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Call it pure desperation, or maybe we’d agree it was the lack of sleep that had me signing six weeks of my life away to be bossed around by a life coach. Either way, I was trying to get my life together, and Logan Woodland was going to help.

I thought he’d make me eat healthier, drink more water, and do yoga. What I wasn’t expecting, was to be forced to see myself as I was and how far I’d fallen.

But then his program worked.

He’d shown me a life filled with passion and desire. A life where I was stronger and could be the woman I’d never known existed inside me.

I did have a six-week life-changing experience, but now, I wanted more than I’d signed on for.




I found it to be a slower paced read up until about the halfway mark, which by then things started progressing faster and I could finally get into the groove of Mia and Logan’s relationship. So if you can handle a slower pace for half a book, then you’re right for this one. Think of it as a rollercoaster ride – you start off slowly rolling higher and higher to reach the top and once it starts dipping back down over the other side you know it’s going to be one hell of a fast-paced ride. Inspired was just that!

I admit I didn’t get an immediate connection with Mia and Logan. I didn’t see a spark between them so it was a little difficult to believe in the beginning when they both had similar thoughts on how attractive the other was. I just couldn’t believe it.. at first.

Like I said the first half of the story is slow and it concentrated a lot on Mia wanting to improve with her life and Logan coaching her through changes. The romance didn’t kick in until later and despite it being a contemporary romance (and not gonna lie a big reason why I was eager to read this) – to me this was more so a story to inspire. After having finished it the first thing that came to mind was that it was uplifting. Inspired was such an uplifting read.


I found that Mia’s self-discovery and journey to emotional and mental healing, and the things that Logan taught her throughout the book is what I connected with the most. As someone who’s been going through depressive states throughout my adult life, the things mentioned and said really resonated with me, and will most likely stay with me from this day forth.

Here are some of my fave quotes from the book that I found profound, powerful and made me truly think about my own life.

“People really didn’t need another human to make themselves happy. Happiness came from within.”

“The simple act of continuing when you feel like giving up is the bravest thing anyone can do.”

“But forgiveness can’t be rushed. It comes when you realize that you don’t need that pain anymore. You’ll forgive (him), and it’ll be like you shed a dead part of yourself off. Wounds don’t heal until you stop touching them. Same goes for mental wounds.”

Now let’s talk about Mia and Logan’s second chance at love.

Boy oh boy, I was waiting for something to finally happen and when it did it felt like an unexpected punch in the face. LOL. They went from being strictly professional, to starting to get comfortable around each other.. then BAM! 0 to 100 hot and heavy! 😄


I think I actually burst out in a snort-laugh at how shocked I was that after their first kiss (which I thought was totally inappropriate btw.. considering he was suppose to be her life coach) how quickly it escalated to them getting each other off.


Don’t get me wrong – is was HOT kiss scene and it was at that moment where I was finally sinking into the story… I didn’t think their relationship would jump to that so quickly, but I suppose with nothing happening in the first half of the book, it had to happen sometime, huh? I immediately thought it was insta-lust/ insta-lust but as I kept reading, I enjoyed how their relationship progressed. Yes, it developed in a short amount of time but I (fiiiinally) felt that spark between them as the story went on.

Their relationship felt realistic and relatable and just so down to earth. I thought the events (both good and bad) that occured and the situations that resulted from them, and how they were eventually resolved felt convincing and organic. I think that’s why I didn’t come away from reading Inspired thinking “aww what a great second chance romance” (even though it was!) — I mostly came away thinking “what an encouraging love story”.

If I could say a couple of things I wasn’t feeling as much, it would have to be Mia’s “sometimes” weirdness. I cringed at some of the things she said – thank goodness it was only to herself but I had serious second-hand embarrassment for the girl. Logan had cheesy moments too but by then I was rolling my eyes. But hey, all in good fun. At least Mia knew she was weird. Hehe. I’m just glad it didn’t last more than a few chapters.

I would’ve liked more character development and more details into each protagonists’ back stories besides what was mentioned in conversation. I think it would’ve set the atmosphere a little better by seeing detailed events of their past so you can see the reasoning on how they got to be the way they are in the present.

I do however love the supporting characters. Mia’s family and friend Jay. And ughhh… Logan having Tate, Callum and awesome mama bear Tink. Their involvement made this book all the more enjoyable. The little jokes and teasing. The love and support. I loved it all! Bromance at its best! (Am I crazy in kinda wanting Tate and Callum to have their own love stories too?)


Before I wrap up this mish-mashed review. I have to mention the one moment in this book that totally and utterly took me by surprise that I’m thankful I wasn’t eating or drinking anything at the time or I would’ve 100% choked..

The scene where Mia and Logan were doing yoga with the instructor. That moment with Mia and her… umm… embarrassing mishap… oh gosh! Had me in tears!


Read the book to find out what it was. It’s a total unexpected crack up! And I can tell ya… I can relate! 😜

I’m currently in one of my darker days where it feels like grey clouds are constantly over my head, so reading Inspired couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I recommend this to anyone who’s had or having days like this where you don’t feel like getting out of bed. This book is a great reminder we are not alone and will hopefully lift up your spirits.. at least for a little while.  Jessica, thank you for sharing this story and for using some of your own experiences as inspiration for it.

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐½

Thank you to Jessica Florence for the opportunity to read an advanced copy! 💜

🔔 Interested in reading Inspired? Grab your copy here: Amazon  |  Apple Books  |  Kobo  |  Barnes & Noble


Happy reading, guys! Catch you in my next one! Xo


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