The Carrero Effect by L.T. Marshall




Emma Anderson has everything in her life worked out, the perfect job in a Manhattan empire allowing her to live a quiet organised and safe existence. A necessity to her. That is until a promotion sends her straight into the presence of her young, super hot playboy billionaire boss and stuck as his right-hand man every waking moment of every single day. Like chalk and cheese, two people with no longing for love or complication this unusual pairing may either be just what she needs in her life or the absolute path to disaster. He is everything she is not, compulsive, confident, laid back, dominant and fun, with an ability to steamroller over her manicured ice maiden exterior. New love, overwhelming emotion and heartbreak. This tale will take you on a rollercoaster begging for more. Love-able sexy characters and deep emotional topics. Contains some mature, adult content and language.

Book one in The Carrero Series.



*Please Note: This book contains mature content. 

**Trigger Warning: Please be aware that this book talks about harassment, sexual and physical abuse.


I was lucky enough to receive an ebook copy of The Carrero Effect from the author (through Voracious Readers Only).

I received it a couple of months back and I’m seriously regretting not having read it then. I could’ve been consumed in the Jake and Emma swoonfest a lot earlier! 😜

But seriously… Where do I start?!

If I didn’t need sleep and.. you know.. go to work.. I would’ve read this in one sitting, it was that addictive!

Jake Carrero is just the sweetest guy! Forget the wealth, the sexy bod and the playboy traits.. this boy had me with his sense of humor! The constant banter between him and Emma is what made this book such a fun and easy read.


They’re definitely made for each other… and I say that considering… (here it comes) I’m not the biggest fan of Emma.

Don’t get me wrong.. *quickly waves hands* I don’t dislike the chick but she does have some habits that annoyed the shit outta me. I wasn’t a fan of her whining — her CONSTANT whining! Ugh.

She was always thinking or saying one thing (which had me screaming “YESSS! DO IT! YOU GOT THIS, GIRL!”) only to read a second later that she does the exact opposite of what she was thinking. Double ughh!

But I don’t want you guys coming away from my review thinking I hate Emma. No no! There are deep issues as to why Emma behaves and reacts to situations this way. She had a shitty adolescents. Shitty is not even a strong enough word for what Emma had gone through. Crappy mother. A non-existent father. Multiple sexual, mental, emotional and physical abuse (most of which were from craptastic men that her mother brought into their lives at the time). I can’t even begin to imagine how anyone can live and even ‘move’ on from something so life changing, horrendous and deeply scarring.

I should also mention that Jake isn’t Mr. Perfect either. Sure he’s an Italian Adonis but even gods have personality traits that just make you wanna…

He’s got a hot/cold attitude towards Emma (and anyone in the near vicinity…poor office people) whenever things don’t go his way. Should I say typical man?? Hehe I kid, I kid. 😜

He does tend to use his power and wealth to his liking. Yeah, it’s cool when he uses it to go on lavish holidays with Emma and to help her out whenever she comes-a-crying but I couldn’t help but eye-roll (yes.. a major Emma eye-roll) whenever he decides to use it to push her away or to make her do something she feels she has no choice but doing.

(But if you’ve read the book… you’ll know no one can really make Emma do something she reaaaally doesn’t want to do — especially when it comes to Mr. Carrero himself.)

All in all — Emma is a nice, realistic protagonist (a little on the possessive side) but at the end of the day I can’t pick on her whining too much because honestly, I probably would be the same. Thinking one thing but not having the guts to follow through. Especially when a boy is involved. Haha *blushes*

I could do a little less of “drunk” Emma though (Sorry Jake). I found those parts a little lengthy and just plain annoying as it went on. It’s probably the parts I would skip over whenever I decide to reread this again.

Okay. Back to the happy!

I would say the main reason I ended up liking this book is because of Jake and the electric chemistry between him and Emma. You just have to accept that their relationship is one massive roller coaster. Full of banter. Full of arguments. Full of hugs. And a whole lot of sexual tension!

I did see a couple of predictable parts in the plot but it didn’t deter me from reading on.. (if anything I was pretty chuffed about knowing that certain things would happen. I had serious “I knew it! moments. Haha!)

Oh and I almost forgot. There was another thing I did enjoy from this book, something I thought was cute and unique was the exchange of emails between Em and Jake of songs with titles that pretty much say what they’re feeling at the time or what’s on their minds but can’t seem to say in person. Like I said, cute. 😊

After having read The Hating Game by Sally Thorne earlier in the month, I was really keen to read another office romance. This book was just what I wanted!

RATING: ♥♥♥♥/5


The Carrero Effect is in full force! (And it’s only book 1!) I’m completely invested in this series and I can’t wait to read them all. I’ve already started book 2; The Carrero Influence — So look out for a future review on that one. 😄

This is like 50 shades (but less racy) mixed with a bit of You’ve Got Mail type characters and a Two Weeks Notice backdrop. If you like contemporary romance/ chick-lit, give this one a go!

📚 Check out the full series!

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As far as I know, you can only find The Carrero Effect and the entire series on ebook and paperback on Amazon.

I’ve never been big on ebooks and although I have these on my kindle app. I do wish the paperback editions were more easily accessible to purchase. I can only see them for sale on Amazon US, and for someone who lives outside of the US, shipping can be whoa pricey! So I do hope these became available with international retailers in the near future.


Okay. Another review, done and dusted! Happy reading guys. Catch you in my next one! Xo


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