, hope you enjoy! 😊


Read at own risk!


Let’s start with my first thoughts. Hmm. For the most part the thing that I was thinking for the majority of the book was…. wait for it….


But in a good way (trust me!) Reading Confess had me lost in the story. I was always questioning what was going to happen next and it resulted in me having great difficulty in wanting to stop for food.. or sleep.. or heck even take a bathroom break.

First impressions of Lucian:

Old.. well older. Kind of a jerk. Acts very fatherly (which is both confusing and disturbing at the time, considering things will develop romantically with Gypsy later). Lol… oh gosh. And WTF with all the health food?!


First impressions of Gypsy:

Overly-confident (she’s a con artist, so that’s no surprise). Defiant. A bit bratty. A bit snooty (but she’s also young so…) And hilarious. Her reactions to some of the things Lucian says and does but can’t do anything about had me chucklin’… bad!


What I also noticed whilst reading this one, is it’s not at all like Ashleigh’s books in the Boston Underworld, or even her two short novellas; Defying the Boss and Unwrapping Mr. King (both of which I loved). For me, it felt like at times like a completely different author had written it — and that’s saying something about Ashleigh’s talent as a writer. I’ll admit I haven’t read all of her books yet but with the ones I had.. I can tell you there’s definitely a variety in her books. You won’t be thinking her storylines or her characters are all too similar that it ends up feeling repetitive. Uh-uh.

In this case, I found Gypsy and Lucian to be such secretive individuals almost upto the end of the book that I was getting to the point where I started feeling frustration. But before I could even grumble at what I’m reading.. a little piece of what they’re hiding gets revealed. Just enough to keep me wanting more, and wanting to get to the bottom of everything. LOL.

Ahhh. Well played, Zavarelli. Well played!

Side Note: But before I move on. I have to mention this little tidbit…

When it comes to reading dark romances, or romance books in general – there’s one thing I’m not a fan of and if I can help it.. will never read. And if the story starts showing signs that it may lead in that direction, then 99% of the time I will DNF it.

I don’t read books that include BDSM. No offense to those who are fans of books that have them. It’s just my own preference. It doesn’t tickle my fancy and I usually just avoid them altogether. 

Why am I mentioning this, you say?

Well.. it’s because BDSM is present in Confess. Now. I did say earlier that I do usually DNF a book if that pops up but the reason why I didn’t with this one is for two reasons (haha yes, again with the reasons).

Firstly: Because of Gypsy. She made me continue reading due to her thoughts on the topic and with her feelings for Lucian, and just knowing that she just wasn’t the type.

Were there BDSM scenes? Yes. But for someone like me who’s not a fan, in this case it was fairly mild and tolerable and it felt like a blip when you look at the overall storyline.

Secondly: Because of Ashleigh. After reading Ghost and Thief from the Boston Underworld series I could already get a sense that the scenes from Confess would be on a similar kind of level, where it pushes the limits but doesn’t go over. If that makes any sense at all.. *nervous laughter* But I have so much trust in Ashleigh.

I also have a teeny tiny thing about large age gaps between a couple. With Lucian being forty and Gypsy being twenty-three. That’s a seventeen year difference. I admit it took awhile for me to get comfortable with their blossoming relationship. In the end I just thought of them like Edward and Vivian from Pretty Woman. Hehe. (It was either that, or not think about their ages at all – which was a bit hard considering a reminder was always around the corner).



Let’s get onto the bit that had me completely and utterly undone. And THE biggest reason as to why I think the wait to read Confess just before Convict is released was worth it.


You know what I hate that authors we love do so well?

They kill off characters. Beloved characters, mind you. And we’re left in mourning along with the the rest who are left behind to keep living in that world.


That is.. until Confess! I kid you not. The tears would not stop. It was a damn floodgate! I could barely keep reading my eyes were so blurry and watery and puffy. Head ups! Don’t read this book in public unless you want to look like an emotional, crazy mess! B’cos I can guarantee people will be moving away from you on your train commute to work. LOL!


Gypsy gutted me. Lucian crushed me. Ugh.. Ashleigh you’ve killed me with this one! I’m dead. I died. I’m dead. I seriously did not see it coming. It was unexpected, heartbreaking and left me feeling like things were forever going to be unresolved.

This is one spoiler I won’t be spilling for you folks. You’re just gonna have to read it for yourself and experience that ugly cry! I will tell you that there’s no doubt that this book had plot twists and lots of secrets!

But the way it all ended, it had me reaaaally wanting the next book. As much as I enjoyed Confess, I’m excited for the next story.

I should warn you folks who haven’t read it but interested in doing so that this book contains trigger warnings – mental abuse, sexual abuse, violence and suicide are present.

Overall, this was a very well executed story. It keeps you on edge and in suspense, and gives little bits at a time just enough to ensure these characters are always piquing your interest (and that’s including the side characters like Birdie, Ace, Luna and Cristian), and the mysteries surrounding them. I can completely relate with my fellow readers in wanting the next book asap! But all I can say is thank goodness I won’t have to wait long for it! 😛

Read it! Read it, read it read it. But don’t forget the tissues!

RATING: ♥♥♥♥/5


Coming Soon! Book Two!


CONVICT (Book 2 in the Sin City Salvation series) is coming out July 22! This story centers around Birdie and Ace.

Although the book can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend you read Confess first as Birdie and Ace are first introduced in that book. There’s still time before release! Hurry! Go, grab, read! 😉


Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! Xo


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