Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Maas




After serving out a year of hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes, 18-year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien is dragged before the Crown Prince. Prince Dorian offers her her freedom on one condition: she must act as his champion in a competition to find a new royal assassin.

Her opponents are men-thieves and assassins and warriors from across the empire, each sponsored by a member of the king’s council. If she beats her opponents in a series of eliminations, she’ll serve the kingdom for four years and then be granted her freedom. Celaena finds her training sessions with the captain of the guard, Westfall, challenging and exhilarating. But she’s bored stiff by court life. Things get a little more interesting when the prince starts to show interest in her … but it’s the gruff Captain Westfall who seems to understand her best.

Then one of the other contestants turns up dead … quickly followed by another. Can Celaena figure out who the killer is before she becomes a victim? As the young assassin investigates, her search leads her to discover a greater destiny than she could possibly have imagined.



Omigosh! I can’t believe it took me this long to finally get hold of this book and read it. I’ll admit it now after reading the first 7 chapters I became sceptical about whether I was going to end up liking this one..but boy oh boy did I ever!!? As much as I love books that hook you in from the get go, I love books that surprisingly reel you in inch by inch just as much. And for me this was that type of book.

I did find the first few chapters a little bit boring (just a bit..don’t stress!) probably because I was still a bit lost at who she was and what the big deal was with her. I kept reading and didn’t really get into it until I reached the part where Celaena got to Rifthold to start training and to get the show on the road of her being the King’s “Assassin” and all. From then on, I pretty much couldn’t put the book down (I actually think I read it pretty fast for a slowpoke).

[Let’s jump to the boys for second here] You have Dorian, the Crown Prince of Adarlan who sought after Celaena to be his Champion. And then you have Chaol, the Captain of the Guard. Grew up together as kids, trained together and are friends.

Then Celaena Sardothien comes into the picture, an Assassin but yet..still a GIRL… See where I’m going with this?? 😄 Hehehe. Ahh… can’t wait to see if there are any developments in the following books.

I also like that fact the Dorian is typically a ladies man and Chaol is so serious and the complete opposite but yet they’re both intrigued by Celaena.

I love the little banters and smartass remarks that Celaena and the boys throw at each other, especially when it comes to Celaena and Chaol. It’s like watching a hilarious tennis match, you wanna see who gets the last shot it. Oh man, it gives me the giggles when I think about it now. LOL!

Still smiling. 😁

I love Celaena as a character. Although she’s still young, she’s already been through so much pain and loss which made her tough and gutsy and determined but yet at the same time she’s a typical person who still misses her family, her home and who just wants a nice life for herself. It’s hard to imagine when reading moments where she thinks about what she misses or what she hopes for in the future that she is an Assassin. And a damn good one! After reading this book, she immediately went to my list of “Kickass Heroines” – along with Katniss from Hunger Games, Clary from The Mortal Instruments, Éowyn from The Lord of the Rings to Snow White from the Once Upon A Time tv show.

This is my first Sarah J. Maas book and I am so glad I loved it. I love how it’s written, I love the detailed descriptions of the places, the people, the weather and even the smells. It’s like you’re in that world too. This book also had a beautiful map included. I love books with maps. It’s nice to see the different lands, how far they are from each other and so double points for that. 😊

I think I read this book at the right time, a lot people had already read through the series, loved it, had nothing but good things to say about it and I haven’t read a new series in a while that really grabbed me. I know this was only Book 1 of the series and I hate cliffhangers so I cannot wait to read onto Book 2.

I supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ly recommend this book!!!! Loved it. Loved it. Loved it! I don’t know who else is out there who hasn’t jumped onto the ToG series bandwagon but my advice is to jump. Jump in now! 😋

RATING: ♥♥♥♥½

Oh and the only reason I’m not giving this a full rating of 5/5 is because of how I feel about the first few chapters but that’s a silly reason really. It’s just my stupid mind not sinking into the story fast enough. My heart gives it a 5 but my mind won’t (sorry).


Catch you in my next one! Happy reading, guys! Xo


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